Unboxing Galax/kfa2 GeForce GTX 1070 HOF (VGA CARD ALL WHITE)

Hi! Now i’m gonna unbox VGA Card from Galax.. Geforce GTX 1070.. Hall Of Fame.. As in the box, we can see the specifications There are 8gb of Video RAM and then there are 8+8 Pin required..because apparently the watt requirements is quite high.. and then.. the PCI-e is 3.0 This VGA is already directX 12 to support newer games And also VR Ready too! Ok! Sorry.. now lets just unboxing the VGA Box inside a box wuiiiiihhhhhhhh This is for when we playing game So nobody disturb and then…..there are… ummm…the how to’s… book and bookses and theeen…there are.. the drive and theeen..this issss.. stick so the hall of fame is..umm..because it’s heavy.. So the heavy weight is helped by holding.. with this.. and then, here we have 8+8 pin (cables) and theeen..this iiis… to hold with the stick Now..here it is.. super cool! tada! woooooowwww There’s hall of fame written So this VGA card is having 3 fans.. so the temperature is must be low Then there’s the logo in the side it can lights up..so it’s visible from PC glass window side panel.. then in behind, there are steel backplate.. so it’s looked exclusive! here we have a Hyper boost button so it can be overclocked straight away Here we have DVI-D 1 HDMI & 3 display ports..So it can play up 4 monitor guys! The weight is a bit heavy.. approx 2-3 Kilos maybe.. And lastly in total it having 16 pin for cables where it needs 150 watts total the minimum power supply required is 500 watts Sooo…Finally done! The Unboxing of this VGA Card It’s super cool right? let’s see it again, where the color is.. very suitable with my build.. the all white PC that i were building.. ok then, don’t forget! SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, and SHARE.. aaand i were having a giveaway The detail can be seen in other video or in description below.. byeeee! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Unboxing Galax/kfa2 GeForce GTX 1070 HOF (VGA CARD ALL WHITE)

  1. mantabb, butuh kerja keras buat nyampe budget segitu ya bangg hehe😍😍 sukses buat video video kedepannya bangg👍👍 sub,comment,like terpenuhi bangg mantapp👍👍

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