WHY IS THIS GAME SO SCARY!? | Tattletail #1

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier And welcome to ‘Tattletail’. Now, this is a game about horrible furby-like monstrosities, Trying to kill you in one way or another. I have no idea what this game is about, specifically, but all I know is that from the cover art, It’s horrible furby monstrosities trying to kill you. And that’s no good. That is no bueno. Oh geez… Okay. Alright, then. Open your Christmas present early!? I don’t wanna do that! I wanna be a good boy! I wanna be a good boy!! Oh boy, I’m not a good boy, am I? Oh man… Am I a child? Is that why everything looks horrible? Oh god, why do I have that? Deal with it…. Okay, I’m… I’m memey At least I know I’m a memey young brat. Oh boy. Oh boy. “Hold Shift to run. Careful! It makes noise.” But do I gotta…(uh oh) Do I gotta worry about waking up my mama? Do I gotta worry about waking anybody at home? *scared noise* Alright…*high-pitched voice* Okay. *fast breathing* He.. He.. Oh… shit. Oh, hohoho! That’s so cool! “Watch the yellow icon on the top right to see when you are making noise” OH THAT’S SO COOL! Oh that’s so cool… Oh, this is weird. Why does- why do my parents just have a sitting room? Why do they just sit in the.. unfinished basement by themselves? That doesn’t make any sense at all. What am I looking for? I mean, I know I’m looking for my presents but… oooooh okay. Over here. YEEEEE…YEEEEESH. YEEEEESH. Oh, okay! Woah! *Mark Squeal* OH! Ah okay… *Starts laughing* Oh naoohohohoo… *Nervous laughter continues* OHO NO…. HI… OH NO… I DON’T WANNA! (You don’t have a choice Mark) *Whirring* [Tattletail:] Me Tattletail! Me lo-o-oove you! *whip-like noise* (kinky) Okay… “He really eats! Grab some food from the upstairs fridge.” Ooookay… OH NO! OH NO!! I don’t wanna do this. [Tattletail:] Me Tattletail, Me looo-o-ve you! [Markiplier:] THAT’S NOT GOOD, TATTLETAIL! HOW ‘BOUT YOU SHUT UP??? Shut up, I need to get upstairs! And…feed you…? *ominous noises* Oh boy- Okay alright! I’ll feed you! [Tattletail:] Give me a treat! (That’s gonna get annoying quick) [Markiplier:] Okay! alright! [Tattletail:] Give me a treat! [[Markpilier:] OKaY, aLRiGhT! [Tattletail:] Hehehehehee! *Typing Task* [Markiplier:] “Brushable hair; Use the brush in the living room to clean Tattletail?” WHY DO I NEED TO DO THIS!!? WHY IS THIS A NECESSITY!? Oh, gawd noo… [Tattletail:] Play time for me! Game on!!.. [Markiplier:] ..What did you say? I don’t know what you said, but I don’t like it… [Tattletail:] eHeheheehehehe! *Typing Task* [Tattletail:] Ahhhhhh… Me tired… [Markiplier:] *laughing* Okaaay, you tired Oh God… *cry laughing* Ohohoh nohohoohooo!! This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever… *suspenseful sound* [Tattletail:] Ahhhhhh… Me tired… [Markiplier:] *terrified* ok.. [Marikplier:] Alright then…
[Tattletail:] It’s dark! [Markiplier:] It is dark, how do you know that? *Spooky Ding* Okay- alright.. Ok Goodbye! Good-byee! *Ueeheehehee-* [Tattletail:] Ahhhhhhh! Me tired… [Markiplier:] You should be tired… Okay, kaboosky, why did I do that? Why did I do that? Ugh, why do I feel so bad about it!? Egh! The fuck was that..? *Weird Fapping Sound* The fuck is that!? Ooooookkaaaaayyyy… Ooookkkay… Alright I’m not going to listen to the monstros- *Phone Rings* Fucking hell… “Hint: Don’t answer the phone”? *Telephone keeps ringing* HELLOO? *Answers the phone* *Satanic static grinding noises* [Markiplier:] *Voice Crack* Weeell! Good to hear from ya buddy! Glad you’re doing well! I’m just gonna go fuck off and go to bed! Oh God, is that my parents room? *nervous shiver* Oh no… Oh no, this is outside. *Quiet* What the