Why I Switched to PC

this is max! I love him. I’m gonna film
right here. why I switch to PC. Just before I begin I just want to say I’m
making this video because listening to other people’s experiences helped me
make my decision in what laptop I wanted to buy next. This isn’t supposed to be
malicious towards Apple or anything of that sort. And this video will be talking
more about the reasons why I decided to move over to PC and less so the actual
specs and all the little technical stuff about it. I’ve been a loyal Apple
fan all my life so in grade 4 was when I got my iPod Nano and then I got my iPod
Touch generation 3 and then I got an iPod Classic and then with the iPhones, I’ve gotten the 5, the 5c, the 6 and then I went back down to the SE
which is what I’m on right now it’s kind of falling apart now. About 4 years ago
that’s when I got my first Apple laptop so I got the MacBook Pro late 2015 with
Retina display and this was about 1,300 Canadian dollars so it had 8 gigabytes
of RAM about 120 gigabytes of storage and an i5 core processor. In my first 2
years of university I was making smaller projects so my videos would be around 2
to 3 minutes long and we would be shooting in 720 to 1080p at different
frame rates so 24, 32, 60 frames per second and then in my third and fourth
year that’s when I started shooting at 4k and 1080 we just like completely
scrapped 720 and we’re doing 24, 30 and 60 again frames per second but a lot of
like slow-mo stuff and obviously a more a lot more intricate stuff but by the
time that we were shooting at 4k my laptop was really struggling to hold all
that footage, and then also just like, literally scrub through the 4k footage
like to make it an assembly it would be like playing… like my laptop would be
doing like the robot it just like it would chop be so choppy with all of the
scrubbing. So my chosen grad gift was a PC laptop. After graduation I also
decided that I want to make it a project to build a desktop so switching over
systems would make the most sense after graduation so I would have to do it
later down the road. On top of that I edit my videos on Adobe Premiere Pro so
if I edited it on Final Cut Pro that would make more sense for me to be on the
Apple Mac OS system, well obviously because Final Cut Pro only sits there.
But that was also part of the reason why I switched over. And then gaming isn’t
very accessible on Mac computers and I miss my gaming a lot so that also played
into it. So now I currently own a Dell XPS 15 9570 with 4k display which is
really cool. It has one terabyte of storage, 32 gigabytes of RAM and an i7
processor and that sits at around $2,800 Canadian. I did research and if I bought
that on the Apple MacBook Pro 2019 it would come out to around– (pause) I made a
mistake and I accidentally converted what was already the Canadian price for
the MacBook Pro so here’s a video of me tracing my steps making sure I get the
accurate information for all of you lovely folk and the final answer here is
a 4400 Canadian– (click) so that is a huge jump. Another thing about PC is that you have
multiple manufacturers meaning two things: one, you get competitive prices
because there’s multiple places trying to sell PC laptops and computers and
such and so they are trying to get the lowest price for the customers. The
second thing about that is that you can buy multiple different little parts of
your laptop or your desktop so that means you can upgrade for a cheaper
price. I could technically, I’m moving this a lot I’m so sorry, I could
technically take like a 2 terabyte storage… I don’t know what it is
called? Storage card and I can upgrade my laptop from 1 terabyte to 2 terabytes
for cheaper. So if you want to compare this to Apple, Apple is the only place or
manufacturer or company that sells MacBook Pros or really any Apple
products meaning that there is no competitive edge and they can really
place their prices anywhere that they want to and then on top of that you
can’t buy parts of MacBook Pros or really any apple product you have to go
to Apple in order to either you know fix up like your your product so like if
something happens you can’t like go in and like take out the part that’s broken
and then put in another part in you have to go to Apple care and then you also
can’t upgrade as you would wish, like you, I can’t– I wouldn’t be able to change the
storage on my macbook pro I’m pretty sure there’s like a video of somewhere
online or like someone wrote an article I think of them trying to open up their
MacBook and they like completely just obliterated it so there’s no option
whatsoever to try to upgrade it unless you are literally buying another macbook. That being said there is absolutely nothing like the mac OS system and you
know there are some days where I still miss it and I will not like lie about
that or anything um you know the system is just so fluid and when it comes like
viruses and such, I never got a virus within the four years and I had my
MacBook Pro and that is like really cool that they can have like a more I guess
secure system in that sort of sense, whereas obviously PC and Windows you’re
a lot more prone to viruses and then also what’s really cool about the Mac OS
system is that it is a lot more intuitive especially for individuals who
might not be as tech savvy so if you know how to work like a MacBook Pro you
know some of the icons are just like so intuitive in the sense that you can
switch over to like an Apple phone and it’s pretty simple to move through all
the products of Apple in that sense so my MacBook still has a great amount of
value but the reality is that I’ve just outgrown it. So at the end of the day PC
allows me to customize my needs more efficiently for less and that’s why I
decided to go over to PC. Everyone’s gonna have different needs and I highly
recommend that you end up buying what you need for your needs. Thanks so much
for watching this video everyone if you are buying a new laptop or computer
whatever you buy both PC and Mac have wonderful things to offer and I’m sure
you’re gonna do a great job with buying that.
I make videos every Thursday so make sure to give a thumbs up and a subscribe
if you do want to see more and I will see you next week here. Bye! Uhm, those were also part of the reason why I switched over Hi! I gotta show this, cause this is so funny Dun dun dun! Project X! Whaaaa!

3 thoughts on “Why I Switched to PC

  1. Hi Cal i hooe ur happy with ur laptop.. Trough the virus part isn true about mac os.
    My dad does also have an mac pc and he had virussen . Install mallware bytes and see for ur self.
    Its true there are sure les virussen for mac than for windows but there are more windows pc than mac pc so logical .

    But its true that mac os is more easy-to-use, trough these days with windows 10 it got allot better.

    Have a nice day Cal!

  2. "storage card" lol Cal, we stan (it's a hard drive buddy, and i recommend you getting an external SSD as well for extra storage and files that you need to be passing around since it's much faster than regular hard drives).

    also you game on PC as well? #noice

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