What you need to know about MSI B360M MORTAR | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

This is the B360M MORTAR motherboard. MSI’s newest affordable Gaming standard. It features a complete new design with 26 percent increase of the heatsinks To dissipate the heat even better for the new Core i7 and i5, 8th Generation 6-core processors from Intel. So all the MSI B360 motherboards also support PWM and DC mode Fan headers. Which means you can connect any type of fan to this motherboard and control the fan speed. It also features unique Gaming Features such as Audio Boost. To give you a more immersive audio experience when you are playing your game. Fully isolated from the rest of the motherboard with a 7.1 output. Besides audio design it also has MSI Gaming LAN. Optimized to giving you the lowest latency when playing online. And for storage, the B360M MORTAR has 2 onboard M.2 slots for fast NVMe based SSDs for blazing fast loading of applications and games. So it means the B360M MORTAR supports the latest M.2 devices on the market. It has 4 DIMM slots using DDR4 Boost Technology This makes sure your RAM is always supported, no matter the speed or the latency. And for video outputs, it even has onboard HDMI and DVI (+ DisplayPort) And to complete this motherboard it also has plenty of SATA connectors USB 3.1 Type C and Type A Making the B360M MORTAR the perfect affordable Gaming solution.

20 thoughts on “What you need to know about MSI B360M MORTAR | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

  1. Bruh, you're either whistling, or you're using a crap unidirectional mic. Either way, this video's audio is annoying as hell.

  2. I hope audio boost works better than the audio on your video dude. You could have mentioned the number of fan headers also.

  3. i have reinstalled the os twice on this computer and after about 5 weeks both times it stops loading a functioning desktop. sure i get desktop but its not all there and nothing i clickable. if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it

  4. Can i pair an i5 9600k with this motherboard ? i don't care that i won't be able to OC the cpu because the price of a i5 9600k is like only 20$ more expensive in my country
    i just wanna know if the VRM's in this board can handle it

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