100 thoughts on “Why I don’t use Apple products

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  2. My ex-girlfriend one time about 8 years ago gave me an Ipod nano. OH neat thanks babe!! (broke my heart later…) lemme just put these old ripped mp3's on it from CD'S I LEGALLY BOUGHT ORIGINALLY…easy drag n drop right?….nope. Loooong story short FU. Oh they would drop into the folder but the device would NOT play them. Don't worry you can BUY all these songs again and then we'll be happy to put them on your player and they will surely play 🙂 but as far as just dragging and dropping the mp3's you OWN LEGITIMATELY….you can go f#@k yourself says Apple. Long story short again took that piece of shit back to Best Buy and got me a Sansa Clip which btw is working like a champ to this day (8 years later) and never even almost looked back. May Woz never die and if he does may he rest in piece w/out doing flip-flops…cuz he will.

  3. Let me make something clear. Apple is not crap. It's just overpriced, walled and…….. I take my words back, it's crap.

  4. I’m a programmer that owns an Apple iPhone 6S. I only have it because I needed a new phone and my dad upgraded.
    I got this phone and I still hate Apple.
    My oldest brother is steadfastly refusing to concede on his love for these phones, despite having no technical knowledge of their inner-workings. Whereas I have much more.
    I tell him that I keep it to make communications easier, and because this camera is better than my old Galaxy. That’s it.
    Outside of those remarks, I tell him how awful Apple’s products are and how much of a headache I have when trying to fix my family’s issues with them. Which I’ve done several times, as I’m mainly the I.T. person of the family.
    I’ve also told him how they sell so well due to their marketing teams and crowd mentality. Convince a majority of the lemmings and you’ve got yourself a high-selling product.
    No, I’m not a lemming, as I’m poor and needed a phone. I also didn’t buy it.

  5. 2:00 they take things I already know how to do, they force me to do them their ways, so that the people who already know how to do the basic tasks, now no longer know how to do them.

  6. I had an I phone 6s .all I used it for was to watch YouTube write and play drumpads24…I would just use the notepad and type……stuff…….lots of stuff ….like all of my storage went to notepad and drumpads24….

  7. Cant login into my apple id with a verification code. In order to sign in i have to remember my old number. Lol i cant remember so im basically locked out of my apple id. So no pics no music no apps. And they saying i have to make a new one. Lol ive been making my music library since middle school.😤 and pics also lol its all gone everything

  8. 5th day after i changed from android to iOS: add android phones all my life, even before that i had a motorola mp-2!! i had nokia, samsung, sony, huawei and the last one was a xiaomi. First impressions: about the build, nothing to complain, you have another premium made and feel smartphones in the same price range and in a bit lower price range – what i don't know is the interior build. After usying android for so long with all google good and bullshit and i feel iOS like a breath of fresh air. Everything is clean, i don't see stupid options to change and for the costumer user that doesn't know about technical details to ruin the performance of the device. The options are pretty clear and all explained ou self-explanatory. The connection with all other devices is as good as all other phones i had, and i have no other apple product like headphones, smartwatch, bluetooth speakers. Something i found out that maybe is because where i live but if i want to repay my samsung i would go to one of tech-shops like MediaMarkt or amazon, but if i want to repair my iPhone i have specific apple repair stores. The smoothness of the software is just so good that makes you forget the android stupid in-everything changes you can do that were made just to burn your time. Did android gave me more personalization and/or customization? NO, after all, what makes me different it's me, not my smartphone. And is the smartphone a part of me? NO, an outside-body tool i use just like my microwave. With all this, i have to say: this is MY opinion, my taste, what i find important. My sister had the contrary experience and she's probably returning to android.

  9. Apple products are for people who can't think for themselves and follow the status quo (basically an NPC person) I once had an iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 6 and I will NEVER. EVER. use apple products again after.

  10. i share your experience with the ipod, indeed at first there were 3rd party programs that sorta worked…then it stopped, it trew it out… im sure they do it on purpose, i dont stand it, screw your propriatory means for shit you didnt invent nor pioneer.

