X570 ASRock Motherboards – There are 10 of them Coming!

– Welcome back to Computex 2019 and I am here at the ASRock booth where they have a heap of
new motherboards on display, and for X570, it’s actually
10 new boards in total. So today, we’re gonna try and get through these as best as possible. And these are the boards that are gonna be supporting those new Ryzen 3000 chips, which we saw that three
of them were announced, but five of them were actually listed. So, that’s the six cores, the eight cores, and the 12 core CPUs from AMD. These are the boards that will hopefully be the ones to pick, but let’s go through them all
and give you guys the details. (upbeat music) So going from the list top
to bottom, we first off have the X570 Aqua with that option for water coolers who need
the water block installed. Now we’re talking 12+2 phases in total for 14 direct phases for these CPUs. This one also features Thunderbolt. That’s right, Thunderbolt
3, and 10G Aquantia LAN. As well as having two Gen
4×4 slots there for NVMe. So this thing is absolutely packed. It’s the top of the line flagship board. The one thing that does trend through with some of these boards is that that Dr. MOS 14 phase design is gonna be in some of
the higher-end boards. So even though the Aqua itself is gonna be top of the line, it’s still gonna feature the same VRM that is powering, for
example, the X570 Creator which is their next board. Which has again the
12+2 phase power design, but it doesn’t have water cooling. But this one actually has
two Thunderbolt ports on it, as well as a 10 gig LAN solution on board. So I guess this on actually is geared up towards creators, that’s no joke. Next up here is the third board in line and this is the Phantom Gaming X and actually my personal
favorite in terms of its looks. I think it looks phenomenal. Massive heat sink over the
actual chip set hub itself as well as having a
12+2 phase power design. Dr. MOS direct phases. This one has triple Gen 4×4 NVMe. It also has the Realtek 2.5G LAN solution as well as having Wi-Fi 11ax. So that’s currently
the best Wi-Fi solution you can get on a motherboard. That is included. They also have integrated IO shields all the way down to the Extreme4 and this is a flex design
that ASRock is implementing. So in the case of some
integrated IO shields from the competitors, for example, you can have a little bit of trouble if the actual IO shield
cutout doesn’t match since it is a fixed solution. This one on the other hand, on all these X570 boards, has some flex in it, so
that is a good thing to see. But next up on the line is the X570 Taichi which again has that same high end VRM but it is essentially going away with no fancy LAN solutions. You’ve just got the one gigabit
per second LAN solution. Three Gen 4×4 NVMe slots as well as a Wi-Fi solution included, which is the 11ax Wi-Fi solution. Then moving on, we have the Extreme4 which is a very popular
choice back in the day, especially in the Z77 days, for being that value king. It seems like they’re keeping the Extreme4 as their value king. But going with a blue
carbon and black theme here. Actually quite interesting. As well as having an 8+2 Dr. MOS direct phases on the VRM. So, 10 phases in total and cutting away 4 phases
versus the higher end models. But it also has a type C, so they’re not going with
Thunderbolt on this model. I think the top two X570 boards will have that Thunderbolt delivery. But next in the stack
is the X570 Steel Legend having the same VRM as the Extreme4, sort of that mid-range VRM. Integrated IO shield, RGB, dual heat sinks on PCIe, 4×4 NVMes. And then moving down in the stack, we have the X570 Pro4 and the Pro4-M. I am told these are entry level boards so don’t expect any 16 cores overclocking at 10 gigahertz, for example. As well as having 2 oz copper PCBUs throughout all the boards. So they are making sure
that they are still sticking with quality and even though this board isn’t going to be the best overclocker it still has 48 amp chokes as well as an 8+2 phase power design on the VRM delivery. Then last, but certainly not least, I’ve saved this special till last. This is the ITX version, the Phantom Gaming-ITX X570. They’ve already got something in the works before the Ryzen 3000 chips are out. And the special thing
about this board is that it features Thunderbolt on
board as well as having an LGA cooler mounting system in place which I didn’t think was possible, but ASRock have done it with the 1151 cooler mounting system. You can put it on this ITX board. That essentially enables
for more cooling options. Now for the VRM, they’ve
got 10 phases in total, 8+2 design here, direct phases, Dr. MOS design just like those other boards that
we saw here on display. And I am told this board will be able to support a 16 core absolutely fine. Now in terms of demos and showing you guys actual performance of
the chips themselves, I was told that ASRock were only told that they could show the
actual PCIe NVMe Gen 4 speeds and so they had something on display here and the speeds were absolutely monstrous. If you guys didn’t know, PCIe Gen 4 offers double the speeds as the PCIe Gen 3. But another important thing
to point out on that note is that every single chip set heat sink on these X570 boards has a active fan so basically that PCIe Gen 4, I believe it is putting out enough heat to warrant the requirement
of a fan on board. So with that, you may see some higher idling power consumption on X570, but I won’t exactly know until I get a hands-on for you guys July 7th. And as I said in the intro, we don’t know about
the exact release dates of these motherboards nor the pricing as they can’t give that information out just yet. But I am told that it should be released before July 7th. So you will be able to
get your motherboard before you get your Ryzen 3000 CPU. Anyway guys that’s it for the X570 motherboards on display here at the ASRock booth at Computex 2019. If you guys enjoyed this video, then you know what to do. Hit that like button for us. Also if you want to see these videos the moment they drop, sub button, ring the bell and they’ll be delivered to your sub box the moment they drop. And with that aside, I’ll catch you guys in another tech video very soon but also on that note, let us know what you
think about these boards, the designs. I think that they look super
cool ASRock’s definitely picking up their game when it comes to getting
the aesthetics right as well as getting the
delivery of everything someone would want in different lineups. For instance, that Taichi, for those people that
just want to overclock, has that VRM ready to go. Anyway guys peace out for now. Bye (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “X570 ASRock Motherboards – There are 10 of them Coming!

