Why Are There Razor Blades In My Walls?

You’re renovating your house and you
knock a hole in the wall and an avalanche of dirty rusty old razor
blades fall out. You’re wondering why are there razor blades in my walls? What do
you do? You turn to the internet and you find that tons of other people, they’re
asking the same question on forums and message boards The culprit isn’t anything sinister.
Fifty years ago nearly every bathroom had a medicine cabinet and at the back
of this medicine cabinet was a tiny slot for disposing of used shaving razors. But
that slot is actually just a hole in the wall. That’s all there is.
Once your razor goes through there, well there’s no way to ever get it out. It
just falls into the wall. But stuffing garbage into our walls, especially dirty
used razors, is just kind of weird. How was it ever so normal that nearly every
bathroom had one? Sure we had different sensibilities back then – I mean check out
this freaking cereal commercial. I mean how many used razors could pile up inside a
wall? How many from the previous owner 40 or 50 years worth? And those things are
covered in someone else’s DNA. That little slot is there because your father
or grandfather had to shave with this. Pretty much good for one single use and
slicing up your face, these things were kind of dangerous to handle. So why not
throw it away somewhere safe? Away from the kids. And in the 1950’s no one cared
about how much crap they threw out. Things seemed more infinite back then,
once you tossed something away you really didn’t think about where your garbage
went. By the 1970’s we had invented these. Most people stopped using double edge
razors altogether so the slots became kind of irrelevant and many of us ripped
out the old medicine cabinet when we remodeled our bathrooms. But the blades
usually they stayed in the wall for someone else to find. When these medicine cabinets were put in the thinking must have been that it
would take countless years to fill up a wall with garbage razors. Out of sight and out of mind, it was just not something that would ever have to be dealt with.
But there’s something amusing about the fact that only a few decades later, we’re
finding these rusty old razors and some of us are completely confused by it.

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  1. I use my safety razor a few times a week and a blade lasts me at least 2-3 months until I need to change it. The crappy plastic razors I used before I found out about safety razors lasted me a couple weeks tops and are far more wasteful and very expensive in comparison.


  3. I use double edge razor blades In my vintage gem. They are so much smoother than the plastic crap of today. Also fun fact my mom's house was built in 1949. It has the original bathroom and medicine cabinet. I always wonder about the slot. I though it was for a hook for some kind of long lost accessory that went with the cabinet. I will start using the slot for its intended purpose when I come and visit. 🙂

  4. Interesting. I´ve never heard of this before. I guess it must have been an American thing only…
    As a side note: I´ve heard a few times of razor blades in unusual spots and it was always with evil intent.
    Some idiot put up posters with a racist cartoon and slogan and in the glue were blades or glass shards so that the person who removes the poster gets cut in the fingers.
    Another troll added razor blades to the mail slit for the postman (I assume he did this so that the neighbour gets the blame).
    And in my old neighbourhood we had someone that was very busy burying glass shards in the sandbox, attach razors and needles to ladders, slides and wherever else kids are likely to be hurt. Thus parents inspected the playground like minesweepers and shortly thereafter presumably the same individual burnt the playground down.
    As a kid, I was also warned to never, ever take food from strangers as we did have a few cases of razor blades, needles and rat poison in kids food. Allowing kids to bully strangers into handing over sweets at Halloween would have been totally unthinkable to us.
    We also had someone that spanned toilette paper across roads for bicycles and pedestrians during prank days and occasionally a wire was hidden in them!

  5. I immediately checked my bathroom's medicine cabinet to see if we had the hole, and we did. I wonder if there's any actual razors, or if it's empty. It'd be weird to find a ton of razors that someone from a while back used.

  6. I lived in a house built in 1947. I got a metal detector for my 10th birthday. I was expecting to find wires, detected under the floors. unfortunately, I found a very strong signal from behind the bathroom wall. I then see a slit in the cabinet, I was very confused. It was when we were moving boxes in the storage room we saw that the previous owners left an old guide as to how you use pretty much everything in the house. Flip a couple of pages and boom, the slit in the medicine cabinet.

    (We were the second owners)

  7. After watching this video I went and checked the medicine cabinet in the house i'm living (built early 1900's) and sure enough there is a slot to put your razor blades in.

  8. The slot in the wall makes a lot of sense when you think about it. I shave with those blades (they're SUPER cheap and work really well) but when they get too dull to shave they're still sharp enough to ruin your day should one be sticking out of the side of a trash bag or something. Inside the wall isn't a half bad place for them.

  9. Soon as video ended,I went to my cabinet and mine has one too. Now I want to know if there is any razors in my wall?

  10. This channel has 2 series “huh, so that’s why that happens” & “the story behind {insert vehicle (usually plane)}”. Both of them are awesome. (EDIT: Tho in my opinion the ladder is the best and the current balance of tones of the ladder with few of the former is great! :] (as long as you can keep finding interesting planes trains and boats (which from the perspective of a guy who is very interested in both engineering and logistics, is not that hard, it’s figuring out why they’re interesting to the point where you can make a quality video on it that’s the hard part.)))