  11. I remember being a teenager trying to get one song off my iPod. My friend and I eventually discovered it after days, but each song's name was converted to a code, meaning I could never find a specific song and had to just download them all and later delete them all except that one song.

  12. Another word for "fanboys" in terms of the way you used it in this video is "ideologues".

    Anyway I appreciate this video. It's fair and doesn't antagonize Apple users. Just today, my coworkers were fanboying over the newest Apple phone and the marketing that was done for it. Another day recently, a different coworker was trying to argue why he chose Apple over Android, and it didn't make much sense, but I just brushed it off because I couldn't put my finger on it. All I know is that I enjoy the freedom Android provides compared to iOS. It seems that overall, Android is more accessible to people who don't have much money. Now that's something I can get behind.

  13. The only apple product I will ever use is my ipod touch gen 5 and that's only because it was gifted to me.

    Android for life.

  14. The lack of a simple file manager in the vain of something like Windows Explorer is what turns me off from Apple. Maybe they have that now, but at this point it's far too expensive and far gone.

  15. I love how balanced you are about this. People who trash Apple or android bc they don’t prefer it are so basic. I started using iPhone in 09 and could never leave the ecosystem (I tried once or twice), but it’s really hard. I’d love to be able to use a galaxy note, but I can’t bring certain files/apps/features that I like from iPhone. This XS Max I currently have might be my final one, though. I found the 11 underwhelming and low-key/hi-key fugly.

  16. I think you just double tap what you want to copy in an iphone, i never owned one so i am not sure 100%. i know on my macbook you tap with 2 fingers to get the right click menu and cop/paste is in there.

  17. Thought about switching, but security is a big deal for me and due the closed-off and centralized nature of iOS is one of the most secure. The android phones that beat them were either not supported by my carrier (blackberry) or built by a company I don’t particularly trust (google). Also, apple pushes out security updates for old phones long after most android phones stop getting them.

    Their overpriced nature doesn’t bother me as much when I buy a new one once every 4+ years, and after so long the phone will be superior just due to the age of the old. I also like the convenience of Face ID.

  18. The only good thing apple makes is the osx os9 etc operating systems anyway. hackintosh it. That new iPhone they announced hardware is old as hell and they charge too.much

  19. Edit: EXACLTY how the hell can you NOT copy and paste on an iPhone. Steve jobs when he was running things was very aware of how the user interacts with their products. But now apple is on their own we have things like an 800-1200$ device that can't natively copy and paste without being in a specific app.
    I am thoroughly pleased because alot of these things are the reason why I hate helping older folks with their iPhone. Shit don't make sense.

  20. The only thing that's changed is that they finally made iPhones for other providers. Otherwise, yeah. This is why I can't get with Apple products.

  21. Reminds me of that girl in my class that said, "I mean, if you don't have an iPhone, you just lose status and become poor."

    I had to hold back a chuckle

  22. Watching in 2019. I still have to send an audio recording via wifi to facebook and then download it from facebook on my computer. Apple has not learned.

  23. I was helping my mom to set it up so she could easily print stuff from her phone. I thought, "how hard can it be?" Well its was frikking easy to do it with my Xperia. I just downloaded some free bluetooth app and could print out stuff with LITERALLY TWO CLICKS.. Now my mom have an iphone.. Yeah not so easy. After 40 min of trying i said "fuck it, you call someone else, im never touching an iphone again." 😛

    Some context. There was NO free apps for iphone, all about $20-25.
    Was an HP printer, and after following a long and tedious process to register and shit and do it thru their app i came to a point where i had to go back one page. Asked my mom "how do your go back one page??" She didnt know and i ended up at the beginning of the process……
    Well my aunts husband who is an apple used helped her in the end, he had to spend like an hr to set up some kind a wifi shit and stuff.

    I can connect my phone to the printer with bluetooth and say "ok google, print this page" and out it come.
    But we have a wifi router running with the sole purpose of printing stuff from my moms iphone.

