Unleashing The AMD Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56!

hey what’s going on buddy glad to see
you guys back here on the child now we know that video cards are still
overpriced that’s just how things are one thing I did want to point out before
I jumped in the video is that power color themselves told me that they have
no control over what the e-tailers and retailers sell their card for they told
me specifically that they’re selling the cards to them at the price that they’re
supposed to be so that means that you know if this card selling for $4.99
they’re selling to new wake for $4.99 and the new eggs raising the price up to
whatever they want it to be they say they have nothing to do with the price
gouging and they want to make sure that I related that information to you folks
so I did so we’ve all seen the power color Red Devil we’ve seen both versions
we’ve seen the Vegas 56 we’ve seen the Vegas 64 well now we see something
different we see the red dragon version you guys are going okay Eric what’s a
red dragon version well the most important difference between the red
dragon version is the other is power consumption on the red devil 750 watts
is needed on this card 650 watts now beyond that the boost clocks are a
little bit different now this particular one comes to market at eleven seventy
seven for its normal clock and 1478 for its boost and the memory clock speed is
at 800 which is pretty much exactly the same as the red devil card so that’s
what you get you get a card that actually has a smaller PCB it has a
different cooling out brass and they’re saying that even though this cooling
apparatus is actually smaller than the previous one
it actually cools much more efficiently which we’ll find out as we jump in and
do all the testing but for right now let’s jump in let’s see what comes in
the box in this brand new red dragon Vega 56 from the people at power color
so first off let’s take a look at the box if you guys don’t know this is an 8
gigabyte card featuring HP m2 memory the further box nothing much there on the
back you can see it supports free sim 2 it supports wot man all the good stuff
that’s with an AMD card for overclocking it’s got all the stuff for doing your
streaming all that stuff all included when you’re on the AMD platform all good
right ok that’s not what you’re looking for you’re looking for the card so let’s
pop it to the side of the box here I will go ahead and remove this carton
take the carton out of the box set it off to the side we won’t try to assault
the camerman today a little cap over here and let’s see
here what we got here okay so right off the bat we’re gonna
see the card everything comes inside of here with an anti-static bag so you
don’t have to worry about your card getting shorted out let’s go ahead and
let’s remove the card real quickly get it out of there
now let’s see what accessories come in this box now in the front this is
usually where they keep the accessories I don’t think there’s really anything in
this box so this time it’s not really looking like there is no absolutely
nothing in there so no additional cables nothing like that you do get their
manual and the drivers but we all know that everybody’s gonna download the
drivers off the internet if they can because that’s always the latest and
greatest drivers and it’s what you definitely want to do you can use if you
don’t have internet connection but if you have one definitely download the
latest drivers so let’s get that out of the way move on to the card itself I’ll
set this down here just a nice little any static area you guys can see a nice
seal here so I’m going to go ahead and break this seal and devirginized this
card the seal has now been broken the sacred seal of the red dragon so let’s
pull this baby out now this card still is a huge card you guys can see this
card is extremely long three fan design pretty much the same as the Red Devil
now what they’re saying though is this card is though a little bit shorter and
you guys can see it is a little bit shorter now not only is the Red Devil a
longer card it’s actually thicker as well you can see this is just a simple
two slot design so this card is not only thinner it’s actually shorter and it’s
supposed to cool even better than the previous generation card you know three
fans on top you guys can see the GI and giant heat fins all underneath the card
on the side you can see the same thing tons and tons and tons of heat fins in
here to keep this card running cool and I suppose that since I did take the time
to redesign the coin all that it probably will function better here on
the end you can just see more of the cooling apparatus take a look at the top
of the card you guys can see that no longer do you need a dual eight pin
power connection now it’s a single eight and a single six and there are also two
buttons on here one of these is obvious is going to be for the dual BIOS and the
others for switching the card into gaming mode
at least that’s how it was on the Red Devil card so I’m assuming that’s kind
of going to be the same I looked online and there manual no actually information
but I’m betting that that’s what they’re for another thing that you guys might
notice about this is even though this car does have a very nice backplate
there’s actually a slot back here that’s completely opened up furling the heat
dissipated from the Kart and you know that many of the cards the whole shroud
covers the entire card and sometimes that creates heat issues but the design
of this card all that heat is being dissipated out of the rear of the card
through these vents also crossfire is completely done to the PCI so you don’t
need any bridges anymore no more cables no more nothing I’m not you know not
really sure why NVIDIA hasn’t gone over the same thing and everything still
requires a cable and all that stuff this is so much easier to do so much less
hassle you plug your card in you go into your BIOS and you go into your control
panel for all the AMD stuff and you enable it and it’s that simple
no mess no fuss whatsoever now let’s check out the rear plate in this with
the outputs are we have to display ports two HDMI ports the card does support
Eyefinity so if you want to use multiple monitors you’ll be able to do that
without a problem now the actual pricing on this
particular card I haven’t seen it get out yet it’s probably gonna be released
over the next week or two but hopefully we’ll see these prizes at a lower price
point than we’ve seen the Red Devil now the 56 cards have been going online I’ve
seen on eBay and stuff anywhere between 700 and $1,000 which is just ridiculous
this card should come to market at about $500 now whether we’re actually gonna
see that price or not from the gougers out there I don’t know I hope we do also
since you guys know that this card is not being sold for 1,100 or 800 euros
prices if you see in a new way gorillas places honestly you should boycott it
that’s why I’d recommend doing I know that we’re bringing this card and all
that stuff but right now this card isn’t in the market for sale but when it does
come for sale I would make sure the people that you buy this card aren’t
ripping you off in charge and you double the face value which is just completely
completely BS do you guys know what I know it so if you see this card for a
nice price sure go ahead and get it but if you can’t find this card for anything
but these thousand dollar prices for a gamer that’s just read
Kilis I’m Miller you guys been watching Tekken tomorrow whatever information is
available for this card love down with a like button you guys know what to do and
hey if you’re not sub sub the channel because we got lots of stuff coming up
testing this card we got far cry 5 and all the high end cards just lots of
stuff coming we’ll see you guys later I’m Network thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Unleashing The AMD Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56!

