What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

[Music] when the flash hit yeah you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes to say it was frightening is an understatement we’re basically used guinea pigs there’s no other word for it the threat of nuclear war hasn’t been this high since the Cold War we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea to better understand this existential danger I want to speak to soldiers who’ve experienced atomic bomb explosions up-close well everyone knows about Hiroshima and Nagasaki few are aware that an additional 2000 atomic bombs were detonated after World War 2 and tested on hundreds of thousands of young soldiers to prepare them for nuclear war most nuclear tests were performed by the United States and Russia but 20,000 British soldiers were also involved these missions were secret and up until recently the veterans weren’t allowed to discuss them only a few of these men are still alive today I’ve been invited to a reunion of atomic veterans in a village near Bristol the veterans have travelled from all over the country to share their experiences I wonder if they’re more concerned about the threat of nuclear war that my generation is as they have experienced the power of these weapons firsthand when I arrived the room is full of old men playing bingo yes it’s hard to imagine that they have seen atomic bombs detonated my name is Peter island so did the area for five years in the Pacific for the locust testing my name is Douglas Hearn when I was 21 years old I was sent to Christmas Island and witnessed five nuclear detonations that was the defining point in my life that governed what my life was going to be like from the moment I saw the first one stood in front of it my name is David were the age of 18 they sent me to the nuclear test site it was a lot a devastation didn’t know anything about it when we went we didn’t know what we were gonna do when we went only to be told it would be testing bombs we were told nothing we knew nothing we were told very little about the day except don’t look at the flesh [Music] he described the day that the nuclear bomb was dropped and just before the Sun comes up we were marshaled in groups we are went out on the aircraft carrier the warrior and we was told to face the stern of the ship the back of the ship we were told to we’ll cover our eyes with our hands will bury your eyes into the group of your arm which we did to say it was frightening is an understatement I think it shocked us all into silence when the flash hit you you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes it was just sheer brilliant light so I’ve never seen endian glowing it never dad done in the process of her hands up your eyes you saw every bone in your hand if I was looking at you now I would see all your bones you would see all the blood vessels and everything of the bone so long then the heat hit you and that was just as if somebody my size had actually caught fire then walked through me it was an experience that was absolutely unearthing you it was so strange some of the lads would stand up but about 30 on seconds later you’d get the blast and the blasts would not give fly and there were guys with bruises and broken limbs we couldn’t believe here after a while we were told that we can now stand and look up and watch the mushroom fool you caught sight of at the side of it at 90 degrees it was such huge it wasn’t there it wasn’t there it was there it was practically above you all they saw was his rising fireball a colossal fireball is going up and thunder lightning you name it what I noticed was was the clouds moving away like that you know round and round and round I think it was a too much with some of them and some of them were crying and asked for their mom that was awful there was no comprehension that anything like that could even exist if it was immense it’s a sight to see but never want to see it going [Music] over a 10-year test period there were twenty two thousand five hundred personnel in 2013 we estimated that eighteen and a half thousand dollars have died and the reports that I’d seen nobody who died practically of natural causes they all died of leukemias and cancers carcinomas of one sort or the other does this correspond to what radiation does to a human body they’re saying is guys couldn’t have children people’s children suffer for numerous ailments and things that came come out twisted bones in how did it affect you and your children are married when I got back to the UK and my first daughter was born in 1960 and sadly by the time she was 11 she developed a problem which completely changed her appearance she grew humble on her back she was started to grow hair all over a body we had to shave her twice a day she suddenly passed away in my arms my youngest daughter I think is at worst she she’s had everything wrong everything and it’s still going wrong she lost all her teeth same as I did I lost all my teeth within a shield Spicer Tom they all went blank they had cancer my face that came up here you can’t see the scar dunno but it’s only a little pimple but it was cancer and it was also on my back and the other thing that’s devastated me took me a long time to recover from this and I will never forgive the authorities for putting me in this situation I couldn’t have children [Music] how do young people respond to what you experienced first of all we would not allowed to talk about it and it was a good number of years before we’re even allowed to talk about our experience we were never allowed to talk about our duties out there did you after this happened speak about it with your amazed no family no no so don’t want anybody to know what we done and how we done it the veterans say that was sworn to secrecy and couldn’t talk about it until the late 90s not even with their families if they did it would amount to treason and they’d face a prison sentence we are now compassion from anybody we are now help from anybody and we still have very little and for a government to do that to its own people is absolutely disgraceful it’s outrageous does it feel good to now be able to talk about it yeah that helps to do to get over it you’re still getting over it yeah [Music] what would you say to our generation how should we go about this new cure threaten our generation just love that they didn’t work that minute yeah my wife sometimes says two of them the hospital he’s been under two bumps and they think who’s that’s a real fool you know what the Romancing about is being a bomb testing site they have no idea they have no idea right anything I think young people ought to be educated to the events of price in those ten years the owners is now on the young people who are going to take our place to get rid of these weapons because you all know what the people have got to deal with it and the younger generations that come behind you with the right sort of education they will do that hearing about the suffering nuclear weapons have caused the veterans and their families and how they were manipulated and lied to by the government makes me wonder if we’re now even today’s leaders were act more responsibly the veterans say it’s up to the younger generations now but will they take action and can leaders be influenced [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

