Welcome to RUST – CONSOLE version video – PS4 and XBOX one (X019)

Greetings survivors and friends! As you should know if you’ve watched today’s update vid, the big news is that Rust is definitely, 100% coming to console in 2020. And if you haven’t watched it yet then… Go on. Go and see it now and then come back. As I mentioned there though, yours truly was asked to produce a video for the yearly XBOX show, X019 which aired today, to basically introduce console players to the world of rust and the sort of experience they should expect when they finally get their hands on it. I’d like to say a big thanks to Patrick at Facepunch for his input and the actors who helped with the footage: danv, horse, piveren, nooby, and tish. And so without further waffle, I can now show it to you. Enjoy *Intense music fades in* *More intense music* *THUM* *THUM* December 2013 saw the early access release of Rust, an unforgiving multiplayer survival game that doesn’t want to hold your hand, or tell you how to behave. Next to naked and stranded on a remote island, players must brave a beautiful but dangerous wasteland with a history; littered with the decaying remnants of an earlier time. In their struggle to survive here, they’ll face dangers from wild animals, the environment, and each other as they compete for resources and personal space. In Rust, there are no rules. The only aim is to survive. Be a bandit or a hero! Create a clan and assert dominance. Live as an anti-social recluse, or trade with others for profit, it’s up to you. From early access to full release. Rust is a social experiment that millions of people have taken part in, and it continues to grow. Both in player count and scope, with new weapons, tools, features, and ways for players to carve their mark on the landscape constantly being added. When you first wake up in rust. You’ll naturally have some questions. How did I get here? What happened to my clothes, and talking of which, where exactly am I storing this rock and torch when I’m not holding them? But answers to these questions and more will have to wait as you have some pressing needs. Hunger, thirst, and cold are all problems that must be confronted head-on if you’re to survive here. Hitting things with your rock is generally a good idea. Trees and nodes will yield wood and stone, picking hemp gives you cloth, and sticking them all together plants your foot firmly on the first rung of the survival ladder. A stone axe and pick will let you gather resources much faster. Basic clothing helps protect from the cold, and a sleeping bag will give you a place to respawn from in case the worst happens. Which it probably will quite soon. Animals can be hunted for food and other resources. Just be careful which ones you pick a fight with. Or if you prefer the vegetarian option; corn, pumpkins, and mushrooms all grow wild here. Exploring the island, you’ll soon realize that you’re not the first or only visitor, not by a long shot. A scientific organization is working here and the scientists have set up a safe zone where you can freely trade. Although elsewhere, they won’t take kindly to you interfering with their research. Something sinister took place on this island in the past and the ruins it left behind are ripe for the picking. Though, I should mention that tingling sensation is radiation. So, you might want to find yourself some better protection before you go too far into one of these zones. Beside the crumbling roads and underneath the collapsing powerlines, you’ll discover piles of rubbish. But one man’s junk is another’s treasure and in amongst it you’ll find all sorts of useful items and components. Soon you’ll want to build a base to store all this stuff you found, and Rust’s building system is powerful yet easy to use. Letting you construct quickly with a wide variety of modular parts. Build and upgrade your base from wood and stone to metal. From a small cabin in the woods to an armored fortress. The only limits are your imagination… And the materials you can gather. Traps and turrets can be placed inside and out to greet- unwelcome guests. High external walls should give them a hint as well. Inside you can build loot rooms to store your ill-gotten gains, furnaces to refine metal and sulfur and work benches to craft higher tier weapons and armor. In rust knowledge is power and blueprints are knowledge. You start off knowing a few basic crafting recipes, some others you can find and the rest you must research using scrap. Think of this as Rust’s currency. Which can be found in loot and sometimes even won at the bandit camp: The home of another faction that lives on the island. Occasionally a plane will fly overhead and release an air drop. This is your opportunity to obtain some of the most sought-after items But be warned. You probably won’t be the only one wanting to get their hands on them. PvP is a major part of life in Rust. Players can use spears, bows, and primitive guns, various melee weapons, or learn to craft higher tier weaponry. Different types of arrows and bullets are available including high velocity and incendiary. Weapon attachments such as; scopes, hollow sights, and flashlights can also be used. Another important aspect of Rust is raiding. The act of breaking into your neighbors bases and… Re-appropriating their valuables. Early on this could involve axes and bean can grenades, but in late game more… Effective methods can be used such as satchel charges, C4, and rockets. The world of Rust is a savage paradise. A land of high risks and high rewards where expectation meets grim reality in the wasteland of opportunity. A place where trust is rarely mutual, where the past still casts its shadow, and offers rewards for those willing to step into it. Welcome to Rust. How will you survive? Well chaps, I hope you enjoyed that. Not gonna lie, it was a definite challenge to sum rust up in a few short minutes for more of a console audience. But it was a project I really enjoyed. As I mentioned in my update vid, if you have any questions regarding the console version of the game, Then please check out the Facepunch link which will be down below, and let me know in the comments: What you think to Rust coming to console? You can catch me on Twitch, streaming three times a week, and also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steigh-eigh-eam group. Links will be down below. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm, and stay rusty. Cheerio.

