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Today we’re going to be taking a look at KurtZpel. I’m not 100% sure what to call this.. a lobby
based MMO-lite.. an action brawler or what.. in this video we’ll go over how it works and
you can decide for yourself what it is . KurtZpel is currently in a closed testing
phase and as far as I know is meant to be released this year.. in an early access/open
beta state.. the rumor I’ve heard is it’s going to be buy to play.. but don’t hold on
me on that. I got access and am taking a look at the game
because they paid me. This is a sponsored video and look at KurtZpel…
for more information, check the steam link in the description. So after sinking some time into KurtZpel-
the game really boils down to action combat & anime. In terms of it’s combat it’s rather good. Some basic information – you choose 2 different
karmas, or weapons, that you can swap between freely in combat. Each weapon comes with it’s own move sets
and combos. So you can blast them with fireballs and blizzards..
and then rush them with a greatsword- all with glorious over the top anime style attacks. It’s not the first game to utilize a weapon
swap – but the crossplay between distinct playstyles is notably smooth, as is the movement.. especially if you’re good at the game.. as
some people have shown me first hand. With combos that seem to never end utilizing
moves from multiple weapons. It also has that RPG flair of utilizing different
abilities governed by cooldowns and having resources to manage. I was also pleasantly surprised to see it
had full controller support from the jump. So what do you spend your time fighting. Well, KurtZpel offers both PvE and PvP. The way selecting content goes – is you start
out in a multiplayer lobby city – and can choose missions from a centralized map. Some of these are story missions.. but addressing
this early – all the PvE missions I’ve seen are just large, boss type monsters. It being a story mission.. just means there
is some narrative or cut scenes to watch or a new character to introduce. These you’ll move through quickly.. and then
the map populates itself with random missions – that range from harder versions of the bosses
you’ve fought already – played solo or sometimes in a group of 2.. or mixed in are these missions
which are 2v2 PvP battles.. and there are 3 different styles of PvP – Hold the flag,
hold a point and a more traditional.. score kills. As you head out for a mission and return – the
available missions change. Different missions give different rewards
– for PvE there are currencies and low percent chances for items to drop, based on the difficulty
of the encounter. And for PvP, we have similar currencies and
winning will raise your chaser ranking. The combat plays a little strange. I actually really like it – but it’s hard
to describe because.. yes, it’s action combat but there is a slight amount of target snap
and not so much precise aiming. In PvE – this also leads to being able to
target specific areas of a monster.. and for PvP it’s like a soft target lock. There is an older game that never really popped
off here, Final Fantasy Dissidia – that had a similar feeling. It leads to a combat system which as you’re
getting used to it.. it feels really easy, the inputs are straight forward, things are
happening.. but hides a lot of depth. I mentioned earlier.. but in PvP I thought
I was hot shit for a bit.. killing teams and players sometimes without taking damage..
then a few matches later.. I’m getting the same thing done to me in these
combos that made me go.. what are they even doing.. and if you fight 2 co-ordinated players..
what they can do is nuts. This simple to use, difficult to master combat
is something that I think is important in a PvP oriented game. For PvE.. it’s different. KurtZpel has really interesting and cool looking
bosses – and I’m not really into the cell shaded anime theming at all.. but I was genuinely
impressed. The fights themselves as the difficulty cranked
up and new mechanics to the fights came into play.. I saw potential.. but the problem is you fight
them differently. Within combat there is this break bar – certain
abilities deal less true damage.. but more break damage.. and depleting this break bar
stuns or knocks them down. For PvE it felt a lot more like you and your
buddy working to avoid all the different attacks, obviously.. but then break the bar.. and unload
on it.. repeating until dead. The dynamic combat from PvP just wasn’t there,
it was a lot of running around… and while it was cool to see these fights – it was less
cool to play the fights, especially repeatedly. There is also a very modular RPG build and
skill system underlying all of the combat- that we didn’t see a lot of. You choose your weapons from a list of gathered
items and can swap between missions – On top of this.. the weapons themselves will have
stats, they have a passives, they have their abilities, they have augments – all of which
are customizable – then you have quite a few equipment slots.. and all of these can be
upgraded, leveled, enhanced and swapped around. Like, the game is built so yeah, you might
choose a Staff.. but you may play very different from someone else with a staff… at least
in the future when more options are introduced. It’s just set up, with this in mind now. And the gear, I hope based on what we’ve seen
though they haven’t shown much- will be more about picking between different stats. Like you’re choosing between movement speed
or crit – and yes, there will be vertical power gain as you choose which one to enhance
but it’s about bringing the right loadout to a fight- again, haven’t seen it fully-
I’m only er’ing on the side of optimism here because stat worries seem to be a PvE specific
thing as I believe I’ve heard in a dev-stream that PvP is normalized. Most of the gear you’ll equip is more valued
for it’s appearance and fashion elements anyways- because moving into the second appeal of KurtZpel. Anime. This game starts with an opening anime short
that is actually of decent quality. You can make your own mind up about the art
or graphics of the game.. the character design.. or the amount of panty shots you’re shown..
or the crazy 20:1 ratio of females to males. The point here is KurtZpel obviously has a
very specific target audience. I love the over the top style anime attacks
and abilities.. but that’s where my love of anime theming ends. For others.. it’s kuwai as hell, man – and
I’ve been told – it maintains a rather high quality of this kuwai. You can play dress up like crazy and the character
creator is way better than it has any right to be. There are these weird.. almost jRPG inspired
– relationship mini-events. Where you build reputation and story with
specific NPCs that you meet in cutscenes. If you’re into this stuff than the more story
based elements might have value to you. To me, KurtZpel is a PvP brawler game. My two favorite parts of the game – and I’m
not bringing these up to kind of undermine anything I talked about here.. I love how clean the UI and menus are. It’s just so modern and clean- and especially
for a game in testing where for whatever reason companies leave this stuff until the end. It left a good impression. And the way they let you customize hair – better
than most character creators. Essentially, you make your own hairstyle but
choose between 4 pre-fabs of hair to combine. Sounds silly but I hadn’t seen it before and
it worked really well As for the actual game. KurtzPel is another that lives off a very
small type of content. It does feel good to play – I do like the
combat. PvE as a focus would require a massive amount
of regularly added content, increasing in difficulty for it to be the focus. Yes, they’re probably holding stuff back,
but from what I’ve played.. KurtZpel is PvP arena game.. with a fun little
distraction to facilitate playing dress up.. hamstrung by it’s heavy, heavy anime theming. KOG Games are the ones doing this game, and
were responsible for Grand Chase as well as Elsword.. so they know a thing or two about
this pocket and niche. Not for me – too many panty shots.. but if
this does look interesting to you – again, you’ll find a link in the description below
– and keep an eye out as I have a feeling this will be available sooner rather than
later. That will do it for me, until next time. This is Fevir. Peace.

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