Water & Dust Resistant PC Case – WHO NEEDS THIS??

We don’t really do case reviews anymore, because, well, if we’re being honest, they haven’t really changed much lately, other than some tempered glass here, and some RGB there. but, that’s not the *wait for the voice crack* case with this one. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This… is the Silverstone Mammoth MM01, a spec- -TACularly heavy black monstrosity monstrosity who’s claim to fame is being really difficult to open the box up. *insert sarcasm here.* Is being dust-proof, and splash-proof! So, things, are about to get wet. LITERALLY. We’re going to spray water on a system in this case, with an extreme edition processor running inside it. But do you know what we’re not going to spray water on? Brandon. Because he deserves better than that, even if he did bung up the audio settings the first time we shot this. DIS SOME DOPE MUSIC! Corsair’s Obsidian 500 mid-tower gaming case features premium tempered glass and aluminum construction, removable top fan trays, and more. Check it out in the link down below. This thing actually launched all the way back in 20- -15, completely flying under my radar due to its unprecedented level of niche-ness. So you could think of the mammoth as kind of like the off road edition of, what would normally be a computer case. Like, designed for use in rough conditions. *Linus struggles to contemplate what he has done with his life* OWUGH! You know, its actually not that crazy big. But it’s REALLY heavy. OH, my gosh. That’s pretty real. It is! Its… kinda got a… plain… sorta look to it… There’s no tempered glass. That’s pretty nice… Yeah… It’s magnetic! Yeah, yeah. Its magnetic, so it guess that’s uh… The exterior is about plain, black box as you can get. It sports a brushed steel finish, but in the age of tempered glass windows, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a little boring. But if you look a little closer – the entire top of the case is completely steel. Nice… so, no IO, or fan holes whatsoever up here so you can keep water from getting in, presumably. And check out these. So, this is cool, these front louvers are not an aesthetic feature. Instead, they actually serve to prevent fluids, again, from getting to the internal components. of the PC, and slipping around to the back, you can see, it has the same louvers here with a notch at the bottom, check that out. To allow you to get cables to the rear IO. The design of the mammoth gives it an impressive IP43 rating. Meaning it’s safe from not just drips, like if you were to spill a cup of water onto the table next to it, but even water sprays. Now I wouldn’t recommend pressure washing your computer, and gaming at the same time, but if you left a with the sprinkler running, your computer should be okay. It’s just rest of the room I’d be concerned about. Let’s crack it open! Well, yeah. Whoop.. Ooh. Here, we find the MM01’s second party trick. A full, fat 20-millimetre thick HEPA filter. Now, most fan filters are pretty good at mitigating dust buildup over the short term. But a filter like this is specced to remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns. That’s smaller than all but the smallest bacteria. So I guess you won’t have to worry about your PC getting the flu. Obviously compared to a regular filter, this one’s gonna be a little more restrictive. Right, but it looks like Silverstone thought of that. Because they not only have to push air through one just like that, but also the HEPA filter. and the solution? These things. Two MASSIVE 180-millimetre air penetrator fans. At max speed, which you can control with these knobs at the front, these move a whopping 340 CF/M of air – about the same as a typical pedestal fan at medium. Pretty darn impressive. Then, to top it off, there’s actually space to install a rear 120-millimetre fan, as well. So, while Jake builds a high-end system for our tests, lets get a little bit of preparation done. MOAR SOME DOPE MUSIC Okay, it’s done, you wanna see? Yeah, let’s have a look! All right! so there are a few things that stand out. A lot of cases these days are basically just the standard layout. With a different with a different bezel on the front. So first of all, the layout is inverted. so the CPU is on the bottom, and the GPU is on top. Second, our powersupply, actually takes the page out of 2006’s book, and is up on the top. but, still with no ventilation. That’s because the top was sealed to keep water from getting in, so the powersupply actually has to suck air from the inside, then blow it out the back. Fortunately, these fans that we showed you guys up at the front should keep it well supplied with fresh air. I’ll, uh take a moment to show you this here CPU heatsink support thing there’s actually one for the graphics card and the CPU which, if you think about the applications this case on, let’s say something like a boat, makes a ton of sense, cause if, uh… this PC’s a rockin’, you don’t want your heatsink goin’ knocking about, on the inside. Because of the design of the filtering system, nearly 40% of the space inside the case is taken up by the filter in the front, and the buffer in the rear, to prevent water from entering the system. it does limit your cooling options, but even with the relatively limited space, the MM01 can still fit four dual-slot graphics cards, and easily houses up to an SSIEEB dual-socket motherboard, if you’re willing to limit your storage expansion to two 3-and-a-half inch drives. So this is all good in theory, but we wanna see what kind of thermals we can expect with a high end system, in this case. So you wanna throw that panel on there? And I’ll get a stress test running. It’s actually kind of amazing how much air these fans move through that HEPA filter. Yeah I mean, they are at max speed. rather than leave it at these settings, though, like this is quite loud. Um, I