56 thoughts on “VGA: A Tribute to Video Games Awesome (Based on Yoü and I by Lady Gaga)

  1. Yay! Rizu!
    That's a really cool tribute, this is amazing. Good job Rizu, as always.

    And may I say…cute?

  2. This needs to be seen by everyone ever. Not just VGA fans but the whole goddamn internet. Seriously though, this is pretty epic. (Nice cape by the way)

  3. Fantastic as always Rizu. I even teared up from the beauty of this song! This song truly is a tribute to VGA and its fans!! 😀

  4. I hope some VGA fans do a choir-style cover of this tribute song. That would be awesome XD I just can't get the image of a bunch of VGA fans singing this all at once out of my mind.

  5. This is so awesome! Great job Rizu, Sean Mayle and Kninja! 

    This gives me an idea too, for something at PAX. 

  6. This is more or less the best thing that ever has happend and ever will on the internet.
    Almost got a little teary eyed to be honest. Sometimes I do forget how much this show actually means to me. This was a nice reminder.

  7. Rizu, Sean and Kninja50 – You guys are freaking amazing! This must have taken a ridiculous amount of effort. Thank you. We love you! (Also, glad to see your hoodie is holding up well Rizu!)

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