What’s in my CAMERA BAG?! 2018

– Wow. It snowed all night. I wanna start filming a video now but I should really clear the driveway before I get going, get my chores done, and then I gotta head to the airport, so it’s just a busy day with
lots and lots happening, but, you know, priorities. (upbeat music) Flying to Sweden tonight. But like I said, priorities. Alright, filled it up with gas. Good to go for when I get back. Hopefully there’s tons of snow, and it gets better than this. Now to get on with plowing the driveway, but I like to do it a very distinct way. Look at all these keys! I got so many keys right here. Ridiculous. Alright, let’s move these cars back in and make a coffee. Forgot my camera. (chuckling) (upbeat music) Ah! So I was actually browsing my videos and realized, I haven’t done
a what’s in my camera bag for like, I don’t know,
the better part of a year? And with the amount of
equipment that I use and the rate that things
come out, which is insane, I figured we were about
due for an updated version. So this is what’s in my camera bag, 2018. Let’s get started, because I legitimately have a flight to catch,
I have to leave my house in one hour from now, so
better make this count. (upbeat music) I love these videos. I could watch these
videos all day, every day, just, (grunts), they’re my favorite. I just love looking at
people’s kits and gear. It’s just so good, it’s such a great time. It’s a good time to be had,
and we’re gonna have it. Alright, so first things first, let’s talk about the bag. Now you guys know, I used to
use the Lowepro ProTactic 450. Great bag. Love that bag Still have it, it’s in- It’s this bag right here Still have it, still love it Great bag, it looks dope, it looks like you’re gonna strap this
to your back, repel out of an apache, scale down the side of a mountain with an assault rifle and just infiltrate like a base that’s underground, filled with evil people doing bad things. That’s what I feel when I wear this bag. (rock music playing) I like both brands but
uh, this specifically holds the 1DX Mark II
which is the pro body that I use. And I say pro because
pro bodies are actually taller than normal DSLR bodies so This bag actually houses
a pro body and it’s extra height perfectly
so that was, right there that’s, they win, just because of that Let me show you what I
mean because I would love to get this off my back Looks great, right? It’s so clean and pretty
ooho, I’m pumped on this Okay, right here main pocket Open that up We have, a deck of cards
because ya know? Obviously Charger for your phone
because ya know? Obviously Iphone cable, charger
cable, plug this into the airplane, into a wall,
wherever you are, you get it Moment lens because dope Advil because of old bag Security lock because
I don’t trust anyone. You can never have too many of these. You own anything apple These are the bane of
my existence but they also determine my existence so yeah I have like 17 of these floating
around almost everywhere. Sharpie maker because ya know?
Need it. Gone. Completely. Pen. Gotta fill out those customs forms. Inside this handy little zip pocket here Little Johnny passport action right there Zipped away for safe keeping so put that back in there so I
don’t forget it and zip. (whooshing and zipping noises) Alright, and uh moving
onto the inside of said bag You guys know I have
a whole bunch of these little think tank cable
management 10 pouches Everythings linked below by the way. Where I keep all my computer stuff So, inside one of these
pouches you will find things like: dongle,
this little hyper drive thing which replaces
pretty much every dongle that plugs into both
usb c ports on my laptop this gives me an sd, a
micro sd, gives me more thunderbolts, usb 3s, so
this is pretty much the only dongle I need and
ever use but I have extras just in case. Hard drive cables, why
is this so zoomed out? What happened there? We got ya know, card readers, 1DX stuff We got a mouse, ya know? Power adaptor, I think
that’s where I’m going? Fingers crossed! This bag has a nice little
pleat at the front to so it expands, just jam
all kinds of stuff in there Jam a little jar of jam
in there and that would be super meda! I love
little things like that The main compartment of
said bag, zipper one, zipper two, ahhhhh, let
me move this filter pack so you can see everything Now there’s no lens on
the 1DX, because the lens on the 1DX is actually
on the C200 right now. Now you guys know, this is my main beast Canon 1DX Mark II, it’s a pro body camera Why do I use it for
vlogging and for video and for photos? Because it’s
great at all of those things, I don’t have to
carry extra bodies with me The battery life on this is amazing Takes a big, fat battery right in there I’ve got five of these,
I’m good all day long No matter how much slow
motion I’ll be shooting, no matter how much I’m vlogging, how much I’m photographing, I am set for
days with five batteries and in fact, the next
camera that I carry with me is the 60 Mark II,
because of that flip out screen, if I ever needed to result to this if I wanted a lighter
camera, if I wanna do timelapse or set this up as a b camera This is the perfect thing for me. It’s very, very small,
it takes the same lpe 6 batteries that I have for my 5D Mark IV And probably since about
2010, I have 18 of these so, no shortage there The newest addition to this bag The DJI Mavic Air and I can’t- Look how small this is, just look I know everyones freaking out about it You’ll freak out about
it yourself until you actually see it in person. Let’s hold it up to my phone, look at that It’s not even much bigger
than my actual phone that goes in my back
pocket every single day. This I will bring everywhere. I will bring this
everywhere, even if I don’t plan to use it because it’s footprint is so small, it makes no
difference if I use it or not because of its size. And then underneath
that, you’ll see a little pouch there, surprise,
another think tank cable management 10! Inside this I have three
mavic air batteries, the charger, every cable, the