  1. yea, pick up a card with the equivalent power of a 980 ti ! and with the size of a gtx 1080 ti Kingpin ! (since it needs a cooler twice its size) – great advice!

  2. I really liked the red devil cards and have high hopes for the dragon since it was announced. Hope to one day get one for myself. The vega 56 seems like a sweet spot for me. Glad I bought a 1000W PSU lol. Good vid thanks.

  3. would be awesome if gamers could join a "gamers club" through AMD and order these cards directly from AMD for MSRP

  4. You know, I am sick of all the geeks pushing tech that doesn't do jack for my gaming experience. I found you can have the best and the most powerful gear, and I've spent a fortune, and it doesn't do shit for me in FPS games. How is it that I see guys getting 40 50 60 kills and I can never seem to do better than a dozen in a good round. I've been playing BF4 since the day it was released and I have only gotten worse since reaching level 140. I don't care about buying any more crap unless it is really going to help my game.

  5. I have a ITX compatible 1080ti in my computer with a 600w PSU and have no power issues, these Vega cards should have been a replacement for polaris, not a FORCED high end product. (at lower voltage/clock). AND on this card we see its a half sized PCB, somebody somewhere please make a watercooler ITX version just like FuryX (or dual fan ITX compat version), now that be nice. Too little too late still, but nice.

  6. I miss the old days when they were "lady pleasers" but I'm sure we have a bunch of snowflakes who complained:) I guess they are lacking in that dept.

  7. that card is incredibly ugly wtf.. WHAT are those pci-e placements???? Ugliest card of 2018 goes to powercolor, congrats.

  8. so why do power colour not sell direct to public on their own web store and there fore force the re sellers to sell at the RRP Instead of ripping of the consumers

  9. Specs? Temps? Benchmark? Also nice message from the manufacturer, do they want to sell maybe directly if that statement is true?

  10. Hello my friend, hope your well.
    Could I ask when you are doing your benchmarks that you could show an overclocked set as well.
    I'd like to see if the claims are true that an overclocked 1080 matches Vega 64 in this new Far cry at 1440p ultra settings.
    Some folks are already seeing 71 min to 75 average frame count on an overclocked 1080, this would place it at the same frames as found on the RX64….ie 71 to 75 frame count. Just curious to see what difference a 1080 has in Far cry with an overclock applied.. not Factory boost, a full overclock.
    Cheers bro.
    P.s I fully agree with your comments on boycotting these retailers and online companies…the pricing is simply insane.

