Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 2014 Trailer (PS4)

NATHAN: So what do you think? SULLY: It’s a lot
to take in, kid. Where do I even start? You’ve been out of the
game for a long time. Maybe I need to remind you the kind of people
we’d be crossing here? NATHAN: Sully, I know the risks. But, come on.
It’s a sure-fire plan. SULLY: Yeah. If there’s one thing
I’ve learned in all these years it’s there’s no such
thing as a sure-fire plan. NATHAN: I don’t really
have an option here. You know that. And, yeah.
Maybe you’re right. I’ve been out of the game. But I need back in. So can I count on you? One last time? SULLY: All right, kid. Let’s go do it… …one last time.

100 thoughts on “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 2014 Trailer (PS4)

  1. I remember whete i was when i saw this trailer and when it said Uncharted 4 i was like nooo wayyy thats awesome.

    And honestly. . . the way i thought the story was gonna be was way different from what it actually was. Either way. I enjoyed the game and the entire series through and through

  2. I believe they’ll be able to achieve 60fps on the PS5 and hopefully in a 4K resolution. Uncharted 5 is going to look insane ⚜️

  3. Although uncharted 4 was excellent, I wish naughty dog had stuck with the darker tone they showed in this trailer. Make more like Arkham knight to show how Nate’s no longer the incredible treasure hunter he once was. I also felt they could’ve done a lot more with his age in the game and changed the gameplay in regards to how he’s aged significantly. Still, if naughty dog had gone more with this darker style, we would’ve got a different uncharted and maybe a better one.

  4. Even though I bought and finished this game one year ago, here I am still watching the trailer,, the power of PlayStation man, the power of Sony

  5. One of the greatest games ever

    Their needs to be an uncharted 5 where you play an old version of Nathan drake and at the end of the game you tell your daughter "so little one, your old man went on a little adventure today you finally get to hear what I've been up to"




  6. What's dumb is everyone lost it at TLOU Part II teaser and Uncharted The Lost Legacy gameplay reveal trailer but no one cheers much at this. Wow.

  7. If Sully can still do stunts for his age then so can Nate. So you might not never know that there will be a part 5 another Drake adventure.

  8. 0:33 Undisclosed War: Zero. "Uncharted Territories": 2160h – static, 120 FPS – capped, photorealism+ graphics (plus our cartoon shader for characters).

  9. I kind of want a Crimson Skies game like this one. Just take the same formula for gameplay and add in aerial combat. Crimson Skies is so cool but it’s just not getting attention…

  10. This absolutely incredible franchise had to end there. It's for the better because if they keep making videogames for Nathan, his character and the overall story would be drawn out and end up being boring. I want a sequel too but it just can't come

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