  11. Whoooooa man, i just watched your video and then googled 'why are there rusty razor blades in my walls' and it brought me back here . . . . . . . Wait though. . . . . .what if there are no rusty razor blades in my walls but everyone now thinks it could happen because this video and then everyone googles 'rusty razor blades' and comes back here and then you watch the video and then google . . . . . . . . .

  12. you got that backwards, the old butterfly razors you find in the wall give you multiple shaves with no cuts…………………..one shave and slicing up your face is a description of those crappy cheap plastic overpriced multi bladed things.

    discovered old school razors 10 years ago, before that i cut the hell outta myself and wasted a butt load of money on plastic garbo razors and replaceable head razors

    old school razors are a wayyy safer shave, and wayyyy cheaper to boot. the only risk is the exposed blade

  13. Hmmmmmm, you're absolutely wrong with your take on these razors. Good for one use!?!?!?!?!?!?. First, you don't shave with these types UNLESS you use SHAVING SOAP. I went from using these crappy two blades and four blade crap, to using a straight razor and one of these razor. You a giving false information about. One shave, really?????….People, these blades last a lot longer than these disposables. Second, you WILL NEVER GET SHAVING RASH OR BUMPS. The BEST shave ever is with one of these type of razors, by which were referred to as SAFTY RAZORS. Sometymes I use a straight razor. My girlfriend even tried the straight razor on her legs. Best shave she's ever experience. Also people, if take the weight of those plastic disposable razors, multiply that by how many people; men and women and just think of how many razor are piling up in landfills. With these razors, the only being left to the land is soapy shaving water, some stubble. The blades are steel. Far less damaging. Note the guy states "Biohazard"…..hipster perhaps, Ewwwww Inchworm….maybe a summer scarf. So the information he states about these razor is total fraud. The best shave you'll EVER have!. The sheep people are clueless. The next generation are brainwashed and de- masculinized wussies. How many blades does it take to cut a piece of paper????………EXACTLY!. If you cut yourself. Well this could simply prove you are perhaps an idiot.

  14. Must be an American thing, never known it in the UK. My Dad used to use those type of blades, but there was s lot on the back of the case of the blades to put the old ones in.
    you can still buy those type of razors and blades, but not many of them around these days.

  15. Single blade razors provide the smoothest and cleanest shave. Also, the blades are recyclable.

  16. I'm using a safety razor and I like it a lot, should i get a hole in my bathroom's wall? (could be a bit tricky cause my house's walls are not empty inside xD )

  17. What the hell? I never thought about this. Until this morning when I took out my bathroom wall and razors fell all over the floor.

  18. It’s not a biohazard bacteria and dna can not live on a razor blade for that long and safety razors are a lot better than the multi blade razors for a number of reasons

  19. One single use? I keep my razor blade for 3 uses. I still use my razor please slot. My house was built in the 40s.

  20. Heres one, i once found a space inside a wall that separated two apartments, chock-a-block FULL of old, rolled up, USED babies nappies!

  21. Actually I think I would have to disagree with the statement much more was wasted back then. A household had one TV, one car, people passed down clothes and bikes to their siblings. The Milkman reused the Milk bottles, these razor handles were kept and used for years. Very little of anything was not built to last for life.

  22. I highly recommend going back to an old school razor. It results in less waste and a smoother closer shave! (replace the blade vs disposable razor entirely)

  23. I'm 21 and use one of those razors. One of those blades lasts me a month. Nowhere near single use. But my old house has a slot in the medicine cabinet and the slot was even labeled for used blades. Cool video though

  24. 50 years from now – DNA cloners will be selling these razors on a little known but thriving black market.
    Since taking DNA from living people is outlawed – the DNA from deceased people will become valuable.
    By then – the digging up of cadavers will not be allowed and all bodies will be cremated due to eco-laws.

  25. Razor blade good only for a single use and scratching up my face?? You mister must be on commission from (white men insulting, virtue signaling ) Gillette

  26. Guys, I ditched the Mach3 / Dollar shave club safety razors and tried the old school DE blades with a Merkur handle and NEVER looked back. Best shaves I've ever had.

  27. Now imagine in 100 years people wonder why we put yellow barrels in mines :V

    This mentality hasn't really stopped, we just use it for more dangerous things.

  28. Huh…. HUH….. well fuck me I just checked mine and it also has a slot. Funny thing is how the mirror looks and hugs in my bathroom the wall it took me over a year to ever even realize there was a cabinet behind

  29. yo wtf forget about the razors in walls after this its in my recommend now

    3/5th my recommendations are about razors now

  30. Proof our forefathers didnt give a damn about the future generations. We inherit their razors and our descendants will bear an arid earth.

  31. I remember those slots as a kid and have seen piles of razors in homes being redone since I worked in HVAC and we hid air ducts in walls in most homes. Best way to handle the razors is w a magnet and gloves.

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