Unboxing HP Z2 Mini Workstation – En liten kraftpakke for kontoret.

Hello, Alexander here from AGS IT-partner Do you work on a heavy workstation that’s larger than your cat? Then I have something interesting to show you. Do you work with Autodesk software like Autocad Inventor or with Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop or video editing with Adobe Premier and you’re not using a laptop chances are that you have a huge powerhouse of WorkStation like this one. They are powerful but also large, heavy and takes a lot of space under or on the top the desk. And that is what HP want to do something about. HP has therefore come up with something that pushing all this power into a small box. HP Z2 Mini comes in a rather plain box, and here you will find the standard HP keyboard, power adapter and wireless mouse. Z2 Mini is easy and measuring just 58mm in width has a square shape of 216 square mm. And has wireless networking and Bluetooth built in. HP has also been smart to make their own brackets so you should be able to stick it under your desk, or behind the monitor. A cool detail is that you can turn on the computer just using the keyboard this is done by connecting the keyboard to this USB port. Convenient when you have hung the machine behind the monitor. Here you will also find the headphones jack. On the back you’ll find the power connection. And at the most affordable entry model you will find that here 3 display ports On the larger model there is 4. And you can drive up to 6 4K monitors simultaneously Yes you heard right 6 monitors simultaneously. Perfect machine for financial use On the back you also get 2 extra USB ports, and on the larger model you will find 2 USB-C ports. though without thundebolt support. The machine has of course also standard network connection. Drag this thing here And you will unlock the computer and gain access to the inside. You can easily just take the whole side of the machine off You can get the Z2 Mini fitted with Intel I3 or I5 processor in the lower end but if you are a professional user and have some expectations to the power of the machine You should you go for a I7 or a Xenon processor for maximum stability and performance. On the storage side you can choose between a standard hard drive with 1TB storage Or a fast 256GB SSD Or for best performance select HP 512GB Turbo Drive HP Z2 Mini also has high memory capacity. Under the fan here you can insert up to 32GB of memory. It is worth noting that on entry model you get only integrated graphics from Intel. You have to rely on the largest model to get Nvida Quadro cards If you want to run for example 3D applications. HP Z2 Mini is certified and approved by multiple software vendors. So it can support, for example. SolidWorks. AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor and the Adobe suite of programs To mention a few. HP Z2 Mini is not a typical office PC but a force to be reckon with to run the heavier tasks in your business. Thank you for watching. Did you like the video? Subscribe to our youtube channel. See you in another video.

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