Windows 10 Laptop Overheating Problem – 1 Simple Fix

Windows 10 Laptop Overheating Problem – 1 Simple Fix right click power options select your current plan change plan change advanced processor 1- Maximum Processor State: change it around 75 both on battery and plugged in
2- System Cooling Policy: Make it active both on battery and Plugged in Restart your pc

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  1. Just tried it. The fix did NOT work. Laptop overheated, crashed, and now will spend the next hour reverting allllll the many updates it has so far missed. It's still stuck on version 10XXX because it just can't get any further. I'm afraid the sheer volume of updates might be overloading it no matter what.

  2. i think it lowers my laptop's performance on gaming and other cpu demanding programs !! ,, , im using the Lenovo Y50 with an i5 4200H 2.8Ghz Paired with Gtx 869m 2gb and 8GB RAM stick !

  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you, that worked such a simple fix but I can play my Steam games again.

  4. hi there: thanks for this great and easy tip! The fan seems to be not as noisy and the hard drive seems cooler too!

    Got a question though, will lowering the temperature on the max processor state slow down my laptop?

    what is the unit measurement of lowering the %? 25% per bracket? or?


  5. THUMBS UP! I had serious laptop overheating problems for a while. I installed software that shows temperature of the processor. It showed that the procesor was at about 80 C degrees hot constantly, reaching 95 and dropping to 75 from time to time. Then I found this video and changed the settings as sugegsted. Now max temperature is 65 C degrees with 55 C at average. Thanks a lot for sharing this video – it really really helped.

  6. Thank you so very much! 😊👍My Dell Latitude Windows 10 gets extremely hot and the blinking orange light will start going off and my last Dell laptop would get so hot you could actually hear the battery sloshing around and it would turn itself off. On this one I would try to set it on top of various things including a wooden cutting board since the vent is on the left side of it, put a towel under it, a pillow, you name it but the heat was just so intense and when I looked up about cooling pads the votes were kinda 50/50. So far this seems to be working just fine and I will definitely post this on my Facebook just in case I have friends who are in need of this. Blessings to you! 📿~Sue~

  7. So, dumb down your computer to keep it from freaking out because all the extra bullshit Micro$oft crammed into Windows 10? Nah.

  8. Tried both of these. Still overheats. Probably because it's a HP Envy. I wish they'd update the drivers, but it's a 2013 model, so no dice.

  9. My cpu on laptop still gets 90+ degrees even if make it use max 60% CPU. Literally same temps no matter how much I set it to max.

  10. Good day. I can play Assassins Creed with intel (R) pentium (R) CPU 3825U @ 1.90GHz. with 2 gigs of RAM, geforce 920M 2gb dedicated VRAM. Does my Laptop specs have a relation to a sudden shutdown when I play that game or is it because of overheating itself? Because when I play need for speed most wanted (2005) it doesn't shutdown randomly. Is a sudden shutdown on your laptop a result of not being meet the minimum requirements of a game? Thanks for the response. I'm a little bit confused right now.

  11. I can't find the same options as you when I open advanced settings for power options on the balanced plan. I only get Desktop background settings, sleep, power buttons and lid, display, and battery. No cpu editing. Help?

  12. This does in fact, work. But the problem is .. when you put it to 75, the loading of your game is significantly slower.
    It not only slows the gameplay down, but it can also be a cause to lag. But this tutorial is great for non-gamers. :3

  13. this thing works obviously, but that means your CPU will run at 75% of its max clock speed, which will make it slower, if you're sure overheating is not due to dust or a bad fan, if your laptop overheats due to bad design, like many HP laptops, this will work but try a less brutal setting of 80% and work your way up until a reasonable temperature.

  14. This will not fix for me. That isn't the issue. My fan is set to be on but it isn't starting when the computer starts. And then at random from cold boot up it starts up at full speed even when it is cold.

  15. 100% working YES its TRUE Video, I thought it will not work but it work & i also check after RESTART it works good

  16. Excuse me sir plz don't ignore my comment. I want to say that my laptop is suffering from the plugged in not charging problem and I try every possible fix but it doesn't works for me everything is fine and my battery status says that ur battery is on high temperature and calibrate ur battery sir plz give me the solution.

  17. Bro i need help my game runs well when my charger i s not plugged and there is no suddent drop in fps but whenever i plug my charger in after after some time the fps drops from 120 fps to 40 and then after few seconds its back to normal pls help nad my laptop and charger is also getting overheated at that time

    Ur a life save 😭😭💖💖
    Now my fingers won’t burn!! It’s still a little hot but at least it won’t burn my fingers THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭😭💖💖💖💖💖

  19. IF YOU ARE USING AN AMD A8 APU OR RELATED, DO NOT TRY THIS!! IT WILL GET YOU STUCK IN A WINDOWS BSOD LOOP, JUST GET AN EXTERNAL FAN OR SOMETHING! Now since everyone is saying this works, go ahead. but check your cpu first… Seriously I was in so much stress trying to find out how to fix it and spent a good 2 hours. for me running windows w/ cmd and resting my settings worked, but results may very, be aware this is a dangerous thing to do.

  20. I put my laptop on best performance battery life and I think it overpowered my laptop and now it won't even come on it just shows the power button and then it clicks and turns off, I need help

  21. 1. you're throttling down your cpu, means you are not using its full capability. cpu power is probably one of your criteria in buying your laptop.
    2. active fan on battery mode means battery wont last that long because active fan requires more battery power.

    i dont judge, but i guess, some people just settle with these solutions. the real problem is the dirty fan or old thermal compound on the board is the main culprit of overheating.

  22. Well, that actually worked and I am super surprised it did wtf…. I put it down to 50% just for the lolz but there's not a big difference tbh, so just keep it at 75%

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