XFX AMD RX 460’s – Crossfire On The Cheap!

hey what’s going on tech fans welcome back once again detective tomorrow right now we’re just playing a little titanfall to know this games really fun and today we’re actually playing this game with two RX for sixties in crossfire now both these cards are provided by the company XFX we are paid no money for this review what’s or buts the cards were donated for free with that said I gotta say that these cars and crossfire for the price range is pretty doggone good could you can actually get both these cards for under 300 bucks so it’s pretty much crossfire on the cheap now both these XFX cards have the identical specs down the road the core clock on both cards is set at 1,200 20 megahertz there’s 800 tonight extreme processors 228 bit memory interface 7,000 megahertz on the memory clock minimum power supply recommend this board wants to really the only difference we can do two cards were using in today’s configuration is that one has a fan and one does not there’s no power connection required other than the pcie and as far as the cards look the one with the fan has a red top shroud and a single fan design the car that his family’s it’s totally different that it just features a heatsink on top with no fan whatsoever which means it’s also totally silent there’s already been a bunch of reviews out about the RX for 60 but today’s video is pretty much about bringing those cars to the table and crossfire now the test system that we’re using its the mirrors edge systems you guys happen to miss that video will have a link down below if you want to check out what we use now all cars were tested on Windows 10 with the latest updates as well as the latest drivers from AMD with that said though let’s check out ten games in crossfire with the RX 460 from XX and like i said earlier folks the only real difference between the cards the temperatures you guys can see the difference between the two and make up your mind which car would you actually see your build at the end of the day I must say though that these cards scale very well as you guys can see the RX 460 and cross fires almost double the scores across the board competing with higher end cards if you’re somebody who like those kind of numbers you can get this crossfire system like I said for under three hundred dollars it’s pretty much crossfire on the chief I’m network you guys been watching second tomorrow thanks for viewing the channel down below that like button will have all the information about these cards you can choose the one that suits your build rock on we’ll see you guys here for more tech on second tomorrow

100 thoughts on “XFX AMD RX 460’s – Crossfire On The Cheap!

  1. muy interesante, eso es genial para alguien con un presupuesto muy apretado, puede comprarse una buena motherboard y un procesador y comprarse una RX460, y al actualzar, en lugar de gastarse 250$ para cambiar de tarjeta por una 480 o por una 1060 simplemente compra otra 460 por 99$, asi reduce mucho los costos, y en caso de que quiera actualizar por algo mucho mas pesado luego, puede vender las dos 460

  2. see im in a spot i have the msirx460 oc'd to 1347mhz +36 volts and ram @ 1886mhz 2gig ram but im seriously looking at xfx rx470 triple or the black edition as i want the hard swap blue led fans and it has 4 gb ram

  3. For those saying a single card is better, you misunderstand the point of low end crossfire. This is a solution for people who can barely afford to get a system that has the 460 in it. Then 6 months later when they have another 100 dollars they can buy a second. It's a way for poor folks to build a reasonably powerful gaming system over time.

  4. The ideal situation to try crossfire is if you already bought one, then your mate sells you their identical card for practically nothing. Well hey, at least it's not useless, right?

  5. this is so pointless. $265 for crappy crossfire. its not optimized, your gonna hit alot of bugs and most games dont even support it. for that price buy a 480 or a 1060 or save $120 more and get a 1070 that absolutely destroys those cards. theres no reason for this video to even exist

  6. still sitting on my XFX Radeon HD 7850s. crossfire isn't always supported but driver updates can help. I got the second one on Craigslist for 50 bucks so it's not a bad deal.

    I think what people need to see here is that you don't have to buy new to do crossfire. and if your buying a used card for anywhere near full price then your shooting yourself in the foot. buy a RX460 new then if you need the power later go buy a used one and see if you can't get the price dropped.

    if your not playing intensive games then you probably don't need an RX480 right now. unless you want to "future proof".

    not to mention that usually my second cards fan doesn't kick up all that high so even if the fan is crap or you have a passive cooler heats no big deal. and I have no doubt it's probably saving the life of my original card because it's not always running at 90 to 100 % all the time like it had to previously.

  7. people only argue in the comments, this video can be for someone that has an rx 460 in their rig already and is thinking about upgrading a GPU. If you're on a budget this could be a good option since its only about 94 – 100 dlls for one of these cards.

  8. wait a second, has cf been like this before? the jump in performance gain is twice than non-cf. i thought it would be like 20% only. never looked into it because i only have hd7850 before and now rx470.

  9. I was a bit surprised that it scaled that well in terms of average fps tbh, it was pretty much close to 100% scaling which is amazing

  10. Cool idea, never thought about sticking a pair of 460's in Crossfire. I think this video illustrates pretty well though that you are generally just better off getting a 480 instead of a pair of 460s.

