WHITE Razer Blade + Razer Phone 2!!

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  1. I live in India, I don't think so that there are any customer care center so that if my phone's glass breaks (I know it has Gorilla glass but I am an piece of shit) then I am not able to get a original replacement of glass.

  2. Razer makes amazing stuff, but it seems better in theory than practice when you hear story, after story, after miserable story about poor quality control, failure out of the box, and just general shoddiness. The unrelenting poor quality reports I've heard make the brand a non-starter. I'd love to be proved wrong.

  3. The new blade color makes the whole laptop look like the old MacBooks when the batteries were removable. Loved the look back then, refreshing to see it now. Great first looks on the new Razer products Dave, looking forward for your full reviews on both soon.

  4. Why I love Dave's videos; short informative, accurate, to the point. No useless talking or ranting or self praise

  5. Do you think for using the most of office apps like outlook excel word etc… is it better to switch from a MacBook Pro to a windows machine ? I’m just skeptical with the other quality issues that come with a windows laptop. Been a early 2013 MBP owner and have been just using a thinkpad p51 for work. But not sure if I upgrade to windows for my personal laptop too.

  6. i don't like the white razer blade, doesn't fit its style either, normally i like white hardware but this one doesn't for me.
    and for the razer phone 2, i own the first one and so far very happy with it but damn this new version looks amazing, i'm almost dissapointed i didn't wait for the 2nd version, water resistant + wireless charging + RGB!

  7. It's purdy. Those prices are eye watering though. I think the Mi Notebook Pro offers a similar look (actually better), with reduced graphics card specs, but much better weight, battery life and price. Your thoughts? https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Mi-Notebook-Pro-Fingerprints-15-6-16GB-256GB-i7-8550U-Space-Gray-391210.html

  8. Hey I heard new cheaper version of razer blade 15 is going to appear with dual storage, no chroma keyboard and ethernet port along with some bulky look.

  9. I can't decide between the aero15x or the razer blade. As a media professional i like that the Aero15x comes with all the ports and the sd card reader. Also more drives. But dang, the razer blade looks so sweet and it has a big track pad.

  10. Hey Dave! Nice meeting ya in person the other day, really made my day!

    Had a question about the white blade. Do you find that the white bezels distract you esp. for video watching at all?

  11. Naw, not really feeling that color. A large part of the appeal of Razer laptops imo is getting that Macbook feel and design but with an all black color scheme.

  12. Im watching this video 6 days after release. For some reason the video is stuck in 360p on desktop chrome.

    Seems others have already mentioned this, but I thought I would comment anyway.

  13. I'm debating getting this phone for Christmas. As such, I have a very serious question regarding its network support: I understand that it support Verizon 4G LTE – does this also mean that in poor network environments it has the capability to switch to 3G or 1x modes like my current phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)? Thank you for any answers regarding this question!


  15. Thank you so much for this video. It's the only one really showing off the Mercury White and it just makes me so much more excited for mine to come in. That being said….Macbook Pro "from the 90's?!?!?!" hahahaha That version you showed was from early 08 hahahah. I feel so old knowing what the Apple computers actually looked like in the 90s. To be fair, the color is definitely similar to the "snow" iBook from 01 but I actually laughed out loud when I saw the pic and heard "90's"

  16. I have no idea why wouldn’t everyone on youtube copy how to present 120hz to the eye of audiences with 25-30fps. It’s brilliant!

  17. im so confused between this white Razer Blade 15 and XPS 15. I prefer the Razer one but i heard a lot of bad review about the product and their service. Isn't It Dave? Do u see anything wrong about it yet?

  18. Just returned my black Razer Blade 15 (1070 model) for the Mercury white. The white one was literally released the day after I bought the black one, son of a bitch. To be honest the black one looks awesome too, and I probably would have kept it over the white one if I didn't experience high CPU temps. The 1070 model never broke 80c on the GPU under long loads, but the CPU would hit 100c on most cores with a .-140 undervolt and repaste. Even still ,the performance was excellent and it didn't stutter. Scored 14,500 in Firestrike w/ gaming mode on with my black blade.

  19. Does the Mercury edition have room for an extra HDD (that I could install myself)? Or is that only for the new Razer Blade 15 that you need to pick with dual storage? (1tb and 2tb HDD)

  20. "I love the way this looks, one of the best looking laptops, I recommend wrapping it in cheap vinyl that makes it look like a kitchen bench" – Dave Lee 2018

  21. @Dave2D or anyone who can answer my question.
    Has anyone experienced motherboard issues with their Razer? Recently had mine die and I'm trying to decide on what to get to replace it and I have a few choices but am wary of going back to Razer if the Motherboard issue is a bit more common than I previously was aware of. Any input other than brand hate would be appreciated.

  22. I am really interested in getting a Razer Blade through Amazon but I've seen alot of nasty reviews online and people are still bashing on Razer's customer support (with claims that influential youtubers are getting better service than us normal customers). Is it still worth the investment?

  23. I tnink lately Razer have improved so much in terms of hardware. Not only laptops but peripherals too, i never had any product because it was not only expensive but i heard to much complaints about it being cheap and not durable at all. But i must admit, i fell in love with their latest releases.

  24. So… 2 year warranty on a headset… but a 1 year warranty on a multi-thousand dollar laptop? You'll forgive me if I don't burst into spontaneous applause.

  25. How good would you say this is for music production via FL or Ableton Live? I'm not really using it for gaming but having the capabilities of a gaming laptop make music production alot easier. Or should I settle for the base model Blade Stealth?

    Also if I were to get the blade, should I dive all in and get the mercury white version? That's the one I'd personally want. Or just the base model to save money.

  26. I got mine from Amazon at a good price I highly recommend it if you are interested in getting one https://amzn.to/2QCIHoB

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