Und Action! Mit Dell Precision M3800 Workstation

my name is AJ cutter on a writer-director I guess I didn’t film a television when I was 16 in Western Australia my love of science is definitely what feels my creativity I love the idea that we don’t necessarily know why we’re here I just loved telling a good story my name is Gabriel bean shitski I’m a director photography I grew up in Poland in a artistic family my mother as a painter and my dad was a photographer I think most people as children are very creative and then as they grow older they either not encouraged to continue or they’re actively discouraged and so I think that no matter what modality you choose it’s sort of important to let this stay alive in you there are a lot of elements and a lot of moving parts in making a film I think the most important thing is to understand the vision of the director have enough meetings have enough conversations to know exactly what is needed for that specific piece I think what makes a great director is being able to collaborate openly with people you have the responsibility of liaison with the writing team with the music composers with the storyboard artists with the actors with the producers filmmaking is such a collaborative effort the director is really the hub of communication for all of in our industry we’re dealing with state-of-the-art camera technology state-of-the-art post-production software and we need the machines that can handle them reliably and that’s what Dell offers I work with Macs and I work with PCs and something that stands out about the devil precision the m30 800 is number one it was twice as thin as what I thought it would be and secondly it’s got the touchscreen and I didn’t realize how valuable that was until I actually got my hands on it literally and I’m touching and I’m moving pictures back and forth and so much more organic than using a mouse the Dell Precision m3800 can be configured in many different ways to fit your specific workflow and screen resolution is higher than the one on the retina MacBook Pro this is a machine that can powerfully monitor that can easily process footage from my red camera with Adobe Premiere Pro I can import that footage directly into a timeline and I can work natively in 5k but whatever frame rate I throw at it it’s a very power intensive task for a machine to manipulate this kind of footage and the dell precision and 3800 does it beautifully I don’t think the research thing is a perfect film i define success by making projects that you’re 100% happy with and that you know in your heart you made them exactly how you wanted to make them I think success is happiness and what you do I find myself in this really exciting line of work and it makes every single day and you adventure I’m very happy you

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