  11. I would love to see more recent crossfire reviews. I currently have an 8350 with a single xfx 480 but I want to upgrade to two 480's and Ryzen in the future but there is not much out there on it.

    I know this is a little old but I found my 8gb 480 for $160 at micro center. That plus a ryzen cpu should be awesome for the money.

  12. thx for the information for the score of the rx460 crossfire, this is gonna help me a lot, because some of my friend thinking RX460 can't crossfire 😞😞

    because im going to do same thing like you do @techoftomorrow 😊😊

  13. do you have an explanation for the overwatch result? noticed that the single 460 lost 8 fps gping from 1080 to 1440 and gained over a 100% scaling in crossfire. is the scaling the same with 470 or 480?

  14. What about two of those 460 fanless, that would make a good combination, is any of those cards compatible with a Dell Optiplex 780SFF

  15. This normally would be worth it but the RX 480 and GTX1060 are extremely competitive products in their price range. You are better off getting the RX480 8GB

  16. considering a single 2gb 460 costs approx £80 now a pair for 160 is less than a 470 and 10 more than the average 1050ti and same as the 1060 so i would happily buy 2 460s in crossfire

  17. why would you spend money on xfx rx 460 4g cf that costs around $280(exc. the motherboard that supports cf,it isn't cheap)when you can spend cheaper on rx 480 8g for around $200-$240,for better performance?

    bad option tbh imo

  18. Which of the 460s was the one with lower temps?? Also, better idea to just get a 480, if going by the numbers alone.

  19. In the coming weeks, the RX 500 series including the 560 will come out, as a result you will see a price slash on all RX 400 series in the near future by a bit, because the newer cards are a little more power efficient and may see performance increase to match the gains (~15% increase).

    Not to mention that it'd be possible for owners of 460 to buy a 560 and crossfire them at cheap, or buy a used, cheaper 460 at that point.

  20. I've been looking around…. is that single slot 460 the fastest single slot gpu on the market?

  21. hey guys I really need your help in this:
    2x rx 460 4gb(crossfire)
    = rx 460 8gb
    is that possible in directx 12?

  22. This is relevant now when all its RX big brothers are gone to mine Ethereum or smthg FFS

    Also, weren't this cores unlockable? to the GTX 1050 performance levels

  23. This is actually a really good option considering the scalping being done with the higher end RX 400s and 500s

  24. Anyone think this is a more viable solution with the mining craze thats happening? you can also buy these used on ebay for cheap too, so this may actually be worth it now.

  25. with the the shortage of rx 570s and 580s due to mining, this crossfire setup actually seems like a very worthwhile investment. You can get two cheaper rx 560s running for $200-220. Or wait months until you can find a 580, but I have a feeling it's gonna be marked up even when it is in stock again.

  26. my local Microcenter had a bunch of open box RX 460s for pretty much under half retail. Picked up 2 of them for 60 USD.

  27. Its ok to crossfire the rx 460 !? ( 480 / 580 its almost 500$ in my country )I can get the 460 for 70$ from a friend btw….

  28. RX 460/560 are performing worse than a R9 270X from 2013. The price difference isn't even all that much when both cards were new. The state of the GPU market is fucking shit.

  29. But, You didn't speak about the stuttering issue. It's present in few game titles and in some titles, it's unbearably worse !

  30. It would have been nice to see a RX470 in the mix. I've read the RX460 in CF is equal to a RX470. Also what memory size is used on both 2G and 4G or 4G on both. I have an RX460 4G and considering buying a 2G fanless for CF.

  31. Crossfiring two 460´s is making more and more sense now that the high end card prices are trough the roof. I can get 2 x RX 460 4gb versions used for around 100-120€ as for the 480s the used ones are actually more than what they were new! Used 480s are close to or over 300€ here. I could get a used 1050 ti for 150€, but two rx 460s will be cheaper and more performance than the 1050ti. The 1050 ti is a good card though if you have limited psu.

  32. look let me pay u for shiling i need a card email me i am a youtuber lmk if u need a ked work shop light i make u one for my card thats ny habby makeing led lights

  33. When I went to buy my 1050 ti, the RX 460 4gb was $80 on Amazon and the 1050 to was $158. The crossfire set-up would have been 2$ more and alot better to (free-sync)

  34. Just a note, if you have one of the many SFF pre-builds from Dell, Lenovo, Compaq or HP with two Pcie slots, this is the fastest low profile option available. (Be aware that some Dell models can't use 2 dual slot cards, since the full length slots are next to each other)

  35. crossfired hd3450/hd2400xt's = lololol wtf no. crossfire hd4670's actually Great for the time in the 3 games that used cf. hd4850/4870/4890's pointless completely pointless lol….. stopped paying attention to crossfire due to shrinking support for it. if only they could do something cool like dedicate 1 card for all desktop needs and dedicate other card for gaming and intigrate some kind of Software Assisted Picture in picture Display. . but nay..

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