VGA Das Retro-Magazin: Folge 15 – Sonic Heroes angezockt

[VGA intro] [TV shutdown] I was digging in the attic today… And I’ve found some treasures: the Xbox instruction manual, my game test folder and a few demo discs. I’ve already checked out two sweet demos: Dead or Alive Ultimate I ordered this title aswell but they told me via mail that it’s no longer in stock. At least I can play the demo version now. And Sonic Heroes… Back in the days I was playing this on PS2. I found it quite bugging, the controls were messed up sometimes, especially in the further level stages. That leads the player to fail a couple times with no excuse. The Xbox demo looks decent although… Great visuals, and a nice Sonic theme song like always. This stage reminds me on Sonic Adventure… Whales are jumping around, rollercoaster loopings, that whole beach setting looks decent. In Sonic Heroes the basic feature is to select between 3 characters: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Choose between the protagonists during the game to perform different actions. Because everyone has got its special power: Sonic is the fastest, Tails can fly and Knuckles is the most powerful character to choose. Unfortunately it doesn’t work perfectly because sometimes your selection changes automatically.

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