Upcycle: Laptop Bags

It’s the year 2020! and let’s challenge ourselves to create something new and something different from the past decade Let’s make something out of Laptop bags! These are from a Thrift Store and it costs 11$ for three I got extra just incase if I screw up I bought different types of bags so that I will have different details I will be making a punk/goth kind of skirt ?? This is actually a fine looking bag and I feel bad cutting it But nobody wants it Let me give him a new purpose in life I’m Yen Shing! And she’s Quinn Today, she will be teaching us how to keep our body in shape and also model too Let’s open up all the pieces and see what we can do with this I do have sketches Never done this before There’s a lot of uncertainties So this video will be mostly exploration Here are my weapons First we remove the strap and start cutting! This is easier than I thought Cut out the handles Open up all the front pieces It just slides by And here are the innards And I’m done~ This is an Asus bag Let’s open it up to see what’s inside Here’s a foam protective layer As you can see, I’m such a pro at deboning laptop bags At this rate, I would be a really good thief Cut out the leftover inner lining And now I am left with the main wire structure Here are some of the items that I manage to cut out and obtain Some zipper pieces, a few of these rings, handles, straps, and a zipper rest of the materials and there’s velcro I’ll keep these two for another project I’m going to figure out the design I’m going to try to achieve a punk looking skirt I have my sketch, pins and clips I’m thinking of some pleats I want to try to use the thicker piece but it’s not blending in Let me just cut out the excess and the undies I wanted to make a jacket out of it but that will require many more laptop bags And end up being more expensive How about hanging belt? Make sure there’s enough to cover her Going to use the strap as a belt Okay, so it will be something like this Sew all the sides together to make one big piece Sew in the pleats or folds Cut a small part of the strap and loop it into the ring and then attach it on the skirt I clip the belt and sew across the skirt I place two adjustable rings so that it will work as a locking system I place two more velcro strap on the skirt so that you can walk or dance around without exposing There’s excess material and I’m thinking to add a top too I start trying out designs on Quinn and and she prefers the sleeved version When I’m happy with how it looks I took out the pattern and trace for the other side And then, I sew all the pieces together I don’t have enough to hem but i think it looks sleeker just the way it is Hey get back to your seat And here’s the final look! The feeling of unknown and unpredictable can be really scary But, if you never try, you will never know Look at her, she’s fabulous! I would like to officially introduce you to Quinn and answer some of the popular questions that we both curated Who’s your favourite designer? Oh not me? And you’re just doing your job as a mannequin What do you eat to stay so healthy? Ah spaghetti straps and button mushrooms like the white ones? I see So she likes spaghetti straps with white button mushrooms So how do you stop yourself from overeating? You pin yourself?! Don’t do that kids Do I have any issues talking to the mannequin? Nah, everyone talks to their mannequin So here you have it Quinn and me doing interview So, See you guys Nice meeting you guys Bye! She’s my companion

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