unboxing – VGA cables

– Hey there YouTube, Rich Massey here. Just gonna do an unboxing for you. I got a package in the
mail, and wanted to, (scraping) wanna unbox it. It’s a, I’m assuming it’s
my, ordered a couple of VGA cables to go into my
monitor, a couple of backups for this here. (scraping) And let’s go and have a look. (box rattling) Indeed, indeed. Two. Two VGA cables, so, (box thumps) these are, these’d go and they plug in
the back of your monitor, I go, I have a Mac Pro
tower, I go into the back of the Mac Pro,
then into the monitor. I just wanted a few backups. You can use, you can use these if you’re gonna use a PC or a Mac. VGA’s a 15 pin. (bag rattling) 15 pin plug. And these’d go right in, and of course if you don’t have a VGA, you
can always get an adaptor, I can do a video about that later too. These look to be pretty good. They’re wrapped in a nice, they’re wrapped in a nice plastic. They have a nice look. The plug is blue, and this is
nice, and it feels nice too. If you, you know, rubbing it. And then the cord is kind
of like a slick black here. And that’s, that has its own appeal, to feel it, smooth. And it looks robust to me, so anyway these things look great. Thanks for watching the unboxing.

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