WORST GAMER EVER (This Week In Smosh)

Hey there guy you suck really bad Watching you play is making us sad Shut up! Hello everybody! What’s up. Hello sexy people Today we’re shooting a really cool music video, this is our first music video as the full squad All of us, it’s five. I’ve never shot a music video, so. Okay, don’t be ashamed Now let’s go shoot this music video!Good bye, good bye, good bye! ♫ If you wanna be number one ♫ ♫ Stop playing games just for fun ♫ ♫ Give up your life so you can win! ♫ ♫ And be the best at Paladins! ♫ ♫ If you wanna be number one ♫ ♫ Kill all your friends with bombs and guns ♫ ♫ Which thank god is not a sin! ♫ ♫ When you’re a gaming champion ♫ Today i’m playing as a video game player who sucks so bad that four random people have to show up in his room and then destroy it. So, kind of like my house Oh man, I wish there was some way i could become the best video game player in the world This kid like lives in the rich side of town he must’ve stolen the master bedroom from his parents or something and the parents are in the kids room cause like look at all this stuff. He’s even allowed to have a sexy woman on his wall I’m not allowed to have a sexy woman on my wall and I’m 21 His room is so big he even has a freakin’ sound stage he even can afford two guys on laptops what, what? and look at the flannel boys he got a, he got the whole set of flannel boys he can even afford a comic book character with Tony Stark beard What? [Laughs] I didn’t know was so cool i would say i wanted to fill them right here i wanna call it a fill it in for me but they like it so if the ladies love it I love it more. He grows in it literally looks like comic book character with his hair and his face in her and just naturally grows like Tony Stark like okay. Kind of like crop circles. Right here I guess they like that load that little space right there or my hair doesn’t grow yeah Kelly Cooper for money today I can’t wait to perform with you today my guy through one gone that in hand by 10 and I can snap good football Wow didn’t know I’m in my stomach right now those are hurt Oh Tommy oh hello I’m Fredrik I’m from Germany I come to America to collect t-shirt over here is have all we have camo Americans seem to love this I see Americans were in camel all over the place so wearing it in places that camera doesn’t really work though like a 7-eleven there’s not many Bush there I feel right away it is I you are helping me find you and also there is no dear there why are you hunting in a 7-eleven goodbye so I’m it’s at that time it wasn’t quick enough yeah this is my first music video I’ve done and so far it’s actually been really really fun I did have to pick up noah 20 times we’ve now ballroom dance like we’ve basically have yeah you pick me up like you would your future wife I know except I see my future wife no matter who it is it’s going to weigh more than way Jose dude you can’t kill tumor this is just going to be my outfit that I’m going to wear as we shoot for the next year and a half hour a diaper with also a chastity belt attached to it it’s unfortunate say this isn’t the first time that have been put in situations like this if anyone watched part timers I’ve been in several speedos on that set yep you’re hotter no sure here’s some advice Oh Justin alright but let’s just undress on set are you okay yeah you’re just don’t be wittle baby oh my god whether or not the choke hits it depends I am I wearing a tight pussy ah my either ouch i dream what if i just in time alright well I had a ball i had a blessing had a ball you like really had fun yeah grand time and we hope you had a grand time too Wow papa makes everything you say for grand jury yes I annoying what I know if you enjoyed this good bye hey guys thank you so much for watching click the video on the screen if you want to see what would happen if we had video game items in real life it’s really high concept just click the video to see it

100 thoughts on “WORST GAMER EVER (This Week In Smosh)

  1. Why Paladins of all games… Like please.. The video was amazing but please Paladins Its just a raw copy of another game. I guess you were desperate for a game sponsor for this video and Paladins were desperate for someone to make a video about their game.

  2. remember when Keith threw the pokeball at Shayne and hit him in the balls in that ooblek science lab video? this is his revenge.

  3. Shayne got revenge for smosh lab on the one with the obleck cuz Keith hit shayne in the balls with a pokeball😂

  4. Olivia fucked up the song with her stupid downs voice. Please just go back to vines.. I mean, I love Olivia Im gonna like this video..

  5. 2:21 that reminds me of when my class we're playing rounders and I hit the ball and I hit my teacher's balls :-0

  6. How in the heck did they get Courtney's hair to look like that?! 😍 It's amazing! Or is it hair extensions?

  7. Honestly I can’t believe Noah was able to stand in front of everyone in a diaper, be called a Big Bang and still not feel humiliated

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