  1. Dumb Question:
    Could all these mobo manufactures not place small fan to all the boards before AMD's announcement?

  2. good stuff Bryan, some of the boards look incredible. cant wait for your benchmarks/first impressions.

  3. Are the B350 boards not gonna support Zen 2? I thought that was kind of the point of the AM4 socket, to be future proof?

  4. Im totally sold on the ITX ASRock board, i got a H310 itx for my 8400 since i did the change to ITX and has worked like a charm, never had any problems and the features are pretty good, awesome to see we are getting thunderbolt to be featured more often, specially on an ITX board.

  5. I'll be happy for a GOOD mini-ITX board for Ryzen for my ongoing small kickass rig project, as i've had quite a few of m-ITX AM4 boards fail (only one i havent tried is Gigabyte AB350n or Asrock B450/B350i). I'm currently using a cheapo Prime b350 with a 2600x hitting its limit so i could use a CPU as well as a performance headroom upgrade. I love Ryzen and this is coming from previously always an Intel user. I've had some bios issues with stability before but performance of them chips are great.

  6. Haven't had a good experience with previous Asrock Ryzen boards, I think i'm gonna go with MSI this time round.

  7. If only manufacturers would stop with those tacky slogans like at 2:15 "FAST/MYSTERIOUS/UNBEATABLE" I mean come on 😀
    Anyways, thanks for the great coverage. Looking forward to what Aorus is going to bring.

  8. As a long time Mini ITX pc builder I am eager to get my hands on the new Asrock Mini ITX X570 motherboard and either a 12 or 16 core Ryzen 3000 cpu. Nice reporting there Bryan. Keep up the great work.

  9. My new go to brand will the Phantom gaming brand from Asrock. Can't wait for all the reviews on new AMD products and its ecosystem.

  10. Hyped for that ITX board. Better be cheaper than the other boards that are on the floor with a price estimate of $200!

