Unboxing dan Review HP Laptop 14s-dk0074AU AMD Ryzen™ 3 3200U

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel I’m gonna review a laptop as you can see the model in the picture 14s-dk0074AU We’ll be watching to unbox the laptop in a few times in the video TIME TO UNBOXXXINGGG!!! I bought the laptop recently dated on August 30th, 2019 I bought it at around $450 with 2 years national warranty on the right side, there is charging input plug, the LAN port HDMI port and 2 USB ports 3.5mm headphone jack on the left panel, there is a kensington lock type-C USB SD cards input and 2 indicators light (HDD and power) this is the down or below part of the laptop for the keyboards button, i’ve tested myself at the first week and it was nice, tidy, handy, easy typing it’s comfort as a sums up for the keyboard of what i’ve felt it also with the trackpad, pretty responsive good overall besides that, you can see and indicator before the plug input charger red means charging it shall goes whitey as it gets fully charged About the full specifications of this device you might wanna see it at the description below it’s a Ryzen 3 processor Ryzen 3 3200U to be exact and the VGA integrated with the processor so it’s an APU type of system processor (combined between processor with VGA) so it’s not dedicated VGA it’s integrated with the processor thus it’s called Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) that’s it I’m gonna try to open Photoshop need to know how fast as this laptop comes up with SSD around 120 GB let’s having a test to open it up the program Adobe Photoshop CS6 now we open it Ok, there you go THE SPECIFICATIONS in this part i only figure the score processor with the CINEBENCH tester the process took pretty while so i skipped it to final result later of how much it get for the score final i skipped it took long to scanned progress from the program so, i’m going to just showing up the final score still in the process of scanning it’ll form a picture it’s a picture result really takes pretty long for this process it finally forms and showing a picture so, as you can see there the final final score testing the processor and see we have 378 points this one is from another different software free software but you need to buy for the full features there are such series of various way we can bench out such as processor testing memory also the VGA as you can see there more scanning process it’s probably including the combination of processor or memory or both scanning test the VGA ability the combinations of the components there you can see still on processing of benchmarking tests it’ll comes up with the score results but i’m not really sure about the final score as i’m here only using the shareware and not using the full version so that all full feature works and accessible still scanning from the passmark software you can download free at passmark.com free for limited features so here we go the score list which i’m not even sure actually (lol) we’ve got 1712.3 rating for the rating at 1712.3 let’s close the window let’s find out here this is a comparison from my device to the data outside uhm compared to the other specs out there too far in difference huh (laughing) alright then fellas, it’s all for now for the review to be ended for the other performances or testing uhm, you guys might gonna check it out at the end of the screen recommend playlist end of this video there you go there goes the playlist where i already tested few games using this laptop you might wanna check them out how fast or how good the performance of the laptop thanks again for watching!

13 thoughts on “Unboxing dan Review HP Laptop 14s-dk0074AU AMD Ryzen™ 3 3200U

  1. saya pakai juga ini nbook…cmn bukan buat main game…cukup enak dan ringan dibawa bawa…
    saya pakai untuk programming memakai netbeans 11.1 dan beberapa uji coba memakai android studio / visual studio code untuk flutter.. sangat nyaman…termasuk keyboardnya enak dipakai..untuk pemakaian kerja sangat recomended,bobot sangat ringan…….walaupun pakai prosesor AMD tapi tidak panas (kayak yg dulu dulu) , baterainya juga cukup lama durasinya ..mgkin karena bukan pemakaian berat….ga dipush terlalu berat ya prosessornya..tapi overall saya sangat puas…

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