X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC – Ultimate performance, maximum customization | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

He guys, my name is Eric and I will introduce
to you our MSI X399 GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard. This beauty has an all black PCB and comes
with a carbon look & feel. The heatsink covers are swappable and in the
box you will find an extra set of golden and silver heatsink covers. If you are the creative type you can 3D print
them yourself. The MSI X399 GAMING PRO CARBON is made for
the AMD RYZEN Threadripper CPU which has up to 16 cores. So this makes it the ideal platform for content
creators and for gamers. It comes with 8 DDR4 memory slots supporting
quad channel memory. With the MSI DDR4 boost technology we offer
an optimized PCB layout giving you the best possible memory performance on the market. The CPU is powered by a 13 phase VRM design
build with high quality military class components. There are two 8-pin power connectors for the
CPU and in case you are worried about cooling we have an extra fan stand in the box so you
can create extra airflow on the VRM design. Audio is very important and what is why we
have Audio Boost 4, so you can hear all enemies coming. This means it comes with a completely separated
audio circuitry, with high-end amplifiers and special audio capacitors which results in
a really warm sound. And with Nahimic 2+ you can enhance you audio
experience even more. If you are into online gaming you know how
lag can ruin you game. This motherboard comes with MSI gaming lan
powered by Intel. With the MSI bandwidth manager you can priortize
network traffic avoiding any lag. So now you are ready to win on the battlefield. If you are a content creator you know how
important fast storage is. This motherboard comes with 3 Turbo M.2 slots
all equiped with M.2 Shield. This will prevent SSD Throttling and give
you max performance. Besides that there are 8 SATA connectors and
it comes with plenty of USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectors. So this board is packed and these are only a
few of the features the MSI X399 GAMING PRO CARBON has to offer. For more information please visit the product page. Thank you for watching.

9 thoughts on “X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC – Ultimate performance, maximum customization | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

  1. MSI Gaming, you messed up by not having an XPOWER board for x399, and by this board not having a single heatpipe on it, you're expecting owners to deal with blazing heat without any proper dissipation except for your cheap slab of metal heatsinks that don't offer anything without a fan on it. I'm disappointed, and I guess I'll wait until you decide if you want to better support this flagship platform better on the x499. Good amount of usbs, and SATA, but not a good layout and thermal design, unless you expect to run it in an open air bench, or have 14 fans on the motherboard. Releasing any "flagship" or "ultimate" motherboard without a heatpipe in 2017 is a huge fault of yours. Price of the platform and this board for $350, you're paying for a space heater at best, and no OC capabilities, unless you have the ability to swap out heatsinks with LN2 or something to that extent. All around support for x399 boards released has been a letdown, nothing has 10 SATA, or 15 USBs on the I/O, and every one is trying to throw wifi on board, rather than a 10GBit ethernet port as an add in card, rather than having an all in one capable setup. I'm waiting to see a GODLIKE or XPOWER or ASUS TUF series x399 and x370/x470 boards all that have heatpipes on board, cause if you're paying for the top chipset, it should include heatpipes.

  2. hey guys! my name is eric! And I will interduece you or MSI XT 99 game pro carvon monoblock. Dis beauty has all black PCB and comes witha carva looka feel.

  3. Hi MSI! Can you tell me what addressable RGB strips are compatible with this motherboard? The J Rainbow header on this board is not a standard 5v 3 pin one!!!

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