wanna go with not minimum, but quiet enough that it probably wouldn’t bother anyone. That seems pretty good. And we’re still getting like quite a bit of airflow back here. Let’s give it some time to heat up! Yeah. Okay, so, these are not bad results, actually. GPU’s turboing up to 1780MHz or so at it’s 82 degree maximum, and our CPU has only 2 cores above 60 degrees! Not too shabby! Yeah I mean there’s an MHD-15 in there, so CPU temperatures are probably expected. Are you ready to run it through the gauntlet? Yeah. Let’s do it! Alright, so we’re gonna do the gauntlet, Linus is a little busy with, another video, and I am definitely am not doing this test for the second time. No, this is- never done this test before. Oh, let’s – let’s turn ‘er on, get these fans choochin’ so there might be a little bit of dust in there, but, I kinda have an idea of how much was there beforehand. Let’s just uh, throw a little dust on there, get ‘er nice and- not nice, I guess. I dunno. I really hope I do not have to do this again, because I do not have any dust left. Alright, so there’s, actually quite a bit of dust up there, I’m not really sure how that got in there. Ok, so let’s turn it off this time I think for the most part, it’s gonna be pretty decent, but I imagine there’s going to be some leakage. Alright! So, that is a little more, dust than was in there before, so I don’t think that this system is perfect, but it actually held up pretty good. Regular computer dust is not going to be an issue for this thing. maybe don’t throw sawdust at it or use it at your woodshop. Okay, so let’s see how the filter’s doing. Oh, no, that’s gross. OWAH! *crying* So, the attacked side is pretty disgusting, but when we flip it over… It’s pretty damn clean. So, it looks like a little bit of dust got in, but I’d imagine its probably just from the cracks around. I don’t think dust that big would get through a filter like this. And then on this side… it’s pretty dirty on this side as well. Alright, let’s get to the water. Oh, my God… You think we should spray it with a hose, too? I think we should spray it with a hose. Alright. I should probably turn it on before we spray it with a hose. Is it on? Whoop! *ahahahaha* I’m like where’s – where’s the water? I really hope this survives… this is my testbench, actually. So, it’d be really inconvenient if this died. I’d be kinda upset, tbh. There’s a little water in there, but for the most part, it looks like it it’s dry. Wow. Wow. Completely dry inside! Sure, there’s a little water around the edges, but inside of the computer, there’s no moisture. I think we should probably test this before I Linus over, y’know, just in case it doesn’t work. DisplayPort, okay. Is this monitor even plugged in? Oh my gosh… Oh yeah, it works, ok, let’s – let’s get Linus and show him the carnage. Uh… so, tbh, I already opened it. There is a little bit of dust in there. No water. *no water, really?* No water. I sprayed this thing down good. Ahhhhhh. Ahh… There’s a point of intake here. Yup! I see that. This side is a little beat up. Yeah, I see that. Wow! But, it caught it. Yeah! So yeah… there’s a little bit of dust on the panel there. And you can see some of the chunks did make it through, but… I mean… compared to what you’d see in a normal case… that is really impressive! I think my dust abuse is a little out of the ordinary, as well. Yeah, no, this is obviously a torture test, but you can see, even where the water did manage to penetrate, the design doesn’t allow it to go any further than this. Yeah, there’s a little splash shield here, too. Ahhhhh! So, It doesn’t have the greatest cooling characteristics out of any case we’ve ever tried, but it’s utterly unique, in its dust, and water resistant design, making it at, what is it, 300 bucks? Basically a no-brainer if you need a dust and water resistant PC case. Freshbooks is the small business accounting software custom-build for how you wanna work. its a simple way to get more productive, more organized and to get paid faster, allowing you to spend less time fighting with complicated accounting solutions and more time and more time actually working on your business. You can create and send professional looking invoices in less than 30 seconds you can set up you can set up online payments with just a couple clicks to get paid up to 4 day faster and you can see, when your client has seen your invoice to put an end to the guessing games. for an unrestricted 30-day trial, just go to freshbooks.com/techtips and enter “Linus Tech Tips’ in the “how you heard about us” section. We’re gonna have that linked below. so thanks for watching, guys, if you disliked this video, you can hit that button. But if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed, maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured, at the link below. If you can get your hands on one. These are actually quite difficult to make. Um… and so the production capacity is pretty limited. While you’re down there, you can check out our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one, and our community forum.

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  3. Water Resistant & Water proof are 2 different things. First is if you get a drop or 2 of water it will survive, 2nd is full water spray, splash ect..

    He full soaks this system when he even stated it was only water Resistant not water proof. Does he know the difference ?. No.

  4. its EASY to imagine who needs this. people live in deserts with dust storms, people live by the ocean with high humidity and hurricanes.. so not mind blowing.

  5. PRO TIP: Buy a 1/4" air conditioner filter from Amazon, (~$10). Cut it up so that it sits behind the front plastic face. Congratulations, you are now PRO………………Even as a heavy smoker, I hardly ever need to clean the inside of the case anymore.

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