Why Aadhar Card Is Garbage | Angry Prash

Have u linked ur Aadhar Card? No Get it done,otherwise u will lose ur teeth! *music* Bro,what happen to u why r u so quiet? Which moron invented this Aadhar Card? Now as they have invented at least they could have given a good cover. This is Aadhar,this is Aadhar, I have given him Aadhar(support) by laminating it Even Toilet Paper looks better than this And have a look at the picture on it Whenever I see my picture on my Aadhar Card I feel like throwing Cowdung on it Even if a guy looks average on a Aadhar Card Then he will be the most Handsome Guy in the world Book him Fast. Look at my Wallet, I have Shahrukh type Debit Card in one corner Below that is a Salman type Voting Card Beside that is Ranbir type Pan Card And look at this Aadhar Card! And If we are ugly so let it be This is a Rant Channel not devotional one If u don’t like it get lost Just kidding guys,just kidding don’t take it seriously *music* Yesterday I was returning to home on my bike And at that moment I desperately wanted to loo I found a Public Toilet there As soon I was going in Caretaker came up to me and he asked Did u linked ur Aadhar Card? What is the link between Aadhar Card and Toilet u freak!! He did not let me in Then? Then what I had to loo on railway track 2 km long I had to use Sharp stones for wiping I lost my Brain!! If u had brain so u should have used it, Instead of using Stones u could have used Aadhar Card to wipe it!! This didn’t came in my mind man! But from where this guy came? *snake music* I have brought one gift for both of u, I’m here to link Aadhar Card for both of u. No No I don’t want to do it, Same here bro Fine then.Watch news on TV According to sources Prime Minister will be announcing a new order In which u will have to link ur girlfriend to Aadhar Card What? Yes.U heard it Right. I’m not Deaf! This order will be in action because of Many people have more than one Girlfriend Due to which there is lack of girlfriends Hence some poor guys have not a single girlfriend She is Right. Government wants to give at least one girlfriend to each guy This Government is corrupted There’s nothing left in Government And Prime Minister has also said that If u don’t link ur Girlfriend to Aadhar Card So ur Link will be cut!! U tell me one thing From where and how to link the GirlFriend Last night I had a dream of Sunny Leone, Suddenly Error box appeared in which it was written Link ur Aadhar Card That’s why I’m telling u Link ur Aadhar Card guys No..No..I will protest against this order I don’t know why u do have so much ego at this state, January is getting more Cold Without Aadhar card Life is Waste. *music* Leave this guy at least u guys hit like and do subscribe. U don’t have to Link Aadhar Card for this And If u want to get ur Aadhar Card Linked Then Share this video’s link And always remember one thing Don’t Fear…Because NAAGU is here…..! Very Happy New Year to all you guys. *outro music*

100 thoughts on “Why Aadhar Card Is Garbage | Angry Prash

  1. Aabe tu aadmi h ki popat lal … har hi cheez se prblm h… kuch to dhng ka topic leta roast krneko bhaiii

  2. Modi hai to mumkin hai… Prash plz make a video on feku modi , economy down & he will be with bear Gil on discovery… Plz influence people

  3. I just started watching this channel 3 days back and now this is the only channel I am subscribed to..Hats off to angry prash..What a talent man..!!

  4. Channel pasand nhi aaya to nikl jao 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 majak majak kr rha hu dil pe mt lo… kuchuk🤪🤪🤪😆😆😆😁😁😁😀😀😀🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Abhi tak face reavel nhi kiya lekin mujhe pata he tum kese dikhte ho wo uper dance kar he 2:56

    Or nhi to plzz kal hi face reveal kar na bhai

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