Xbox diseña linea de ropa para gamers 🎮

Xbox a day During the E3 the prestigious clothing brand for gamers Metra Threads presented its line inspired by the console of Maicrosoft . The objective of this clothing range is to create a futuristic image for users looking to enjoy their games day by day . Metra Threads , the popular clothing line to join forces with Maicrosoft for his second generation of clothing Xbox , launched on July 11 during E3 2019 . Metra Threads and Microsoft have been working on a second line of clothing which highlights sports and technological influences . Maintaining an urban tone with style , the team will create functional modern clothes for players from all over the world . Steve Nabí co-founder and president of Metra Threads he said working with a team as talented as Xbox has made the creative development process an experience amazing . We are excited to announce our second collection with Xbox and we look forward to the futures projects . Microsoft is serious about its new strategy to create products for lifestyle . Only a few days ago, the company informed that it would start selling personal hygiene items . Now, the next step is to offer a clothes for you to dress like a gamer . The line will include t-shirts , jerseys , jackets , blouses , pants and more . ¿ The interesting ? that you can embroider your gamertag If you are interested, you can learn more about Metra Threads , your previous collaboration with Xbox and your articles available on your website official or in the description . Well I hope you liked the video there Any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to tell me I will gladly help you ¿ New in Xbox One, what questions do you have ? or go to this number is from xbox technical support 📞 + 1 (800) 892-5234. US Your call will be free . Don’t forget to subscribe Give it a strong like SHARE Subscribe Remember to ring the bell to let them know when a new video is uploaded . He says goodbye his friend Cook of Games see you later .

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  1. Si te gusta la moda y vestirte increíble este vídeo es para ti. El objetivo de esta gama de vestuario es crear una imagen futurista para los usuarios que buscan disfrutar de sus juegos día a día. Durante la E3 en el Lifestyle Appareal la prestigiosa marca de ropa para gamers Meta Threads presentara su línea inspirada en la consola de Microsoft .

    If you like fashion and dressing amazing this video is for you. The goal of this range of costumes is to create a futuristic image for users looking to enjoy their games day by day. During the E3 at Lifestyle Appareal the prestigious gamers clothing brand Meta Threads will present its line inspired by the console of Microsoft .

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