fuck…? Hairball? *scared* Found egg #1? *high pichted* One out of 22? I don’t know what that means! Why is the front door open?! MOM! DAAD! What the hell is going on?! Can I close my door? No! Alrighty then… Okay… ough- oAUGHH I’ve be- Oh my god… Why was that so creepy? Oh, why was that so creeeepy..? *Starts laughing* I don’t knooow… Oh geez “Investigate the clunking noise” Oh. Oh, okay. Alright… Are my parents just removed from this equation? *Quiet* Fuck… *clunking noises* Is that just my parents, yknow? “Wrestling”? Oh fuck, dude… Alright- Oh, of course, oh, the clunking is in the basement. *Quiet* The fucking fuck? What the fuck is going on down here? I don’t fucking like it… Euh… Eeuh… Euh… What is that? *Clunking Sounds* Is it Tattletail? It sounds like it might be a laundry machine. Can’t go there.. The hidden room.. Oh- It is. Oh nooho… Ohhh nooo. shooosh- Loose change.. “Found egg #4”.. Ooh boy- [Tattletail:] Hehehehehehehe!
[Markiplier:] oOh… Heey… H-Hi.. Okay.. [Markiplier:] Hey buddy- [Tattletail:] Me dizzy… Hehehehehe! [Markiplier:] Yea. I bet- [Tattletail:] *singing* Da da da dee da daa!
[Markiplier:] *nervous giggles* [Tattletail:] *singing* Da da da da
[Markiplier:] C-can you- [Tattletail:] *singing* la la da da de daa la la la la
[Markiplier:] Could you… Could you SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?!!?! [Tattletail:] *singing; gradually getting deeper and slower* la la la la [Tattletail:] *singing* la da da da de do doooo [Tattletail:] *singing* la la la la la la la
[Markiplier:] Wh- What happens if I just let him go and run out of battery? [Tattletail:] *singing; gradually getting deeper and slower while the camera zooms in on Tattle’s face* la la la la Da da da dii daa do doooo la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa La la la la la laa La da da daa dee da doaaa! [Tattletail: ]Uoh do doo deo do doooooohhh Uhhh ooooohhhh… laa la la la laaa!.. Uah! ohhhhhhhhhh.. oAH!- oohhhhhhhhhhhhh… AAH!- OhhHhhhhhhhhh… aA! oOhhhhhhhhwhhww aAA!- oOhhHhhwhhhhhwhhw AAH!- oOooohhhHWhwhhhhhhh [Markiplier:] *uneasy laugh* oAH!- [Tattletail:] hEhehee! [Tattletail:] Play time for me! [Tattletail:] Game ooooon! [Markiplier:] “Let’s have some fun! Find a vase in the basement to play with!” [Markiplier:] Well I remember there being a VASE up there, but uh I don’t kno wh- [Tattletail:] *loudly* Tattletail, that’s me! [Markiplier:] Yeah that is you alright. That is 100% you… [Markiplier:] Yeah I dunno where there would be ‘nother vase to play with [Tattletail:] *loudly* Let’s play a game! [Markiplier:] Ooh!! Okay! alright! Let’s play a game! Okay- Why is th- why is th- [Tattletail:] *loudly* Me love play time with you! [Markiplier:] Okay, but you- you barely know me- Y-You don’t know if you.. LOVE me. [Markiplier:] Okay, alright then… [Markiplier:] Playing…! Alright, are we gonna break it-? *sudden suspenseful music* [Markiplier:] Fuck! [Markiplier:] Uh oh. [Markiplier:] Uh oh- [Markiplier:] Oh no… [Tattletail:] AAauuHH!! [Tattletail:] aAAhH! [Markiplier:] *meakly* okay alright. Everything’s fine! [Tattletail:] AAAHHH!!!! *VIGOROUS SHAKING* [Markiplier:] Ookay- [Markiplier:] That is a weird ass- Oh no “Task: Oh No” ?!! “”TASK: OH NO””?!? