Unboxing MSI h270m Mortar Arctic (MOTHERBOARD ALL WHITE)

Hiii I’m Valina Now i will do the unboxing newest motherboard from MSI The type is Mortar Arctic Chipset H 270 M The reason why i chose H 70 M.. err i mean H 270 M.. Not the Z 270 (Z series) is because my processor i Core 7 7700 non K This non K version is can’t be overclocked that’s why i bought the H series and why i bought the Mortar Arctic because the PC setup that i will build is will be all white themed PC so i bought the mortar arctic now let’s start the unboxing let’s open the box Tadaaaa so let start from let us move this motherboard let see what else inside the box here we have CD Driver and then…manual books and here..a thank you note from MSI THANK YOU TOO MSI!!! and then…here we have…bookses and here we have… SATA Cables And this Are Input Output (i/o) It is sooo cool right!!! The Color.. Silver accents and WHITE! Now, the motherboard components from the i/o cover it’s silver colored, super cool.. Match with the heatsinks also silver colored with light blue line as an accent so it’s looked futuristic and then here we have 4 RAM slots umm.. the RAM in total is maxed at 64gb only and the RAM is can’t be overclocked So the maximum RAM speed is… 2400 MhZ and then we have one M.2 Slot two PCI express 16 VGA Card Slots and here’s the Chipset h270 in same silver color matching with the others next here we have two slot of USB 3.0 That can be connected with the PC Casing and there are six SATA slots For your SSD’s or Hardisks That’s it, now let’s see the i/o for the i/o we have one PS2 port and two USB and here we have DVI-D for monitor output HDMI and Display Port above it then there are another two slot of USB 3.0 and also gaming LAN umm USB type C as well another USB 3.0..so totalling 5 USB slot in i/o Lastly this is for Audio Jack it Support surround sound 7.1 So that’s the end of this Unboxing motherboard video The Motherboard is Super Cool Right?! and i think this motherboard is very suitable with who will build a WHITE themed PC setup and if you build the PC using Intel 7th generation processor (kaby lake) with non overclock processor (non K) Okayyy then.. Oh ya btw, i also have a giveaway! you can check in the link in the description below please don’t forget SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE 🙂 Byeeee! 🙂

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  1. cantik sekalii motherboardnyaa😍 gdluck buat video video selanjutnya dan ditunggu rakitan dan review buat cpu nya, like comment and sub udah terlaksana bangg hehe👍👍

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