25 thoughts on “VGA Interface for KORG D3200.wmv

  1. How, is a VGA interface, easy to do, no drilling, and you can run it with just a VGA screen or your lap top. Taking screen shots for quick settings is going to be awesome.

  2. I think that my interface can be adapted to the D16XD.
    Is what somebody would have of the photographs or video of inside a D16XD.

  3. That is very cool! Awesome!

    Next how about adding a mouse interface instead of that annoying Korg pointer thing. (or better yet, make it a touchscreen interface!)

  4. @WilfridBabilas

    I have the Korg D3200 and I really want this hooked up to my Korg. I love the quality of my Korg and those who I have recorded on it love it too. I just need to see the screen better and this is awesome! Let me know how and who can do this.

  5. Ordering mine for my d3200 next week. I have an extra 15inch eLo Touch screen, I wonder if it will work??? If not others will have to suffice.

  6. when I go to record ( let's say in delay).as I'm playing' I only hear standard guitar. no delay.what am I doing wrong

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