  11. Half a backplate? Doesn’t look great. Weird that the power connectors are in the middle it’s gonna look a little awkward when it’s plugged in

  12. i would like to get one, but electric power is quite expensive where i live. I won't use a card that uses more than double the wattage of my entire system

  13. I Still don't get why motherboard and graphicscard manufacturers don't work together to put the PCI-E power on the mobo so that both data and power would get connected when you slot it in.
    Or meet in the middle and just make holes in the mobo so you could plug your cables in from behind.
    Look at how stupid this card looks with the power leads in the friggin middle of the card.
    NO ONE wants that!

  14. Hi Elric, will you guys be running benchmarks for this?
    Judging from the clocks, I assume this is just as fast as a reference Vega56. But I wonder how effective the cooler is, and if it can overclock/undervolt wel.

  15. Sry caps but:
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WAS WAITING FOR THEM TO THINK OF THIS BACK HOLES FOR VENTILATING AWAY FROM THE VGA SINCE 2015. This way you can mound the cars on a front mount configuration.

  16. I wonder, Crossfire, how would it perform?

    Perhaps Undervolted so to manage CF in 750W power Supply.

    Vega crossfired…so close to 1080ti ! (In Sniper elite 4 it even wins!)

  17. It's about time Powercolor. Love the card and I didn't blame Powercolor for GPU woes. Only thing I wish is if it was a more neutral color scheme.

  18. Love to see the new stuff! Waiting for prices to drop, but im going AMD 100% , and im gonna trashtalk Nvidia until they release there hostages and stop blackmailing manufactures.

  19. As soon as the next gen of cards come out, the 10 series and Rx 4xx series will drop back in price hopefully

  20. no point getting this card in Norway, you only save 50 usd from a 1080ti and have to wait weeks to get one.

  21. please can you run triple screen with super resolution… its so good, did it with a r9 290 would love to know the fps on this card for racing sim. triple 1080p at 4k super resolution OMG!

  22. The gpu part is really small, seems like the R9 Nano. It's a shame what stores do, nor AMD nor the AIB's get A CENT from it.

    Maybe AIB's should create their own stores and maybe AMD some modified driver where if you want to use the card it should check whethever there are more than 2 cards installed on the same device and what load they're doing.

    If something seems obviously fishy, crapify the gpu for 1 week.

  23. @Tech of Tomorrow
    Can you do an undervolting Vega vid?

    From what I saw an undervolted/underclocked Vega to like 1.1Ghz and <1.1v can get near a 1060 in power consumption, crazy efficient.

  24. Great video man, I wanna see some benchmarks. Also does that PCB vent thing actually help with cooling? It looks like they may have just crammed the front of the PCB with components…

  25. I just love those 2-slot but wider, longer designed cards.
    They are better overclockers, silent & run cooler than the ridiculous gigantic 2.5, 3 slot ones… and they'r not blocking other slots on the Mobo !

  26. If you get your hands on a Sapphire Pulse RX Vega 56, could you do a side by side comparison between it and the Red Dragon Vega 56?

  27. Newegg is currently selling this for $730. Lol, Powercolor intended it to be the cheaper version, then retailer still marks it up.

  28. Wow, that would fit perfect in my nano itx 3”/5” build. Sweet!

    On a serious note, it may be smaller than the Red Devil, but that is one big fricken card. I’m going to guess that cooling is 100% not an issue.

    As for the price, I’ve been saying that the price hike is retailers, not AIBs or AMD/Nvidea. Retailers stated they were ordering less as they did not want to be stuck selling cards on sale like they did for 1 quarter in 2014 with 290’s. So, demand way up, I have a brilliant idea, let’s order less than last year, and keep raising the price until they don’t sell.

    Newegg sales were down 9% order wise from 2016, and profit was up 40% according to their investors notes for their annual 2017 investor’s recap. 40 fricken percent.company wide, but orders were down a whopping 9% (that’s a lot for a large retailer). Motherboard prices weren’t overpriced. RAM? Idk if we could even tell if they raised the profit margin a % point or 2. I’d guess they did.

