Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting

I actually used to have
recurring dreams of flying. Traffic congestion is rising, but this is happening everywhere. This is happening in suburbs,
this is happening in major urban areas everywhere. Most of the street infrastructure
in the country was built 1910s or 1930s model that no longer
fits the city it’s in. Now we not only have more cars,
but they’re bigger. The biggest hurdle with all these
things is the people. But it comes to a critical mass
once people are so fed up with it that things start to change. From science fiction for decades we’ve been promised a personal
flying machine or a flying car. And people have been trying
and failing. We are on the cusp technologically
to make this happen. You’re going to be able to decide,
do I want to drive my own car into work today,
or do I want a flying option? As a kid, I actually used to have
recurring dreams where if I could jump high enough
right, and if I just had enough will I would take flight
in my dream. We’re developing a personal,
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. And the aircraft will be classified
as an ultralight, which means no pilot’s license
is required to fly. With Lift, we’re not trying to solve
the problem of flying long distances, we’re really focused on where we
believe the biggest problem is, which is very short-hop flights
in dense urban areas. There’s three very major costs
right now for mankind with congestion. The first is an economic cost. Just here in New York
congestion will cost New York City around 100 billion dollars. Most important in my mind
is the environmental cost. The United Nations released
a report that said, that our transportation choices are now
the leading cause of carbon emissions. It leads to the third cost,
which I think there’s a huge health cost with congestion. Congestion leads to higher
asthma rates, more traffic fatalities, which are on the rise right now again
after years of decline. There is an existential crisis
from congestion. One of the ways that urban planners,
urban designers are thinking of getting around the congestion
problem is something called, multimodality. What that means is that we have
numerous ways of getting around and all of this would be shared.
You know, I can get on the subway, bus, having numerous options. Aviation fits in that way. We envision you being able to open
your Lift Aircraft App and see real-time pricing
and available aircraft and then hop in one of our aircrafts
and fly from your neighborhood to another base near
where you work. When you request
a certain flight plan that’s going to sort of create
a corridor for you and then of course, each aircraft is
networked to other aircrafts so they all know where
each other are. We can bring the cost per ten mile
trip down to around $20.00. At its core, is a basic hex-copter, this one has 18 motors though,
so it’s considered an octodecacopter. Being a hex-configuration
we have three motors on each arm. They all counter-rotate, each arm
counter-rotates to compensate for torque. So we have 18 propellers
powered by 18 electric motors. Each has its own, independent
battery pack. This is very far out, you know,
future forward business and it’s incredibly high-risk. Forecast looks mostly the same
if not– We occasionally get
747s through here. So, the objective for today’s test
flight is to take the vehicle as it is and put it through a series
of tests where we change the center of gravity. You get some funny looks
when you tell people you’re building a personal,
electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft,
a flying car, right? Because, you know, nobody’s
been successful doing this. Henry Ford had this quote that said,
“If people ask me how I can go faster than a horse, they would have just
asked for a faster horse rather than a car.” So people can’t imagine
what they haven’t seen yet and/or don’t know what that
would be like. It takes a while for people to get
used to trends and changes in transit. The entire airframe is made out of
carbon fiber, which is one of the lightest
and strongest materials on the planet. We used a pretty big 3-D printer
and directly 3D printed the mold for this first preproduction
aircraft. The average commutes range
from seven to ten miles and take anywhere from
50 minutes to over 90 minutes. Our aircraft will go
about 60 miles an hour and you don’t have to
traverse a route confined by roads
in a two dimensional space. So you get to fly
ten miles in ten minutes. A lot of the safety is going to
come from flying in controlled airspace. Every obstacle,
obstruction, power line, we are going to have everywhere we
fly geospatially mapped. Each aircraft is networked
to other aircrafts. We segment airspace immediately
around the aircraft. If we had two pilots that tried to
fly their aircraft and collide you know, your joystick
would not move the aircraft to crash into the other aircraft. A main concern with aviation
and, you know, a lot of small scale operations and by small scale
I mean, you know, singular, one person,
is that they don’t do a major dent in mass transit and I would
counterpoint that by saying, you might have one mode that takes
a thousand people out of cars every single day, but when you have
ten modes that take 1,000 people out each, now you have 10,000 people
that are no longer using cars. So having numerous modes,
aviation being one of them that’s when you really
start to see an impact. And I think that’s how it could function
in a larger transit landscape. As you know, so we’re going to go
about ten feet and see if we have any oscillations
or anything like that. But, have a good flight. -See if we can get it off the ground.
-Copy that. Thanks, Brooks. I think in ten to 20 years, we’re going to have many different
types of aircrafts in the sky and you’re going to have
many different choices. When cars first came out,
cars were seen as threats, they were seen as toxic, they were seen as dangerous
and then cars took over America. And I think that’s
what would happen, but with numerous different kinds
of modes of transit. You would have people at first
very worried and then they wouldn’t be thinking about because they’d be using it
every single day. And access 15 or 20
different options, all which are sustainable
and economically viable.

