Workstation DELL Precision 7920 Tower CPU GPU RAM

Here is it the server Dell Workstation Dell is connected to the TV And here in the Task Manager we can see That have the 64, here we see the 64 logical procesors are 32 cores and with HyperThreading give 64, have two sockets And the processors that it have are an Intel Xeon Gold 6130 With base frequency of 2.10Ghz Memory 128GB in RAM of which only is using 4GB And have one, two, tree, four, five, six disks The first one Is a Samsung SSD of 1 Terabyte And from the disk one to 5 are diks NVMe PCIe Express of 1 Terabyte each one In total have 5 Terabyte plus 1, six Terabytes And And with a graphic card NVIDIA GEFORCE 1080 ok This server it will be used for Virtual Machines

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