  1. What's more frightening than a nuclear explosion?

    The staggering number of people who pronounce it "new-cue-ler"

  2. Countries should've been wiser they could've found a cure for cancer, aids etc. Yet they still chose the path of building weapons of mass destruction. One of their reason is defense purposes…

  3. Good also think after the Chernobyl series. Soviet Union wasn't only one holding (deadly) secrets from its people.

  4. If you are up to philosophical understanding of the root of the problem read this> https://www.kasyadas.com/demonic-traits

  5. War is unfortunately always going to be a thing, but damn don’t use nukes for fucks sake lol. It’s almost like cheating lol

  6. There is no difference regardless of the stupid government that performed these "experiments". And the U.S. thinks it's so damned open and out front about what they've done–they're no better than Russia. They lied to their soldiers time and time again, including using chemical and biological experiments.

  7. I hope Allah will guide these veterans to go Heaven of Firdaus – a place where you lives happily ever after. The amount of pain, sadness, disappointment, lost & betrayal they going through – nothing in this world can repay their suffering.

    These people were so young to go through such horrendous experience & worst they cant even share it with anyone.

    I hope peace comes to these people where they were no longer in tears. Here & hereafter.

  8. Finaly people realize that the government doesn't Care about human lives. These are the same type of people who taught war is good for nations.

  9. I like how they let you hear the part where Trump says that he will have no choice but to destroy NK, but leave out the part where he's warning Kim to stop launching missiles over countries, scaring the shit out of them.

  10. Even after things like this, sports players who play for fun get paid tens of millions of dollars for playing with a ball when men like these ones don't even get paid a hundredth of what sports players do get.

  11. This is why I don’t want government controlled health care…. Anything government controls, will give them rights to do anything they want to you.

  12. They used them as guinea pigs… tried to say they were “training” them on nuclear attacks. Nope. They just wanted to see what happens if it detonated that close to humans.

  13. We human prepair very well…
    How we gonna finish off our human race…
    In future its gonna happen for sure we human already decide how we will die in future.. its 20,or 30 or 100 years. But will happen we know for sure …

  14. Nothing but utmost respect for these men. They're like kings to me. You see them passing by, you stop what you're doing and you thank them for their service. What they went through, there's no word to describe its brutality.

  15. 2:43 I can see this guy picturing the explosions, and mushroom clouds, as he's talking about it. This is just sad.

  16. The one thing I like about trump is how he flexes that he's got lots of nukes and shows how the US military is stronger than everyone

  17. @11:44, "Makes me wonder if we're naïve to think that today's will act more responsibly…"  Sadly, the answer is no!  The leaders of nations are always going to manipulate (and sacrifice) its citizens lives for the "greater good".  This is NOT a new concept.  Prime example, the human sacrifices (Aztec sacrificial rituals) by Aztec priests, who manipulated its citizens that those rituals were absolutely necessary to appease their gods–that is, for the "greater good–good crop yield or good weather ."

