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Hey guys, welcome to this unboxing video of
the X370 GAMING M7 ACK motherboard, ready for RYZEN. But before we open up this bad boy, let’s
take a quick look at the box. Looking at the front you’ll immediately notice
the display of M7 ACK. And you’ll see it has RGB LEDs as well. It’s based on the X370 chipset from AMD, supporting
RYZEN 7, 5 and 3 CPUs. It’s also based and positioned in MSI’s Enthusiast
GAMING segment. So looking at the back you’ll notice also
plenty of features being described in detail, but we will take a closer look at that once
we open up the box. So now it’s time to check out what’s inside. First of all, you’re greeted with the board itself. And we’re going to take a closer look once
we checked out all the other stuff that’s inside the box. The M7 ACK comes with 4 SATA cables, 2 of
them are angled. It also comes with an internal USB eXtender
for your front chassis. And with RGB Extension cables, 4-pins. An SLI bridge. And of course, being ACK, with a Wireless
AC card from Killer, with Dual Antennas. An I/O Shield, nice in red and black. And a Gaming Shield to put on the front of
your case, or somewhere else, if you feel creative. We also have a driver disk, this contains
all the drivers needed to set up your system correctly. However, I recommend to always go to the product
page on msi.com to download the latest drivers and use those. But, if you are out of internet, for whatever
reason, you can always use the CD. Then you have our Thank You card, which is
a register note to remind you that if you register your product on msi.com you get plenty
of promotions, up-to-date information about new BIOS versions etcetera. so be sure to always register your product
on msi.com. Always a nice way to get a chance to win prizes as well. There is a quick installation guide inside,
if you’re going to quickly set up your system. Mount the CPU etc.There are cable labels as
well, so for SATA, for USB, you can simply print or write down any label you would like
and use these to identify your cables more easily. And last but not least we always have the
detailed manual as well, to perfectly set up your system and make sure to maximize all
the features we have to offer. And a little instruction how to install the
memory modules and AMD’s Wraith CPU cooler as well. So, this is everything that’s inside the box. Now, let’s take a look at the board. So let’s unpack it. It’s wrapped in anti static packing, making
sure there is no damage from Electro Static input. Taking out the board, the M7, you’ll see it
has thick heatsinks to harness all the power, to make sure you can also overclock on RYZEN of course. This M7 also comes with an External Clockgenerator,
so you have no limits when overclocking. It has plenty of power phases to harness all
that power as I mentioned. And to make sure M.2 devices do not throttle
and always deliver the maximum throughput of data, you can use the M.2 Shield FROZR,
which is connected to the heatsink. Simply install M.2 devices and benefit from
the cooling done by the thick heatsink as well. And as displayed on the box, it also comes
with Mystic Light RGB. In this area right here, with this IO cover,
through the audio part and PCI part as well as the PCH heatsink, you can all change up
to 16.8 million colors and 17 LED effects. And the M7 also supports Mystic Light Sync,
which means all LED colors and effects can be synced with other popular brands RGB products. So we already talked a little bit about connectivity
but obviously there’s more than M.2. We also have plenty of SATA connectors, a
U.2 connector, USB 3.1 at the front, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C for the front and of course, looking
at the back, plenty of USB 3.1 Gen2 connectors either in Type-A or Type-C for 10 Gb/s USB speeds. And one of the other unique features on the
X370 GAMING M7 ACK is the inclusion of Killer DoubleShot PRO. This means the board comes with Killer E2500
LAN, but at the same time with a Killer WIFI 1535 AC card. And you can even combine them and use them
at the same time, which means you can prioritize your game traffic to go over the LAN port,
but use other traffic over your network to go through WIFI, so you’ll always experience
the lowest latency when playing your games online. And this motherboard also comes with the best
of the best audio solution. So located underneath this cover right here
is Audio Boost 4. And with Audio Boost 4 you get a set of high
quality components featuring an ALC1220 HD Audio Processor as well as ChemiCon capacitors
for example, but also fully isolated from the rest of the motherboard to give you that
pure, more immersive sound experience when playing your games. We already talked a little bit about the performance
and heatsinks. So underneath these covers right here you’ll
find a 13-phase DrMOS PWM design, ready for world-class overclocking, however that’s not all. We also have DDR4 Boost, for the best memory
performance and stability. This is a fully isolated DDR4 design together
with Steel Armor, to give you nothing but the best. So this wraps our unboxing of the X370 GAMING
M7 ACK motherboard. If you want to know more, visit the product
page on msi.com. Thank you for watching, I’m Martijn and Happy Gaming!

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  1. MSI im satisfy if you give me a gaming notebook GS63 7RG stealth pro with NVIDIA GTX 1070MAXQ. I CAN PLAY EVERYWHERE

  2. English and Dutch are pretty closely related. Good video. I have an X370 Gaming Titanium and a Crosshair XI Hero. I love the looks of the MSI board much better.

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