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?! ohh- *Shakes flashlight* [Markiplier:] Ohh, wrap Tattletail back up? BUT WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP THERE!!? [Tattletail:] Tattletail that’s me! [Markiplier:] WHAT THE FUCK IS UP THERE?!?!?!?!?!?! [Markiplier:] Oh it’s.. A cellar door.. [Markiplier:] Oh okay… [Markiplier:] Alright then… [Markiplier:] Okay- Alright- [Markiplier:] I’ma wrap you back up now… [Markiplier:] Uuuggh.. Uhuhuuhughg …*whimpering* [Tattletail:] Tattletail go home… “Some events and CREATURES make your flashlight go out?” [Tattletail:] Mama Scaaaaaaary..! ok.. [But then again I did] Alright… go to bed please… *flashlight shake* euh.. Ugh Nothing bad’s gonna happen right? Nothing bad’s gonna happen on the way back, RIIGHT? Why didn’t I notice these eggs before? French fry. FOUND EGG #6. Ok, I’m not gonna find all the eggs, that’s for sure, because I already missed some on the first night.. eoh boy. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello. *Knocking* *flashlight shake* WHO’S THERE?!?!?! HUH? WHO’S THEEEEREE? I’m gonna answer the door… Fuck. *Still knocking* HELLO? I’m trying to… trying to answer… Hello? *SHAKE* *knocking continues* Hello? Heello? HEEEEEELLOO? Eeehh, y’ello? Y’ello? Okay, y’know what, you keep bangin’… I’m just gonna go to bed now.. I’mma go to bed… I had enough of this nightmare land. I don’t know what the FUCK’S goin’ on… Okay… *Following the music* Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo “Grab flashlight.” (Well, Satan is back) OH. ALRIGHT THEN. *Grinding Noises* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT NOISE? *Shake shake* “The grinding noise.” OH, OH, THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL “GRINDING”? OH, OKAY. I think I’d call it “The Wails of the Damned.” All of my nightmares congregating into one area. Oh, fuck. *thumping of the character’s footsteps* EEEee… *Nervous chuckle* MMOOOOOOOMMMMM!!! *more knocking* MOM ARE YOU USING YOUR “PRIVATE TOY” AGAIN? *still knocking* MooOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM *flashlight shake* Okay, you know what, Mom? It’s okay, I’ll- I’ll investigate you on my OWN. *Grinding noise continues* The fuck is that… ? The FUCK IS THAT?? Uh… Oh no… eee. Okay, there’s- OH GOOD. OH GOOD!! HOW COULD I MISS THEM? DOLL HAIR! BEAUTIFUL. It’s like- IT’S A FUCKING TRAIL. Oh no ho ho ho ho.. bro- *gets cut off by a crash noise* *Quietly* Broken Crayon *SHAKE* *Grinding Noises* *whispers* The fuck is that?! What the fuck is that.. The fuck is that? THE FUCK IS THAAAT? THE FUCK IS THAHAAAAAT?? Fingernail clippings, great. Hello. hello “Load cassette into Mama”? Oh! It’s MAMA Tattletail *Distorted music continues to play* [Mama:] The children thought that MAMA would NEVER find them as long as she couldn’t see them *Distorted music continues to play* [Mama:] Turn the page! [Mama]: But Mama could still hear the children… *shake* [Mama]: The pitter patter of their little feet led Mama right to them. [Mama:] Turn the page. [Mama:] Then Mama found the children. Every last one. [Mama:] And put them right back to bed. *cassette slows and then cuts off as Mama deactivates* [Markiplier:] Okay. Thanks Mama…
*Tattletail laughing in the distance* oh no.. OH NO mama.. *Faint laughter from Tattletail* NNO MAMA NO EEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUH. *Faint laughter from Tattletail* I don’t want none of it- Find Tattletail upstairs.. *Starts crying* WHO’S GIVING ME THESE TASKS????? *Sobs* Who’s telling me what to do? The fuck is going on… ? Moooommm? