Video Card Prices Are Almost Back To Normal!

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  1. Just recently I bought an EVGA 1080Ti Black edition fr EBay for $730…It was an opened box item and was still sealed with plastic. And I also got it to registered through EVGA for 3 yr warranty. Not too shabby. I thought it over clocked little above average. So far, max core clock I can get is 2069MHz & stays around 2012-2025 occasionally hit 2050MHz but on memory it overclocks like crazy, it's at 12,408 (1551MHz) and still climbing. I'm really like'n this new ICX coolers, keeps GPU temps low…

  2. This video is bullshit, In reality these cards are like 2 years old they should be LOWER then msrp… Stupid miners need to GO TO HELL.

  3. I paid $309.99 Canadian for a Gigabyte RX 480 8GB, Checking Amazon for the RX 580 8GB is going for $449.99, still waaaaay over priced.

  4. My friend bought non blower style 1070 Ti for 450$ after rebate. It is worth it over the 1080 since when you overclock both the performance is nearly identical.. 1-2% difference in most games. That would be best bang for buck atm. It also runs about 4-6c lower than 1080.

  5. Still too expensive for the majority of us. I really dont understand why a graphic card like 1050 costs 140usd and 160euros+. We are doomed to play minecraft @max settings. Im poor…i know…so is the majority but gcards should not cost more than anyother pc component. Can you play games without a hard drive or ssd? You can't. A 1050 should cost @max 80usd not a single dime more. A 1030 arround 50usd and so on. Gcards prices are a friggin joke and thats why i will never play nothing in good conditions. Life has so many other priorities and wasting 300/400usd on a gcard what?!?!?! Are you out of your friggin mind?!?!?! Peace.

  6. I got an aorus rx 580 8 gb for 280โ‚ฌ just recently. Keep an eye out for deals. There can be pretty good ones

  7. I got the EVGA SC Black Edition 1080 ti for $769 two weeks ago. It even included some free cable guide they sell individually for $20. It was on sale for $200 off B&H's "list price" which actually was what others were selling it for. I don't know what retail price is, but seeing $900 to $1,000 1080 ti's, I felt like $769 was a decent deal.

  8. As these cards have been out for forever and in my eyes …old tech….I still think they are all overpriced …$320 for a gtx 1060 is not good.

  9. With new cards coming I am surprised prices are still so high for the majority of these cards. Especially midrange of 1060/580 and up. Vega 56 $150 to $200 over MSRP.

  10. Yeah I finally saw Mr Buddy……missed him……Elric & Mr Buddy are looking better than ever !!!

  11. No the prices are not back!!! 1050ti 199??? i bought mine at 152….1060 zotac at 299???? it was 250 before… fucking clickbait video bullshit. reported video for misleading text

  12. All of these cards are still anywhere from $80 to $100 over MSRP, and we're two years out from their release. This is not something to praise. It should never be like this.

  13. Wait the 1050Ti launched at about $140… We're still seeing the cards at 150% their actual price. I mean if ppl need cards it's better than before. But shit, these retailers are price gouging still. Hmm maybe a lawsuit would solve their greed.

  14. Here in Australia it will never happen. If you think that prices will come anywhere near back to normal, you are dreaming. It's not good business sense to reduce video cards by up to 50% for a small percent of the gaming customers when they can still make a profit. People will buy the cards whatever the price.

  15. Back to normal huh…Every GPU is still 150 to 200 more compared to MSRP. I guess it only applies to US, cause here in Europe prices are still broken !!!

  16. Guys listen I got a gtx 1060 3gb for $200 flat donโ€™t waste ur money on the 1050ti its a 950 basically

  17. Just In time for Volta release where they will be inflated once again. Distributors clearing out old stock for the new coming soon is all this is.

  18. Wha… now that you mention it (the sun is here) I feel uk's whether is relative to gpu pricing – after gpu pricing came down it became sunny here 0.o and I mean unbearably sunny ::)

  19. Where are these magical prices just went on Newegg and Amazon and found nothing near original stock price. And that gigabyte 2gb 1050 use to be $109.99 originally. So $140 isn't a deal since it's been at $140 for a few months now

  20. New Nvidia cards are coming out late this year,I will wait ,I know they will be over priced but I want the latest and best.

  21. Yeah, They are back close to launch RRP now that the next gen is around the corner! Usually, These cards should be discounted from their launch price by now as they hedge towards their end life, But because of all that's happened they've only just come back to original price. Crazy

  22. These prices arenโ€™t normal. They should be below MSRP at this point. So a word of advice – donโ€™t buy any cards until the new ones come out.

  23. Normal?!!! Are you joking? I bought an EVGA 1060 SC 6GB many months ago for $260-270 (can't remember the exact figure) and right now it's selling for $320 on amazon.

    The cheapest 1060 6GB back then was about $240. The cheapest right now is about $300.