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  1. https://rust.facepunch.com/console for info on the console version (as it becomes available)

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  2. The only reason why these games are so popular on PC is because of the proximity chat on pc which they never tend too add in. PUBG would of been huge on console but everyone got disappointed because you couldn’t hear your opponent get mad, if they added it people would pay $150 for rust

  3. I'm a console player but the 1st day I ever played rust, they announced that it was coming to console. I'm excited but at the same time, after playing on PC, I don't know how they're going to transfer everything to just a controller. But we'll see.

  4. Not sure why they would bring Rust over to console. If anything it'll be very poorly optimized and stay like that for months

  5. someone help me out, when you leave the game, does your body stay in game? like ark or does your body disappear. i’m aware this may be different on xbox but anyone on PC know?

  6. Welp all i have to say is have fun y'all also enjoy the ak's and looting/building system cause its gonna be garbo on how slow it will be hopefully they balance it out for console

  7. The most toxic community comes to a console to become yet another toxic pigsty by becoming a breeding ground for screaming children and low IQ dude-bro Chads.

  8. All u pc player you want to talk about aim assist then you must enjoy getting killed by a hacker using aim bot lol 😂 I’d rather die to aim assist then a hacker lol

  9. This is literaly my favortite game but ive never played it since i dont have PC ive just watched Welyn, and Willanator, IM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY PLAY…that is if playstation doesnt make the game $60 like another game we shall not mention 🙄

  10. I'm bad at games

    Edit+ I hope Rust Console is coming in the first month's of 2020, I love watching Rust content

  11. I emailed facepunch a year ago if t was gonna come out on ps4 they replied and said “maybe” and this makes me happy

  12. I’ve been watching rust since release and played a few times, so happy to hear that rust is going to be coming to console and expanding there player base!

    Edit: also do you thing I can use my mouse and keyboard ??

  13. The most Toxic game to ever exist, one of the most interesting games you'll ever play, making the biggest plays or the heaviest of fails. Be warned, you may not want to play this game solo the first time around and if you do make sure to buy a few spare controllers.

  14. You did a really good job on this video for console people, but the one thing no one talks about that everyone should explain to noobs is that this game is so multifaceted and so full of different activities and things to learn that even with over a thousand hours you can still actively learn new things. That's the thing that would have hooked me at the beginning when I was ready to quit after getting murdeled 5 times an hour every time I left my door. And finding out that in 30 days I would lose all my progress. Seeing it play it online prepares you 4 nothing in real gameplay. Even the how-to instructional videos are weak.

  15. Lost me at "multiplayer survival game". I'd love the survival aspect, but my fun being dictated by other players which will most likely kos, doesn't sound very interesting to me. But thank you for the video regardless.

  16. Console players who’s never heard of Rust are going to cower under their blanket because the toxic 8 years old on the other end of the microphone is calling him name. Then in a few months, he too will adapt and become one of them.

  17. All the pc players are hating on the decision that facepunch is bringing this game to consoles.
    LOL HoW wiLL yOu HaNdLe tHe AK, 15fps blabla, it isn't even out yet but they already know how it's running on ps4 and xbox

  18. Can’t wait for it to come to console. Was a die hard rust player on pc but gave my gaming computer to my mother so she could do online schooling to change her career after a heart attack.

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