    Display prices went down, peripherals are always marked up immensely, so I doubt they made much more there…

    How could Newegg have done it? What product could they mark up 25% over MSRP? 30%? We’d have to find something people normally by en masse and raise the price at least 200+%, all profit to start seeing any kind of real dent. Oh…what about 300%? 400%? Is it possible? 500%? No possible way anyone would ever pay that! Well people did. When I saw 8GB 580’s for $289 I was disgusted and thought “Seriously? They were the Gigabyte 8GB 580 OC was $209 last week, now they want $289 for it? And $269 for the Red Devil? That was $203.99 last week”, so imagine how disgusted I was as the prices kept going up, and read mid year (I believe in June or July) that neither Newegg or Amazon we’re ordering more stock than normal, to the contrary, they were going to order less…and I see an 8GB 580 for $1000.99 in mid January.

    And the retailers had the audacity to blame “lack of stock”. That’s what happens when you do not order cards. AIBs don’t buy a million chips, make a million cards, then wait for the order to come. They take an order, place an order with Nvidea/AMD, make the cards, then ship them to the retailers (or whomever bought them).

    There was never a “shortage” in available chips for cards, or cards to put chips on, retailers purposely ordered less to maximize their profit beyond normal “Nice, we made a good profit” level.

    If this happens again anytime soon, 1 of these things will happen:

    AMD/Nvidea will sell direct to consumers along with other companies, but on a much larger scale than Nvidea’s pitiful end of life Pascal “help” they gave people for 45 days?

    AIB’s will sell direct to consumers cutting retailers off. This would be FANTASTIC for consumers, but tough on AIBs as your average Jill or Joe won’t know where to buy their cards initially. Of course Google is pretty handy, and AMD/Nvidea could provide free links from their homepage, or do a storefront where all the cards are listed and you click the link to get you to the product page.

    Again, this would be great.

    Lastly, GPU chip prices go way up on the production side, say 33% or so (which is too much, but heck, Newegg is still selling 580’s 8GB for between $449.99 and $749.99. Newegg, I’m not counting resellers. That’s more than a 100% increase on the card as a whole, so raising the chip price from $100 to $133 isn’t terrible, I’d take a $33 increase from MSRP on midrange cards)…

    The best thing we can do is not buy cards being sold too far over MSRP. RAM is up $5-$30 per card (8GB ddr5 cards are up about $20 cost, hbm2 about $30 per 8GB), and the cooling adds $5-$15 usd as well, but beyond that, we are being taken advantage of.

    No way in heck 2 year old architecture should be selling over MSRP. They should be on EOL sale, not “New cards are coming so $70-$300 over MSRP sounds about right”.

    People were semi-disciplined when the cards were out of reach financially, now that a 6GB 1060 is $370 or so and you can afford it comfortably does not even remotely imply you should buy it.

    If we do not buy them the price will drop, and it will drop fast. The market is teetering on being flooded with millions upon millions of 570’s-1080’s, with thousands of Vegas and 1080ti’s thrown in the mix.

    If Nvidea is really done with Pascal, that means their consumer cards are being stockpiled for release.

    Even if the price is up $100 across the board, that still means even more cards on the used market. The 980ti went from $600 too $300 used the week the 10 series was released. I would not be surprised to see 1080ti’s around the $400 mark when the 11 series comes out.

    What that means for AMD I have no clue. Polaris chips probably only cost about $20 usd to make at this point, but you still have to add a $30 board, $70 in vram, $15 on cooling, so $135 cost. AMD will want a profit of at least $10 per chip, so $145, AIBs 10% so $159, then 7% is normal retail markup on midrange so $175 for an 8GB 580…is that enough of a drop to compete with a $200 usd 1150ti which will probably be about the same performance wise?

    I really feel like AMD has just thrown in the towel now that mining with GPUs is, well not very profitable and a very bad investment if you don’t already have the cards (and even then, a tweaked 580 is only pulling in $0.81 per day at $0.12 kWh, the US avg. A 1080ti? $1.73 as of 5 hours ago, before electricity. It’s really bad, and with Ethereum ASICs set to release along with the Monero/Cryptonite miner, it’s only getting worse. A lot worse), AMD absolutely seems like a defeated “F it now” group.

    We don’t even have speculation from tech tubers about what AMD is doing. Vega 2? The die shrink we were promised before Vega 2? Are they both getting skipped until Navi? Is Navi even a thing anymore, as AMD flushed their roadmap years ago.

    It really is disheartening all around. They talk about raytracing with the Khronos group, but are no where near close to having a GPU that could do it in 30 FPS real time.