    (i know its probably not this hard for iphone users to set up printing but with this particular printer it was)

  24. Funny thing is, As a blind person I got introduced to apple first. So I can easily say that the accesability is easier on iphone then android ( as in if you go to accessibility and want to turn on and use Voice over, or Talk Back wich is androids version ). So going with what he is saying “something I know how to do” android can be hard, BUT that is only because i have to learn new guestures or how to us it. But this does not make me an apple fenatic. I am sick of things like “oh you baught a movie for a chenk of money? Baught music? You think you own it? Weeeel you ow us five cents because your storage fee was declined. So we will hold hostage what you think you own if you want to watch it.” He addresses other apple crap lol. After Jobs passed apple started falling behind as the others advance more. So i honestly have been looking into switching.

  25. Apple is so patronizing, they think we are stupid and make things so goddamn casual and honestly it decreases the overall quality of apple products

  26. First was Facebook, now YouTube. I can't stand those double ads anymore 😠 when the video gets interesting the ad pop up and the worst moment is when you listen to music. I know the ads on YouTube are chosen by the youtuber, but sometimes it drives me me crazy 😁.

    BTW, great video.

  27. I LOVE THIS! Tech nerds UNITE! I can relate to the recording studio story! I went to art school for "integrated media technology" where we constantly would be doing art tech, music video, editing, recording etc. So I deff can relate to this! I am so glad I found your channel and I love the look of your office! very nice!

  28. Kook'd Appl kult speshul cash bokz. Speshul feeturz. Metalix pink cayz. Lurvly 4 insta.

    Steve Jobs, Bertrand Serlet, Scott Forstall era OSX was fine. All departed… one via the grave and two via the door.

    iPod was one way 'cos of record label read only licensing.

  29. You can’t take files off an encrypted device. It needs to be set up as a disk drive to be able to pull individual files from the iPod.

    The main reason for using Apple is its build. I have a MacBook Pro which is 15 years old and still runs. PC’s die after 12 months.

    The complaints you are making are not all valid.

    You can buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple, you can copy and paste you just need to read a manual or speak to someone like me (39 years IT consultant) that trains people how to work with all gadgets.

  30. I was working nights as a master control operator at a local TV station and one of our tasks was editing up the day's commercial reel. I don't remember the software we used for editing. It was pro level stuff with its own hardware, input device, storage block. . . and a Power Mac. Editing was a breeze, save between crashes! But damn, trying to do simple tasks I was confident on in a Microsoft environment were mind bogglingly complex.

  31. I think Apples true character has never been more beautifully displayed then when they Released a 1000$ monitor stand.
    Not the monitor. A L shaped piece of metal.
    shows what they think of their customers, doesn't it?

  32. Been using iPhone for the most of my life. And I know how bad they design their OS, and that is why I jailbreaked it and made my life way easier. I once switched from iPhone 6 to an HTC phone, and I was mind-blown by the speed it had, but around a year, the phone got bad so fast. “Insufficient space”, frame lagging so hard, unable to login to google play EVEN THE HTC STAFF COULDNT HELP. They say my two option was either to trade it in or keep it. I was disappointed. And I stayed with my iPhone 6 for three years no prob, jailbroken tho cuz it’s awesome.

  33. Yeah, apple products annoy me too! It's made to be simple for dumb idiots, rather than made in a logical fashion that lets you access what you need in the normal folder way and do what you want with it.

  34. I remember I had an old iPod which I wanted to move all my music to this new iPod I got. So I went in, selected all of the music, then moved it over. It was thinking for a while, then *bloop*! All the music was off my old iPod and wasn't on my new one. Since the songs on my old iPod weren't on iTunes, it just decided to delete the thousands of songs I put on there.

