Unboxing the GBS-8200 RGB to VGA video converter board

So here is it : the RGB/VGA converter from Hong Kong. Let’s unbox this thing without breaking it It’s properly wrapped The cables are showing up… here are the connexions wrapped up in a bubble pack. Lovely, I love that. Here is the converter. I think we have the Component input here. This is the RGB input. and here is the VGA output. It’s really lovely. We can see the Chinese writing here. CGA/EGA… Oh, here is something curious I noticed : in the world of homemade arcade cabinets : CGA means RGB. What we call ‘RGB’ they call it ‘CGA’ in the arcade community, no idea why. So this device accept a lot of various signals
and we will try it on the Amiga. So we have the inputs on this side? Yes, here we have the analog inputs
as a 60Hz video signal and on the other side we have a standard VGA signal. Here we have a set of buttons to adjust the signal “up, down, auto”, there must be some kind of menu or an OSD Here is the power input. 5V/12V … that’s cool. so here is it. So the next step will be to test this on the Amiga with the proper cable Oh and there’s a connector for the direct RGB input as well! Is the the direct RGB connector? Let me focus on this part. Yes, there’s a direct input. Excellent. Excellent. Ok, that’s cool!

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the GBS-8200 RGB to VGA video converter board

  1. Hey,

    Do you have a english manual for this?? I hooked it up but i always get 'no singal'. I have 15khz vga in and 31khz monitor on the output

  2. Hey,

    Do you know if this will output (without additional re-encoding) to an S-Video input on an NTSC CRT TV?

    I wondered if using something like the cable pictured below… plugged into the VGA output of the board in the video into the TV would work


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