100 thoughts on “Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting

  1. That's all we need…little flying machines falling out of the sky and hitting houses and people. I can't see how they would ever work it out as far as logistics. So many variables

  2. My only question is what's the difference between this and a helicopter sure this is electric and easier too fly but helicopters take more passengers and therefore takes more people off the road also you cannot just land that anywhere as people may be walking which helicopters also experience findind places to land difficult.

  3. Bumper to bumper traffic no more? Although it's a nice dream, and I wold love to fly one, I'm certain that everybody will say no to the sky filled with propellers. It's an undying fantasy that we will all have access. It will be for emergency services and for those that can pay very high fees, like with small planes, helicopters, and business jets..

  4. this is just silly. where would you park 10,000 of these in a city like Phila or New York ?
    trains are lower cost, much-much more fuel efficient and the final mile with power boards.

  5. A for effort, but that contraption would never change much, reason being.. all those exposed rotors, hazzard to say the least, The lilium jet on the other hand was designed by brilliant people. no exposed rotors. https://youtu.be/9_T2Cup0ybo?t=89

  6. I'm sure they have consultants telling them exactly what I'm about to say: airlines struggle to bend the laws to their will. Uber already tried to launch a program like this (it is autonomous though) and the FAA laughed them out of the room. It just won't work in the U.S without rewriting most of our aviation laws. I'm not opposed to an actual progressive change, but this is a massive uphill battle that I really don't think they could win.

  7. We 'll never master the skies if we wont change our power supply from electric power to anti matter power.
    The pod will always be much bigger than a man's body cause you will always need your weight on liquid fuel in order to beat G.

  8. Unlike the richest person in the world and Mark Zuckerberg, these guys are true technologists who produce things for people to use.

  9. Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world by listening to your posts for his ads while these guys want to change the world by making commuting easier.

  10. I wonder if these people who can convince idiot investors to hand over their money have any sort of remorse for not doing actual work in their lives.

  11. Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting?
    Cause our creators came from the sky and there is that we belong…………………

  12. Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting?
    Cause our creators came from the sky and there is that we belong…………………

  13. When cars first became available only the mega wealthy could afford them, and these new types of transport will be the same. Millionaires going to the Golf club transport

  14. I am 48 and mt entire life has been filled with this nonsense of flying car commuting. Just call it for what it is- a cool facet of the ultra rich. The everyday person with their 80IQ is not going to take a personal copter to waitress at Denny's. This is for the 24 year old musician, athlete, or Instagram fake-celeb to use twice then store away. Nifty Funtime but practical use it is not.

  15. Nearly 1.25 million people are killed in road crashes every year. Another 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled. Source: www.asirt.org/safe-travel/road-safety-facts/
    I'd say drone aircraft technology is a dream worth pursuing.

  16. The irony of energy use is that it takes 10x more energy to lift something than it does to push it. Electric cars are the future, not personal flying aircraft.

  17. The carbon emissions claim is false. The largest carbon emissions are coming from old school electric plants (Coal and Gas Powered).. A perfect future would be all electric with only safe-Nuclear or GeoThermal/Solar/Wind Power Generation.

  18. The biggest positive input on car use would be to use local business hubs. The vast majority of desk jobs could now be done from home or a business hub. I guarantee a good percentage of those drivers are driving from home to a desk and back again. Think of the time savings in terms of that hour or more of commuting as well as the savings in fuel etc. It is the work model that needs to change, not the transport model. With good internet, a good proportion of those journeys are unnecessary. Obviously a proportion will still need to be made. Also the COG on this aircraft is crazy.

  19. Not possible. The weather, wind and dynamic obstacles cannot be planned and programmed so easily… 3K car deaths a DAY. Just 30 deaths in these things from cranes, drones or storms and they are DONE. Just look at history of rooftop helicopters in NYC.

  20. When cars came out in America in the late 1800s there was only one lawyer per every seventy-five thousand people.
    Today we have one lawyer per every six hundred people. I think no one has taken into account what I call the "LAWSUIT FACTOR" – anything new is going to be quashed and destroyed as a dangerous item. Can you imagine if they invented the gun into 2010? Gun companies would've been sued out of existence by 2015.