    4GB cards are going to be what 1GB cards are now in a year or 2 unless AMD or Nvidea figure out a way to fp16 on architecture previous to Vega and Volta.

    Vega started off where I expected, besides the pricing, but I don’t think anyone thought it would get this bad. I also don’t think people thought 4GB of vram would go from plenty for 1440p to barely enough for 1080p.

    Hmm, guess the entire situation finally has me a bit melancholy; I just really wish AMD would give people an update as to what the heck they are doing besides onboard graphics that can run e-sports at 720p really well and Raytracing which seems quite far away from them at the moment. 2 gens if they have their own answer to tensor cores, or a way to use extra CPU cores to help, I just don’t see it.

    What I would like to see is an updated Vega line, shrunk, with a 50 and 56 low end, 64 and 72 mid, and 80 and 88 high on ddr6 or hbm2, as when Nvidea drops their new cards, AMD will have what will most likely be akin to Nvidea’s lower end midrange and middle mid range (the 3GB 1060 and 6Gb 1060 class) with Vega, and a 1050ti competitor with the 8GB 580. That’s it. RTG is in trouble, and their silence does little to inspire confidence :^( .

  29. GTX 1070 Ti beats it for ~$200 cheaper!!! Why are people buying the ripoff brand (ironic since typically NVIDIA's the one ripping people off)?! NOT ONE SINGLE REASON even a single person should be buying RX Vega. Benchmarks don't lie.

    And GTX 1070 is ~$150 cheaper than RX Vega 56 and beats it!

  30. Huh, and I thought my GTX 1050 upgrade from HD 5770 (~1 year ago) was good enough… looking at these dang cards I can't afford.

  31. i'll keep my last 380 going till it dies, all the gougers can suck the big one. if i have too i will stick my 6850 or 7850

  32. why they dont sell directly thru net with msrp prices!! fak fakn stores !! peoples are stupid if they pay 2 -3 x higher prices of that!! just stop buying thru stores and you will see how assholes will start to lowering prices

  33. The unboxing is almost a month from now. I'd like to see how it compares to the Red Devil and/or the more expensive Sapphire Pulse.
    I'd like to refute that the Red Devil is still the superior card as it has beefier heatsink after I did some analysis on product images in Newegg. However, I think the Dragon can come close due to open backplate at the other half of the card which cools it more efficiently.

    The reason the second half of the card is open is because of the short PCB. No other video card can be this short unless it has the HBM/HBM2 memory. The pin power connectors doesn't mean much. It only tells that the Red Devil is more capable of consuming more power if you intend to overclock it at really high levels.

  34. god that thing is ugly. i'll take a reference design or a nitro+ — sapphire does thing card justice.
    probably performs pretty well and stays cool at that, don't really see why they wouldn't want to just leave the 2-8pin pcie, there's no benefit in that change other than maybe saving a penny or two. it's not that it really 'requires' dual 8-pin, but why not have that power spread out, overkill is better than otherwise.

  35. Here is an unboxing. No tech infos, but hell, buy it (if it goes on sell, don‘t let them rip you off blah blah)!
    What kind of tech channel is this, you guys??

  36. gpu benchmark passmark says this card is just 2 small steps above the gtx 980 ti is that correct? what about a 980 ti superclocked? the red dragon has a small overclock

  37. Thank you for your review and info regarding this product. I have been looking for this. However, I found your cadence of speech and presentation to be a bit manic, and was distracting from your source and intent. It is common for people to be rushed and even nervous in making audio and video recordings and public speaking. Relaxing and slowing down a bit can have a great impact. Thanks again. 🙂

  38. Can you help me? I connected this card to my sony x940e through hdmi but the hdr is not working. I previously had the msi gtx 1660 ti and using the same hdmi, I was able to play youtube video in HDR format, but after switching to red dragon vega 56, I was only able to get 4k. Windows 10 still offer the "turn on HDR" button, but when switched on, it just made my tv look bright and a little washed out, instead of typical vibrant color. (my pc: ryzen 3700, crucial 32gb 3200, samsung 970pro nvme, asus x570 tuf gaming mobo)

  39. my card:https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-RXVEGA56GAMING-OC-8GD#kf
    Check my overclocking video guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H66lBbZyf3c&t=129s

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