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM? *Tattletail laughing* MOOOOOOOOOM?? *Tattletail is still laughing* oh. *Tattletail laughing* okay- HI! How you doing little buddy? Ohh, how you doing? Okay, let’s-let’s- [Markiplier:] Let’s not play with whatever the hell you’re playing with [Tattletail:] Me love playtime with you! [Tattletail:] Show me Mama! [Markiplier:] Are you talking about MY mama or YOUR mama? YOU TALKING ABOUT MY MAMA OR YOUR MAMA? I’m just gonna go downstairs or wherever the hell this leads… [Markiplier:] I dunno what this is gonna mean when I bring you to MAMA I DON’T KNOW WHY I NEED TO BRING YOU TO MAMA. [Tattletail:] Tattletail, that’s me! [Markiplier:] Yeah, it sure is, isn’t it… Does the noise even mean anything?!? What does the noise mean?? What does the noise meean?!?? [Tattletail:] *dramatic noise* Where’s Mama? [Tattletail:] *yawn* Me tired [Markiplier:] I don’t know where Mama is, I don’t want to know where Mama is…I don’t wanna know where Mama is…I don’t wanna know where Mama is… [Tattletail:] *Yawn* Me tired! [Markiplier:] I bet you are! I bet you are- I don’t know how you keep coming out of your box. BUT YOU GET THE FUCK BACK IN. “Clean up Tattletail’s mess.” Oh, the one he made upstairs- oh okay. Okay alright, it’s not so bad… Just gotta get it done.. Apparently- I don’t even need to worry about anything hearing me! Or atleast not- hEEeiy! *ominous music* ooohhh… *Shakes flashlight* NOOOOO! AAAEEAAAAARGGHH! I HAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTTTTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS! FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! [Mama:] Mama’s looking after you.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *ominous music increases* THIS IS FUUCKING BUUUUUUUULLSHITTTTTTT AH!! FUCKING FUCK!! [Mama:] Come to Mama.. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO THANK YOU. I DON’T WANT ANY!! MAMA CAN GO FUCK OFF! I’VE GOT A MAMA. AND SHE’S A BETTER MAMA THAN YOU’D EVER BE!! It’s… OH! OH GOOD! THAT’S A GOOD HINT. THAT’S A GOOD HINT. AAaaaaAah!! AaAaah! o-ok!! Okayyy hhAAAAAhhh Oh mY gODDD the fUUCK? Oh man. Ohh maann *More shakey* oh fuck man. Oh, that’s fucking terrifying… God damnit.. Okay, alright, Okay. Alright, okay. Alright. I’m gonna put a pause… I’m gonna put a pause on that one. I’m gonna put a little pause. We’re gonna pause, we’re gonna pause. Just hold on.. (Tattletail: Me hungry!) “Investigate the chattering coming from outside” *Starts laughing* NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. We’re gonna pause- *Tattletail starts singing* We’re just gonna pause- We’re gonna pause this. We’re gonna put it on pause.. “Continue: Funny Games” *Starts chuckling* Ohoo booyyy… Okay… So. *Quietly* This is fucking terrifying… It’s fucking terrifying… *nervous giggle* It’s fucking terrifying! OH MY GOODDD IT’S SO FUCKING SCARY!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHYYYY!! WHY IS THAT SCARY? WHY???! *Starts sobbing again* But either way, that’s the first part of Tattletail. I’ll- I’ll definitely do more of this game but… My god, I don’t know if I can *Starts laughing* hANDLE tHAT. So either way. Thank you everybody so much for watching. You can play this game through Steam, I’ll put a link down in the description. Let me know what you thought of it! Cause, holy shit. [Markiplier:] *mumble* [Markiplier:] So, thank you again and as always I will see YOU in the next video. Buh Bye!! *outro music*

29 thoughts on “WHY IS THIS GAME SO SCARY!? | Tattletail #1

  1. 15:28 Mama: Mamas FUCKING after you

  2. 5:13
    December 21st, 1998

    Mark: Why was that so creepy?
    Me: Well, seems like my 2nd birthday is going to be even worse for ya, Mark.

  3. Can anyone give me a list of marks MOST scariest games? I know I’m kind of late but I’m looking for games that he’s played that are genuinely terrifying

  4. Mark: I'm glad your doing well imma just go fuck off right now!

    Me:….. I'm concerned

    Mark: is that just my parents…..WRESTLING?

    Me again: wtf……


    Me: damn I'm sorry…

    Tattletale Makin some demonic nosie

    Me: Fuck this shit I'm out!

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