  24. These prices are not normal. They are all still adleast 20% over MSRP. 2 years after release. "normal" these are not

  25. Paying over MSRP for something 2 yeas out of date is not a good deakl. Maybe just less of a complete ripoff. Only thing even near MSRP in there is the 1070ti.

  26. nope still overinflated, sorry downvote from me. how bout looking up the true msrp prices of these video cards before making this clickbait video.

  27. Should i wait for the new graphic cards or buy 1050 ti 4gb right now? i am new for pc world and i will build my first pc ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. hey guys i know this is off topic but need help me with my first build i would appreciate it iam new to this stuff and iam very confused and my budget is around 1300 usd . Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€
    EDIT = if possible i will increase my budget to 1600 usd
    Here are the prices in my country :

    core i5 8600k = 300 usd
    core i5 8400 = 250 usd
    core i7 8700k = 463 usd

    ryzen5 1600x = 235usd
    ryzen5 2600x = 250 usd
    ryzen7 1700x (no fan ) = 330 usd
    ryzen 7 2700x = 370 usd

    as for gpu i was thinking either
    zotac gtx 1060 3GB = 357 usd
    zotac gtx 1060 6GB = 463 usd
    gtx 1070ti mini = 622 usd
    1070 ti Amp = 660 usd
    my local store doesn't sell gtx 1070 ๐Ÿ™


    AM4 :
    x370 SLI ATX = 190 usd
    b350 =145 usd
    ASUS ROG STRIX x470 =262 usd
    ASUS PRIME X470 pro = 251 usd
    MSI b350 Tomahwak = 137 usd

    my local store doesn't have alot of AM4 motherboards

    LGA 1151:
    msi Z370 =206 usd
    ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E Gaming =251 usd
    ASUS prime Z370 quad crossfire and SLI = 235 usd
    ASUS TUF Z370 PRO Gaming ATX =209usd
    ASUS TUF b360 PRO Gaming =182 usd
    ASUS TUF b360M-E Gaming = 129 usd
    GIGABYTE Z370 MicroAtx =172 usd

    and 600w gold psu = 92 usd

    8GB one stick of ram = 103 usd
    8GB ram dual Channel = 132 usd -2666mhz
    8GB ram Dual channel = 137 usd -3000mhz
    16GB ram dual channel = 264 usd -3200mhz

    as for the case they only come in 2 prices for all cases

    1-120usd : Lame and simple few with plastic glass
    2- 250 usd = comes with build in water coolers and flow meters and tempered glass
    but the case i like is the corsair 470x = 209 usd its on discount

    1TB WD = 79usd
    1TB WD black =132usd
    250GB M.2 960EVO= 164 usd
    500GB M.2 960EVO= 304usd
    500GB samsung SSD 860=198
    120GB Mushikin SSD =52 usd
    250GB Mushikin SSD = 111usd
    500Gb Mushikin SSD = 182 usd

    Thank you for your help it means alot ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. I'm looking at 1050 Ti Low-Profile prices in Australia, and they've dropped slightly. But still well-above their initial launch price.

  30. These cards are still 30-50% overpriced.

    1050 should be $90-110 new, 50-100 used, not $140

    1050ti should be $130-150 new, $80-100 used, not $199

    1060 6GB should be $189 new, 150 used, not $299

    Not back to normal.

  31. For some of you who are looking for a high end GPU, EVGA 1070ti FTW edition is also at a decent price right now, $498.89 on Amazon. A WHOLE DOLLAR cheaper than the blower edition. It should run faster and quieter than the blower edition(should).

  32. Until you need to buy one in AUD and a 1070 is 800 bucks ๐Ÿ˜ luckily I got my 1080ti dirt cheap ๐Ÿ˜…

  33. thanks for the video. Your doggie is either getting old, or is channeling that Snoop Doog super cool vibe. Looks like AMD cards are the best buy right now.

  34. Bullcrap.
    This is not close to their original prices, we should see 1050's for $100 or less, 1050ti's for $130 or less, and 6gb 1060's should be $240 or less.
    I understand that you are trying to be optimistic about this, but these prices are still not close to msrp.

  35. Glad to see you in a good health.
    I donโ€™t see for a reason for including the dog in this video.

  36. This looks good value for money 1060 6 gig card from kfa2 not a make i have heard of but from what i have read it is similar to a galax branded card uk price ยฃ239 .I have been using amd for a long time now i was nvidea up until my 8800 gts died at just 17 months old was ยฃ375 at the time at the moment amd gpu lineup seems fairly weak the vega cards i like but i dont think they offer great value compared to nvidia cards so that is why i am switching back to nvidia .One of my mates built a new ryzen 1600 pc with 32 gig of ram but is still using an ancient msi 7870 2 gig card i gave him years ago kind of defeats the object of a new pc build i might use my 7870 in a new pc so i can save and possibly get a gtx 1080 i want rather than a more affordable 1060 i might have to upgrade sooner .

  37. Bitcoin is going to get destroyed this year and next year. Wait til that happens to buy. Cards will flood the market.

