VGA Das Retro-Magazin: Folge 16 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

[VGA intro] Welcome to VGA: Launching the 2nd series! Finally with a Dreamcast game… Current events: “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2” A pretty decent mix of fun and realism. Of course you can make sick combos… nobody except Rodney Mullen could probably do in real life. But the game design, the goals you accomplish, everything is very close to a authentic skateboarder lifestyle. I counted 12 playable pro skaters. [13 with female pro skater Elissa Steamer ] You can also unlock several bonus skaters like Officer Dick and Spiderman. Take a look at the elaborate graphics! No dull goals but a decent list with typical skateboarding challenges. So there is a lot to finish in 2 minutes. I start with a lil nosegrind over the pipe. Excuse the bail. Well there is no open world but neat levels with unlockable places… I am sliding on the chopper and unlock the backyard where I find the secret tape aswell. Let’s move on to my favorite level: School II. There are the best gaps in my opinion. Especially the “Leap of Faith”. And the interactive goals without too much foolery. Sidekicks and funny stuff come later. Well this game was released for Dreamcast, PS1 and Nintendo 64. Also some other plattforms [PC, Xbox and handhelds]. Obviously the hardware was limited back in the days but the game looks and plays extraordinary. Especially the Dreamcast port as you can see. Great visuals and a good soundtrack with various artists. You will find a mix of real skate spots and creative fiction made by the developers. I mention the Bullring, Mexico: Skate a loop and find other stuff. There are plenty items to unlock aswell: Spiderman, Officer Dick… Skate Heaven… and a lot of nice footage. The pro skater videos… but also a flick with some Spiderman skaters and a video that shows the guys from Neversoft skating.

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