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Are you excited for RYZEN’s 2nd generation processors. And looking for an affordable Gaming motherboard.. .. check out the X470 GAMING PLUS. This red and black beauty has been designed to support and overclock.. RYZEN’s second generation processors up to 8 cores and 16 threads. The X470 GAMING PLUS also features MSI’s Core Boost technology. Which means it comes with an enhanced PWM power design, with more power phases, so you can maximize the performance. But it also comes with thicker heatsinks so you never have to worry about temperatures while playing long gaming sessions. And to improve stability and performance it comes with a 8 pin and 4 pin power connector. And for the more unique gaming features, the X470 GAMING PLUS also comes with AudioBoost. A completely isolated audio design using high quality components.. ..for a more immersive sound experience when you are playing your games. And to enhance the surround sound gaming experience even more. The X470 GAMING PLUS comes with Nahimic 3 software. This motherboard also comes with MSI Gaming LAN, so you have a lag free online gameplay experience. It uses smart bandwidth management optimized for low latency. The X470 GAMING PLUS also comes with two M.2 slots.. .. one of them has been optimized to use fast NVM based SSD’s.. .. so you can enjoy extreme fast loading of applications and games. So even though this is a more affordable X470 motherboard.. .. it still comes with 6 SATA ports. Plenty of USB 3.1 GEN2 connectors on the back. And 6 fan connectors which you can use to control either.. BC or PWM mode fans for a cool and silent gaming rig. So if you are looking to upgrade to RYZEN’s 2nd generation.. .. and looking for a great prize/performance motherboard. You definitely have to check out the X470 GAMING PLUS. Happy Gaming!

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  1. I got this motherboard 2 weeks ago and it runs well but the RGB software is the worst. The Msi Software has very lack of customization it’s very bad I wish it was like Aora sync Software cuz they have amazing customization and controls

  2. MY FRICKIN GTX 1080 GIGABYTE WINDFORCE didnt fit in the motherboard because of that awful msi metal chipset thing i cant install the gpu

  3. This motherboard have internet problems and there is no fix other than to RMA. Internet keeps disconnecting a few seconds after windows startup/reconnected cord. Do not buy this! Waste of time and only frustration follows.

  4. Does the bios use the actual cpu core temp or the onboard socket temp? Because do not scale, are not proportional! And if speedfan can read the cpu temp and use that to vary the cpu fan then on MSI motherboards I don't see why MSI can't write their bios to do the same!

  5. Will this board support an old PSU – The Corsair TX950 to be exact. Can the TX950 work with any of the Ryzen2 motherboards? – any help – greatly appreciated.

  6. So I had a game that never locks up lock up again and fired up the command center and the processor speed is bouncing all over the place on all cores. from about 2300 to 3900 and it appears to be alternating the vcore voltage as well. WTH is going on here?

    Ryzen 5 2600 X470 gaming plus Both new.

  7. I own a Mastebox 5T by Coolermaster and before I purchase this MB I need to know if it supports frontal USB 3 ports on my case. Thank you.

  8. I got this motherboard, and I wish i got the carbon, this board is cheap because it doesn't have the expensive Nvidia license like the other X470 boards that allow them to support SLI. So this one only does Crossfire. I was wondering why I was not getting SLI options under the Nvidia Control center. Dang it. Oh well, I'm going to use my two 980Ti for crypto mining anyways. But FYI to those gamers who might want to SLI avoid this board.

  9. I have this motherboard and when I am adding secondary hdd(7200rpm) its showing BSOD(bad system config info).
    My primary hdd is a ssd of Kingston 480 gb…I am requesting to team msi do me some help regarding this

  10. I have this board and 2700x with a corsair h115i pro, but my Temps are horrible. Around 45c in windows and up to 70c in games. Any ideas? I tried everything. Reapplied the paste ten times. The liquid goes max to 40c. Have two front in také fans. One exhaust. Fans on the radiotr are in top intake position.

  11. Hi I have this motherboard and I install the windows 10 64-bit on my computer everything is working but not the LAN cable is getting connected to the internet it shows the invalid IP address and now I am kinda upset I've done possibly everything I downloaded the new version for LAN adaptor driver and it's no use please help me fixing that problem I think it is my motherboard fault

  12. How many GPUs can be installed? I am looking to install all my 4x GTX1060s. I need one M.2 slot and one SATA, all other PCI-E lanes can be used for GPUs. It is enough if I have a PCI-E 1x lane for a GPU. I need this strange setup for rendering in Blender Cycles.

  13. Let me ask you MSI. Have you tried using Nahimic3? It's very low. I had turned the volume up all the way just to hear YouTube videos. An even then some audio was so low. You couldn't hear anything. As for your power plug situation. You could tell us. Which plug do we plug into. The 4 or the 8? You explained nothing. Also i have like 7 hard drives. You need 8 to 12 SATA slots.

  14. my psu does not have 3 connectors for the cpu, people say the third is for overclocking … also msi-radeon-rx570 in combination with that board currently results in random freezes on Ubuntu; files can't be copied, looks like a deadlock or starvation. also this gpu is very loud, in fact much too loud, on windows 10 and on Linux, the only way to use it woud be to replace the cooler-system.

  15. To improve performance and stability it has a 8pin and a 4pin connector? Are you kidding? Like the Ryzen-CPUs are drawing that much power. I dont even have a powersupply which 2 of those connectors. Which powersupplys are even compatible to this crappy design?

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