Upgrading from the Worst Laptop EVER – ROG Rig Reboot

It’s time for ROG Rig Reboot, So Many challengers approached only three were successful. And this is one of them. Charlie say hi. Hi Hi Internet. Hi mom. Hi dad No, no your dad’s over there. so Charlie hails to us from, where you from man? Florida Oh, oh wow so you were right in the heart of it? Yeah So you have power to go plug this into right? Well we have power just not wifi yet. Wow all right well That’s pretty lucky man. Well, everybody you know safe and cool? Yes. Rock on glad to hear that okay, so today We are gonna be building a rocking machine. Have you ever built a computer before? No. No, this is your first time? Yeah. Well today that changes Welcome to the party. Let’s get started The Asus ROG Strix 1080 TI comes with Asus GPU Tweak II – which allows you to monitor performance and Helps you stream. It also features their game booster as well as a free one-year premium license of Xsplit Gamecaster Learn more at the link in the video description So what do you want to start with? Motherboard. Good choice! So even though you’ve never built a computer before have you watched a build guide? Yeah I’ve watched a lot of them A lot of them, all Linus Tech Tips guides right? No. Have you at least watched a Linus Tech Tips guide? Yeah, you don’t make many of them anymore. Oh wow So that’s the kind of video we’re making All right shots fired, shots hit the target. Let’s all just wipe up our tears and continue. holy crap Corsair There we go Your system at home You were the one with the laptop right? Yeah. Super Ballin’ laptop That’s great for gaming. No. No not so much hey? My computer is an HP laptop My computer is an HP laptop It’s a… My little laptop, and then right next to it, I got my little $25 mouse I don’t actually know what brand my mouse is, I kind of got it cuz it wasn’t really expensive pretty much You know really you had like a Pentium core with HD integrated graphics. And tell me something HD Intel graphics How high definition are they? 720p is good. Yeah, that’s what they’d like you to think Okay have you ever installed the CPU before? No. Not even touched one. Okay, so here. Not yet Okay, you can touch it. No just kidding. Okay. You can touch it Yeah, all right, so you want to line that up real carefully. There’s no force required so all you got to do… Hang up, that was it, lower the arm down. You have officially installed the CPU Yay Okay have you done RAM before? I mean, I took RAM out of an old computer Fantastic alright, let’s do it Why am I even here? Cuz I don’t know everything, I memorized How do you do the motherboard and that’s pretty much where ends. Haha so tell me then charlie what was your plan if somebody ever did give you a Computer worth of parts you were just gonna assemble the motherboard and kind of… I just go on youtube and watch a guide and build It with that. you’ve got all the answer —
kids today, man So tell me something Charlie what’s gonna be the first thing you do when the system arrives at home Mess with the RGB and then I’m gonna go to the steam store and buy a games with really good graphics so that I can see those For the sake of thoroughness We could pull the board out we could relocate this standoff. We could put it there mmm. Thats too much work Wait stop, we missed something really important Oh, no, you didn’t do the satisfying plastic peel off the RAM. Enjoy this. You only get to do it once Oh yes. Look how shiny it is now. We also have to figure out where our hard drive is gonna go because This hard drive cage. Did you say it was going to go up here? I did say that but Let me tell you something about adults charlie Sometimes well they don’t lie But they say things without having really thought them through. Are kids your age allowed to use knives? Yeah Yeah, okay, don’t decide. I don’t know mine are like 5 and 3 so… All right now leave these fans because I have something better RGB fans It’s gonna be lit. That’s what the kids say right? yeah When that RGB lighting is giving you an extra 15 frames per second you’ll thank me I tell you man. It is so easy to build a computer these days And like have it look awesome Current to a thousand years ago, I can imagine it was hard since thousand years ago to go to computer You sure your name is Charlie. Yeah, sure it’s not Alec oh I’m gonna confess something to you Charlie You messed up? no! So how come you picked an AMD build? cuz I like to ryzen better plus it feels like They actually care about prices. even when he’s not paying for it. He’s going for the perception of who’s treating the customer more fairly So you said this machine is for gaming and school So surely 480 gigs on your boot drive is not enough for the library you want okay? Well that’s fine We’ve got you covered 2 terabyte drive Then you got to make a big decision here possibly the most important decision of the entire build Do you want to put it