  21. 2:15 the environment HA!
    now I am not being funny here global warming was created by al gore so he could sell books and make movies, basically stay relevant after he lost a presidential election. Want proof? scientists were concerned about global cooling in the 70's nowadays its called climate change so they can be covered in any event.

  22. All of you need to stop smoking weed. It’s not gonna happen. Those machines and their propellers are way too freaking loud to be flying around. That’s not gonna work in residential areas

  23. If everyone transfers from cars to airplanes…standby for mid air collisions. They will have to put stop lights in the sky like on the sat morning cartoon…The Jetsons.

  24. A piece of successful transport machine.
    Some suggested points.
    1. Test fail 2 or more engine will it still fly or dropping.
    2. Early warning which or motor will fail or defect while flying.
    3. Battery conditions on individual batteries while flying.
    4. Conditions of battery if normal but the lift of that motor drop due loosen parts on propeller. Mechanical rigidity.
    5. Temperature monitoring on each motor and would it have individual circiit breakers tripping.
    6. If flying vehicle about to fail normal lift seek spot immediately to land. After landed .vehicle will also have capability to move like ordinary car to nearest convenient check place.
    7. The rain encounter check to check performance. All parts ensure perfect waterproof. A true pilot & extra passenger water resistant waterproof containment perfect safe installation.
    8. Strong wind encounter wind sensors to stabilize the flying vehicle.
    9.sufficient light internal containment. A safety high powered flashing light for alarming any other flying vehicles on visual when nearby. With manual beeping alarm on activation.
    9. A tested simple parachute build under the base of vehicle or worn by each passenger. Manually ejected if motor fails or encounter strong winds.
    10. Some drinking water important.and some first aid med box. With fishing lines ,hooks,and bait for fish.
    11. The base of vehicle preferably can float design .if land on lake or sea . If you can make it move like a boat.
    12. A pet set communication device. Ear protectors. Gyro compass.
    13. With reliable electronic design true automatic. With ground level to vehicle height information detector.
    Congaratulations to you then mass production sell it. Be a multibillionaire.
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    [email protected]

    14. Message ends. Best of luck.
    Fly safe and best of luck.😊🙏👍👌🚁✈

  25. If more and more people start adopting the personal flying machine then it'll again end up with air traffic congestion.

  26. So the solution is if not able to drive then fly…Even if you are going to go electric there is still not enough clean energy to promote such endeavors. Seriously f**k the environment in all possible ways. Instead of promoting public transport substantially, everyone is ready to fly. Carbon footprint per person goes up like crazy. Get a train/metro.. Reduce your carbon footprint

  27. Future of commuting… really, really? can you imagine how many shit pilots will crash and fall onto our roofs, cars, people below, eh? Can you imagine the catastrophes that are no different to cars crashing and people killing themselves? Commuting via air? Really? Bad enough the number of drunkards and drug addict driving cars and destroying themselves, wait this they fly drunk and disorderly. You will be thinking that every blasted night there are meteors colliding and crashing down over our heads. Let's watch TV while the pisspots fly from pubs to home drunk, lets worry about the new sky menaces. You guys have really some distorted brains. You don't even think of what might happen if madmen and careless idiots take the sky while intoxicated by alcohol, or imagine police chases over our heads. I think Asylums for the mentally retarded should be opened for safety sake, and you will be the first to end up in these places. Go play with toy trains instead, brain dead retards.

  28. Seems the people who wrote in the comment section understand that the general public wandering around in flying machines is a recipe for disaster.

  29. This is ridiculous. There are so many engineering and economic problems with this model, it makes self-driving cars seem almost logical.

  30. When the motor car was invented only the rich could afford it now every Tom Dick and Harry can afford so it will be the same in 100 years time with these things everything comes down in price years later look at the microwave in the UK in the 1970s was £800 now you can buy them for £35

  31. If you have billions of people driving cars, if everyone switches to a jetpack who says there wont be traffic in the air?

  32. Bitch what 😂 that thing aint gonna get u around a city 🤣🤣😂 your never gonna beat boosted boards you cant commute short range from a copter tf

  33. Good luck selling here in the manila, Philippines the funeral business here will be happy and don't worry about cremation it will become free the electric pole will do its job along with the tree beside it ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  34. And what happens when now you have over 1 million drones flying around, with airplanes… It's a over congested airspace at that point?

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