power break, all of it all of it is inside this. So between these two
things, I can fly this drone for over an hour The 16-35 2.8 is what
you are seeing right now so it can go nice and wide And it goes in to pretty
good detail so this is a really, a really versatile lens Great for landscapes,
great for vlogging, great for taking photos, just like a really good allarounder, it’s got a
nice, fast aperture, it’s an expensive lens but
it’s something you’ll probably use all the time. Lens number two, is the
24-70 2.8 version two The reason I switched
from using all primes was because I needed to lighten my camera bag I needed more focal range
with less stuff in my bag, so I used to carry
the 24 and I would have an 85 and a 135 and a 35 and a 50 and next thing you know, that’s
seven lenses in your bag it’s super heavy, so I just condensed down to three lenses, the
16-35, the 24 to 70, and the 85 1.4 which is the
next lens that I carry. Now, I carry the 1.4 because it’s great in low light, 85 gives me
that kind of telephoto feel, it compresses the
background so everythings super creamy, delicious,
smooth and buttery and savory and slow cooked. Every food term I can possibly think of right now, this lens has quickly become my all time favorite. Okay, microphones, road
microphone, video mic pro plus, I did a review
on this, I’ll link it above This is the best microphone
if you’re vlogging hands down, I mean the
fact that it turns on and off with the camera, it takes double a batteries if you don’t wanna use the rechargeable battery,
there’s all kinds of new features in here that I
don’t feel like listing out right now but it is phenomenal. One of these little
jobbies, when I clean lenses sometimes, just blows the
dust and air and little particles off the back
of your lens, the front of your lens, inside
the camera sensor, that kind of thing. Inside the camera body
actually when you take the cap off, blow all
that dust off the mirror that kind of thing, this
is perfect for that. This, you guys know I
love these, I’ve talked about the lume cube before This, I think is my favorite light though just when it comes down
to it, the fact that it recharges, the cables
are inside, the pouch comes with it, it comes with gels It’s, it’s so small like look Look how small this is, it is tiny It’s thin, it’s a crazy think profile and it always comes in handy
when you’re like “I could use this, problem solved!”, it’s one of those items, so. Moving to the other side, uh the mavic air controller which is
another huge win from DJI because you can remove the joysticks, I’m spoiling everything for
the review but I mean I’ll just say now it’s
nice and slim so it fits in your camera bag perfectly. This is the one downside of the 1DX Look at the charger,
it’s as big as my head. It’s absolutely massive,
it’s hideous, it’s disgusting, looks like
something that would slide in an old IBM
computer and ya know, run it for two minutes. Unfortunately, this has
to go with me because I’m going for five days so It has a nice little
home in the side, slides right in there, gotta have that with me. I’m sure you’ve seen
every vlogger on earth use one of these LaCie Rugged
drives because they are exactly that: rugged. This is a hideous orange,
I absolutely detest it but they work great,
you can see them from a distance and you’re sure
not to lose it when you leave it on an airplane
seat or in a hotel room or whatever so In this side little pocket
here, is where I keep my uh little memory card pouch Rolls down, all my Cfast cards are in here Super easy, I’ve had this
thing since I started weddings, I bought this
back in 2007 I believe and I still use it today
so, it’s lasted forever I love it, it’s super
soft now because it’s been used everyday and it’s
just the best thing ever. This is a ruggard hardcase
that holds both Cfast cf carts, sd, and micro
sd, so everything can be stored in this waterproof
case, that’s where I keep my other ones for drone
cards and stuff like that. So up here I have an extra
Samsung T3 solid state drive, now I really like
these small ones because if I’m doing an assignment,
and I’m being paid for it, I back up everything
when I get back to the room from everydays
shoot, onto the rugged drive, I also back it
up onto this drive and I keep this drive with me. So god forbid someone
went into my room and stole all my stuff, at
least I still have what I was paid for by the client on my person. So just like a little safeguard Moving on we got the
Polarpro NdPl filters for the mavic air, this tiny
perfect little case for your filters like ugh, so soft. I rub everything on my
face by the way, see how soft things are, so I
don’t know, whatever. And then obviously I
have all my filters to my ND filters, my black pro
mist, my UV, all that stuff goes right inside
this little pouch and that just sits straight on top. Close her up, zip that right there, and we are off to the races. [Peter Speaking] High five! Yeah! Fist pump! You be a good boy, you be a good boy Chewy! You be a good boy too! (intense music playing) You think this is enough
for like minus 30 on a mountain? I hope my flights not
delayed because of all the snow, its still coming
down, its been snowing for like a full 24 hours at this point. [Peter] That’s awesome,
that’s living in Canada for you, let’s see if we
can get it in one swipe Oh yeah! (techno music playing) This is terrible Alright, how do we get out of here? That way Alright, I’ve got 30
minutes until boarding (upbeat music playing) A little colder than
I expected but ya know nothing I can’t handle That pretty much sums up
what’s in my camera bag Hope you guys enjoyed it, I’m gonna go mob the mountains now, peace!

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  1. can anyone one please tell me the concept of shutter count of a camera, dose it breaks after sometime or what it is?? can i have a camera for my whole life?

  2. just a warning Lacee drives, they have a very high rate of fail for being a rugged drive, so coming from a guy that is a storage master of sorts i would back that puppy up.

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