on the bottom or the top? Is there really a difference? No Hey, there’s two on the other side Then we need that SATA data cable that we set aside much much earlier and then misplaced And then found. Go for it, open it up Enjoy it savor it Oh I ripped it Those are all the good vibes. Oh, I ripped it again See I used to wonder why people watch unboxing videos, then I watched an amateur open a box totally get it now. oh There’s cool on top yeah, it’s a cool logo. This isn’t just any old yeah This is a Strix 1080 TI Wow There it is. That’s what’s gonna run all your Minecraft and There are Neopets Believe it or not. It works as cool as looks. If you were to run cheapo games like Minecraft on it believe it or not these fans These fans wouldn’t even have to spin Wow because the heatsink on it is so big this thing has like The entire thing basically covered in aluminum fins Okay now The most important part of installing the graphics card. Not dropping it? Okay. Okay, the next most important. Yes It’s got a typo on it. I think hey really look at this GT X 1080 TI “Gamin” it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s not gaming. It’s like it’s like gamin’ yo So line up your ports at the back Hey, you can tell if these are.. yep you’re good did it I just installed this graphics card! sure did and you started with the best graphics card Now this is cool your graphics card actually includes an RGB lighting header So we can hook one of our RGB lighting strips that we have from cable mod up to it Cool! Alright, cover your eyes. Okay. Just follow a follow the sound of my voice Okay, okay. This is the time for the big reveal. Don’t trip over that big block in front of your foot no I’m just kidding. There’s no block because I moved it Turn to the right and experience 180 Hertz gaming So that is what high refresh rate with g-sync looks like So however many frames your GPU spits out that’s exactly how many frames get displayed here So you don’t see any tearing you don’t see any lag. see you don’t even have to give kids these days a game They’ll just play move the window around if you throw a high enough refresh rate monitor at them now Let me show you something else. That’s really cool. Come around on this side That’s nice RGB yeah, that’s a nice RGB and and We’ll get the utility loaded up, but check this out see this RGB logo here and the logo on the back of the graphics card It’s synchronized with the RGB strip across the top here. I got one other cool thing for you too really Listen to it That’s STRIX for you. Well family won’t get annoyed at all. well I’m sure they’ll find reasons to get annoyed because you’re always gonna be on the computer or bugging them to go on the computer The day was awesome actually it was really cool. The build was my favorite part and then it was also fun at the end to test the computer and stuff I was definitely not expecting a 1080i So while Charlie plays around with the RGB settings on the video card which also Controls the RGB strip along the top I guess I’ll bid you guys farewell thanks for watching this episode of our ROG rig reboot, huge congratulations to you, bud for Winning this whole thing Rate the system you gotta tell me out of 10. 10 out of 10. perfect like your style then alright Thanks for watching guys

100 thoughts on “Upgrading from the Worst Laptop EVER – ROG Rig Reboot

  1. "if you're playing a game like Minecraft, the fans wouldn't even have to spin"
    My 1080 TI when using ray tracing texture/shader packs would beg to differ

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  4. Linus: Builds a PC for a Kid

    Parents of the KId: yeah we agree.

    Also Parents: Turn it off now or you're going a week without the computer!

  5. Right now, I'm watching this video on a chromebook hooked up to a 22inch tv from 2008, I've got a better setup than anybody on this channel.

  6. They should actually make these rig reboot computer with actual gamers and not just random people that don't play any actual high graphic games :/. not to be rude but kinda a waste of hardware

  7. Linus this is so nice from you to give it to an kid
    And this pc is epic so I don't know how much this costs but I think about 3000€

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  10. Me at the start of the video: man I wish I could win but I think you have to be 18
    Me at the end: holy fuck I can enter the 19 contest mom get out the camera time to film

  11. I just watched this video and saw that I have the same ram in my build, but I don't remember peeling the plastic peel off, so I opened my pc and found out it was still there so I peeled it off xD I used this pc now for like half a year

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  14. Adults don’t lie but they say things without having thought them through.

    Mood: Feeling attacked…but Linus isn’t wrong.

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