  18. The government takes its peoples money to build these "things" then destroys their people. Wish I could put the government in prison or probably a nuclear blast

  19. My Grandpa is an Atomic Veteran.
    He still tells us how they told him to "button the top collar of your cotton shirt for protection".
    It goes off, and he says everyone laughed and said "That's it?!?"
    Until the shockwave hit their tin can.

  20. Bro, If theres ever another war ill rather die by a nuclear bomb or even better a hydro bomb it would be quick and painless. Getting shot stabbed or regular bombed is too much for me.

  21. Think about this, the flash ALONE was powerful enough for those men to see their FUCKING BONES AND BLOOD VESSELS THROUGH CLOSED EYES! This is how disgusting these men who call themselves leaders can be. Putting their own countrymen in that kind of situation and then dusting them off into the wind to deal with the horrible medical repercussions of something they knew nothing about and never agreed to be apart of. I don't care what an armed forces contract says, that should not be legal. They never would have had human beings agree to be involved in tests like that if they actually told them what they were to be a part of.

    Then we have President Knucklewalker talking about nuking hurricanes, what an asshole.

  22. "The onus is on the younger generation to get rid of these weapons, because your the people who got to deal with them"

    This is a perfect example how the boomers have wrecked the world and are now trying to pass the buck on responsibility.

  23. 0:33 Yes Trump Stop Kim Jong un from sending nuclear Missiles at Us AND NOW

  24. There's no such thing as a winnable war it's a lie we don't believe anymore Mr Reagan says we will protect you I don't subscribe to his point of view believe me when I say to you I hope the russians love their children too

  25. 2:29 I was sent to Cristmas Island! they said Santa Claus was waiting, and there would be candy! and gifts! and… totally no radioactive hazard!

  26. The USA, They invent the atomic bomb 💣 and then say hey!" We are the protectors of the 🌏 world"…. Incredible…….

  27. Most people don't get it. They think their government's care about them. They never have and they never will. These people at the top serve Satan. Human life is so beneath them it is hard for us to imagine. That is how most people don't get it. They cant grasp the arrogance or the hatred. It will never change for those who serve the Dark One.

  28. Britain is cancerous to the whole world …they introduced racism , superiority of white over black …and killer of countless innocent people during WW1 and WW2 …..Britain thanks for making for the world a racist crap…

  29. The lengths we go through to kill our own species along with our one and only planet. What in the absolute fuck is wrong with the human race? This is disgusting, I feel so, so terribly bad for these men.

  30. If you think about it, nothing in the universe is truly as vile as the human race. Everything is built on neutrality (if we talk about the scientific standpoint and leave religion alone) everything is made by events that happen.

    Humans were formed by that same literal universal law. But by that random chance we developed the ability to think outside of instinct and form solutions based on emotion.

    Because of this, humans are the most intelligent beings in the known universe. We are have the power to craft, solve, and discover. But freethinking beings always get out of hand.

    Nothing can ever come close to what evil things the human race has done, because nothing else is evil.

    A good example of this ideology is Heath Ledger’s Joker. The character to us, the viewer, is evil. This is because he is truly neutral. He makes decisions based on no prejudice or emotion, he just does. That is why the hero of the story, Batman, forms his decisions based on morality and saves those who he deems worthy to be saved. Joker just wants the neutrality that the universe was born with. Action and consequence, forever repeating.

    Humans are the most vile thing to exist and the making of the atomic bomb lets them play with the balance of reality itself.

  31. Lying about there being a "threat" of nuclear war with North Korea – who has no real delivery system – is reckless at best and agenda-driven at worst.

  32. Listen to Trump – 31sec. to 36 sec. " we have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea " What he is implying that he will not hesitate to use Nuclear Weapons anytime and on any Country that does not follow his lead !

  33. Man how our "leaders" with power treat us like it's people like worthless test mice. How the are willing to scar, and destroy people for generations to come just to gain temporary political power and ego.
    People with too much power is such a dangerous thing.

  34. Leaders and governments are heartless, they killed all of those men! They used them as a test subject, no humanity alive.

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