  35. Ive saved at least ten grand since this video just using Android and HP! I wouldnt take a slightly used or even a new iphone if you payed me to. That especially includes computers. I can get two i7 HP with non integrated GPU, and equal or greater SSD for the price of an i3 250gb TrashBook! Funny part is I dont buy apple so replacing hardware is not a yearly requirement!

  36. because they keep fucking with you? i mean seriously what they do to you and other small shops makes me not want to trade with them

  37. Omg i have been so frustrated by this same bs so many times thinking the same thing, this should be easy, but it never is. I HATE APPLE, they literally hate ease of use imo.

  38. I’m not like a huge apple fan but you can copy and past. Hold your finger on the screen and push select all then copy will come up.
    But I agree apple makes a lot of things difficult for no reason
    Also I took a graphic design class and started using a Mac for the first time after using windows computers my whole life and I was like wtf why do you have to turn on right click? Shouldn’t that be already installed?! They are weird but I did learn how to use them eventually I guess :/

  39. I recently switched from Apple to Android. It feels like I broke up with a stupid, vindictive chick and started dating a woman who is way too book smart, but forgets everything, both remind me why I stopped dating because I have to learn a new phone all over again, and get accustomed to a new way of living. But these little frustrations are a part of life, Apple screwed me, the iphone kept my info and forced me to start over on games, and untangle a mess with messaging and contacts.

  40. I didn't know you were into audio! I was intern at a studio last year, and they have nothing but Mac now. Airdrop has become an awesome tool!

  41. This shit makes me laugh, I’ll always choose the smoothest operating system. Cleanest looking OS. Phone wise anyway.

  42. I have to download itunes for me to share cellural data to my pc that's just ridiculous. i had to download and set up itunes for a siple task like that my android just does it no software you just share it from the phone via usb or mobile hotspot. apple makes everything so fucking complicated. writing this from my 1 week old macbook

  43. At 2:18 YES!!! Why, Why, Why is it so hard to find images etc. for transfer. I hate, hate, haaaaaaate Apple. (typed on a skanky macbook air with 4gb (yes – 4gb) of ram. I only got a stupid mac to support my trendsetter kids. My daughter so wanted Final Cut. Then she did media studies at school and discovered adobe premier pro and came to the conclusion final cut was a boogey program, vastly outdated with a workflow for video editor kiddies. The fact remains I can't support them because all the stuff so intuitive in windows 10 is embedded in "we know what you want" apple bullshit software….Argh! One day I'm gonna pour a tin of petrol on this fuckin piece of shit and burn it!!!

  44. At 11:14 YES!!! Why does mac make my life so fucking difficult!! I use a macbook computer for web surfing and email. Everything else I use my Dell laptop running win10. Not that I'm recommending del, but I am definitely recommending windows and android over mac and IOS. windows and android just work. The playstore has vastly more freely available apps and extensions than mac crapp store. Windows is much more configurable and has a truck load of third party software apps that are open source and give me so much more options. I hear the whole fan boy thing. I'm not. I have just used both and have come to hate Mac. I hear ya when you say that for some people mac just works. i.e. my kids are in the whole mac, ios, icloud world. Interesting though that we have google backup, google drive and unlimited google photos as our cloud services rather than the manky 5bg iClod. Maybe I am a windows fanboy. If so, only because mac drove me there

  45. Even when I was an honor roll student in middle school, my grades in science suffered because 9/10 of our assignments were on an iPad and I couldnt figure out how to use it. Most of the other students thought our teacher was so cool, but I just wanted to learn and get my grade. His favorite kids that he thought were the smartest were all rich kids who only got a good grade because they had iPads at home and already knew how to use them. Don't get me wrong, they were smart- but us broke kids were at a disadvantage.

  46. they are shit , i broke my phone n apple ask for two step set up, even if you get a new phone they wont except the number to get your old account back, buy an Lenovo its slower but you wont lose your email account. Ipad pro is crap too.

  47. Holly shit man this is fucking personal to you. That’s great you kind of remind me of Jobs back when he competed with IBM.
    You will have success in this industry hopefully unlike Jobs you remain humble.

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