  38. For those who want to know:
    Between RX560 and 1050, RX560 performs tiny bit worse, so if it is priced about 20USD lower, it is still good deal. Otherwise 1050 is better deal. Between RX580 and 1060, they are equal in performance. So get one that is cheaper. Currently RX580 4GB are better deal, since they are below 300USD, 8GB are like 50USD+ over the price, should be at least about 300USD, 4GB about 250USD. As far as RX Vega goes, Vega56 is only good if you can find it between 1070 and 1070Ti price. It is stronger than former, but weaker than latter. Vega64 is only if you can find it at 1080 price. It is stronger in some cases. But usually closer to 1080Ti in price, 1080Ti beats it any day.

    Also fair warning for Vega, those cards are really heavily pushed towards power inefficiency, to meet target performance. It isn't as bad with Vega56, but 64 kind of is, since power efficiency went out of the window there. However for the right price Vega56 can be great deal. Otherwise I would just wait to see what AMD Navi brings, when that comes.

    Absence of RX570 is simply due to it being to close in price to RX580 to make sense, it is just little below it in performance, but currently just too overpriced. For 1070 you have same issue, it is very close to stronger twin, 1070Ti, which again beats it any day. And 1080Ti being top of the line, it will likely go down slower, especially since competition is not there. But currently, in most cases, nVidia cards are better in terms of what you can get for your buck, but AMD shouldn't be thrown out, since if you get good deal on AMD card, they are great. They just in a lot of cases aren't really coming down with prices as fast as nVidia.

    Just my 2 cents since video never really put performance and other concerns, but was more focused on just the prices. Still buying above 350USD is pointless, if you can get same performance with below 300USD 1060 6GB. And while 580 4GB is comparable, 4GB of VRAM will last less than 8 or 6GB. And once you start using RAM instead of VRAM, you will also start dropping framerate, due to lower transfer speed. Just look at 2200G vs 2400G performance. Latter should perform a way better, if it wouldn't be for RAM, it literally is memory speed starved. Also in case of budget build, those two APUs are great, if you are ok with bit below GTX1030 performance, especially 2200G and they will do even AAA at at least 720p, if not low 1080p.

  39.ย <— AND! NONE of these cards can do Real-Time Ray Tracing which is why NVidia has announced will only be on Next-Generation cards, I'm waiting on the 1180 even if these prices are low. With the announcement of 1180 on Hotchips 30 event on August 20, It's only about 2 and a half months from now.

  40. Hey Guys! Im planning to buy 2 graphics card in my machine! Do u recommend anything? i got strix 980 ti right now! I want sometinh beefy!!

  41. Good to hear ure not living un europe Tech of Tomorrow
    here a 1080ti does 1100 euro,s..
    a 1080 720 euro,s all nice but im not gonna buy anything pc related
    till all prices go down better trow ure money to a junkie cus thats what ure doing buying anything right now here…
    Getting my stuff from newegg right..good prices but getting it here cost me more then buying it here great video,s but useless for me and allot of ure followers in europe
    glad ure ok again gn.

  42. Dammit! Im holding out to hopefully win the 1080…just now bought the mothrrboard and psu…next month cpu and ram…then after that….well hopefully I have a gpu from u by then๐Ÿคฃ…..thanx for this vid tho….but dont have no money๐Ÿ˜

  43. i saw a XFX RX 580 once last year cost about 270 dollars i was about to buy it. A month later it price went double T_T

  44. 200 USD for a 1050Ti 4GB? Should be the price of a 1060 6GB. Low-end cards are inflating prices to fill the big hole of the sub-miner cards. Prices are almost normal, except that price tags hopped downwards between the cards. Btw, prices aren't dropping outside the US.

  45. This is such a nice video. GPU price drops always make me very happy. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  46. How has your health been, Elric? I hope you've been doing better. You look a lot better, so it's been good, I assume? ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. The bad thing is that the prices are the same as when they were first launched, not lower but I guess we can't complain much given the crazy prices that mining and scarce stock caused. ๐Ÿ™ Good vid!

  48. Well finally some relief in terms of GPU prices, hopefully they'll keep falling once the next generation cards come out ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. how the hell these are back to normal price? its time the price should be lower then the msrp …

    GTX1050 is 100$ msrp
    GTX1050ti is 139$
    GTX1060 is 199$

  50. 2 year old cards are in stock? Wow must take years to build a card. What a joke Nvidia is the most corrupt company I know they should rot in hell.

  51. You better rush and buy a 2 year old card? Why are people buying this junk? It's summer I say go to beach and turn the PC off until Nvidia suffers like they do to the people who wait for such 2 year old junk. These cards are worth $400. at best.

  52. 1080ti under $800. Barely

  53. Why is the 1080ti and 2080ti so expensive if cards are returning to normal?
    I paid 699 when I bought my 1080ti. I tried to buy another and even looked at the 2080ti and was shocked out how expensive they are. Why is this please?

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