  11. Some Asrock X570 boards are already on their website eg https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570%20Taichi/index.asp

  12. i wont to see a x570 extreme 11 you know like the all out baler of a board they had with the x99 platform we can use 4x m.2 on a single pci-e card now so 7 x16 pci-e slots has a use case i mean lets face it why wast space on a board with m.2 when you can put it on a pci-e card 128 gig quad channel memory 10g internet you get the picture all the sweet stuff

  13. i love that asrock are bringing out an m-atx 'x' series board, been waiting for this for ages now

  14. very very leary when I see a motherboard that uses a fan to cool it's chipset…and still probably can't acheive over 5 ghz without it melting something on it.It almost seems like AMD wants to do good but in doing so,it ends up running too hot or sucking way too much power.I'll stick to my Z390 setup(STABLE as HELL) and leave it to the guinea pigs to to take the plunge.

  15. Does the Taichi X570 motherboard house a thunderbolt-3 port like you mentioned in their mini-itx variants?

    Great video as always

  16. When your top of the line X370 board is only considered entry-mid level of X570 lineups. I feel bad for my Asus C6E

  17. I´m not sure if a flexing PCB board is a good thing. Especially for the solder joints. Fortunately it´s nature is to get screwed into a computer case.

  18. Finally a white accent AMD board its been like forever
    Edit: Just realise its a water cooling board and there is only 1000unit

  19. The first Asrock board I bought bricked. And then they shafted me on the warranty. Do not think I will be dipping my toe again for quite some time.

  20. I thoroughly enjoy seeing you do videos on the tech side Bryan not just the deal hunting videos. I respect you for your reviews and rely a lot on your AMD coverage of products.

  21. Would like to know which boards have Tbolt headers even if they don't have onboard ports.

    The specs are available for the Taichi and Phantom X boards, and both feature ability to use thunderbolt expansion cards.

    It would be nice to know whether that's the case for the lower end versions as well b/c it would be a huge incentive to buy an ASRock for me.

  22. Bought a x370 tiachi. Nice board. But, flashed it, bricked it. Need better bios file validation. Who knows if the file I downloaded was what they uploaded.

  23. sweet combination on that BMPCC 4K tho. Mine has a Samsung T5 holder, NP-F battery cage and a sun hood for the 5" screen attached to the Tilta half cage.

  24. really do u need to zoom in that near on the board?
    what is the purpose?
    What the hell just show the whole picture of the board
    GN did better in the report

  25. The one board i wanted to see you just glossed over. As far as I know ASRock is the only one making a Micro ATX and you just blew through it like it wasn’t even there.

  26. Like that they offer at least on some X570 motherboard Thunderbolt 3. I was very disappointed that the other motherboard manufacturer, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI did not. Anyone know why?

  27. thinking about getting either a 150$ x470 or a entry x570 but i didnt know if i should get the 330$ chip or the 400$ one

  28. Good Review buddy, always been an ASRock Supporter – their Purity Audio solution on seperate PCB layers for Left & Right channels is a winner.

    Best Wishes sent

  29. Why are all in one water monoblock designs for motherboard always so ridiculously expensive? I get that it will cost more than just standard metal heatsinks but designing and manufacturing those intricate shapes in metal isn't free and water blocks are just metal and plastic together so I don't really understand why the price difference is so crazy.

    As I am sure you have seen that ASRock X570 Aqua caused a massive stir at Computex 2019 but it's limited edition and $999!

    You can normally get a decent motherboard for around $200-$300, why doesn't a mobo manufacturer use their decent mid-range board, save all the money from the metal heat spreaders, put a mono water block on and charge an extra $100 for it all? Once they start to mass produce the water blocks they wouldn't be that expensive or they could enter into a partnership with EK Water Blocks.

    Whichever way it's achieved the mobo manufacturer would have an amazingly popular product and win the hearts and minds of an entire generation of tech fanboys plus win a barrage of reviews and praise. Something you can't put a price on.

  30. Aloha:-) Please, Please review the Asrock X570M Pro4 micro-ATX mobo! There is so little love for the micro's nowadays.

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