XFX Radeon HD 4650 Video Card

this is an interesting card. Check out the cooler
on this XFX 4650. This thing is awesome. It’s got a big passive back aluminum,
on the top, and its got a big GPU Cooler,
it’s external, on the back, with a lot of fins.
It’s got 2 heat pipes in total, coming out through here, and then
an additional 2 heat pipes over here, kind of, I guess to transfer
more heat to the far side of the card. It’s completely passive,
there is no cooling on here. But if you wanted to, I’m pretty sure you
could throw a fan on there and cool that, But, I don’t think you’ll need it
cause this is a very nice and clean and cool running card.
A lot of great features. And, let’s talk about ’em. First of all, the 4650 is a very,
let’s say, low-mid range budget card. It plays all the like older games.
It’ll play like all your old Warcraft games, and your Starcrafts.
It’ll play all of your Call of Duty 4s. It will will play all the Steam games:
Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike: Source, and all that good stuff.
Absolutely no problem. It will decode Bluerays,
like its nobody’s business. It’s the perfect card
for your casual gamer. If you’re not a hardcore gamer,
this is the perfect card. It will let you play other games,
like Crisis, you’ll just have to play them
at lower settings. But besides that, if you don’t want
to spend a lot of money; you wanna get a card
that’s looks really cool; this might be it.
Check it out. Look at those Red DVI Ports.
That’s cool. I mean, I can’t say anything bad about that.
It looks very very cool. Very cool CPU cooler and it actually is still a single slot
solution, so if you wanted to run a single slot, only a small portion of it
is gonna actually go into the 2nd slot. That means that you still have
a 2nd peripheral card underneath, if that’s the case, and that’s what
you need, it won’t be a problem. PCI Express 2.0, x16 obviously.
It will work on PCI Express, 2.0 x8, or just a regular PCI Express x16, it’s back
where it’s compatible. Not a problem. Dual-Link DVIs are gonna do
2560 x 1600 each, utilizing twin
400 MHz Ram Decks. You also get included in the Cable,
a S-Video cable, so if you wanna go S-Video to your TV,
right there, you can do that. It will actually do some decent
definition, 480p, which is nice. Also included in the box, in case you have
an older monitor, is a DVI to VGA dongle. And, let’s talk a little bit
about these SPECS. This is a 600 MHz Core,
on here, for the GPU. It’s got 320 shaders
at 600 MHz, as well. As you know, the ATI stuff
has always matched up. The cord of the shaders
are almost always matched up. So, if it’s running at 600 MHz on the Core,
the shaders, or the ALUs, or the Stream Processors,
or whatever you wanna call them, are gonna also be at 600. Now, this is a 1 GB Version. As you can see, over here on the box,
it does say it here somewhere. There you go.
1 GB of GDDR2 Memory, right there. And that is 1000 MHz effective DDR2,
so that’s pretty quick for some DDR2 Memory. 128-bit Memory Interface.
For that, there’s 32 Text Ring Units, and there’s 8 Raster Operators
on this card. It is very tough to balance. So, really good stuff.
Besides that, you’re gonna get the Avivo HD Processing.
You combine that with HDMI Support and UVD, which is a Unified Video Decoder,
and you combine that with HDCP, and that means you can pretty much get any
high depth video content and stream it to any type of Monitor, TV,
or whatever, as long as it’s HDCP certified, you’re not gonna have any problem playing
Bluerays and HD DVDs or DRM, non DRM free high depth content
that you download off the Web. Another thing that’s really cool about this
is that is required a very small power supply You only need about a 400 watt,
and that’s what XFS recommends, which, you might be able to undercut that a little
bit, maybe with 350 or 375 it will work. It does not take a lot of amperage
on a 12 volt rail, and as far as power goes,
this is really great. Take a look at this.
Yeah. See it? See it?
See it? Oh, there it is.
Oh, no, wait, where is it? Oh, it doesn’t exists.
This card doesn’t even need it. That’s how cool this is. You don’t need a 6-pin PCI Express Connector
You don’t need an 8-pin PCI Connector. You don’t need combinations of both,
and either or. You just pop it in,
and it will run. So,
that’s really good. Also, this is a .1 Card,
that’s what I call them. Direct X 10.1, Shader Model 4.1,
OpenGL 2.1, all the latest and greatest. It does support all of those.
And it does support CrossFire X, ad you can see right here,
you will be able to do CrossFire, no problem. So,
that’s very cool. And just so you know
what’s in the box. Hang on let me try
to balance it one more time. Damn,
I’m getting good at this. Installation guide,
a graphics card driver disk, the S-Video cable,
the VGA/DVI dongle adapter, the quick start guide, if you don’t have
patience to read the regular instructions. And, the ‘do not disturb, I’m gaming’
hanger for your door. Get out of here Mom. Get out Mom,
I’m playing. And I don’t even know what this is.
But this is your support information on the back, with your
user name and your password. Really,
really good stuff. And my favorite part of this whole thing.
This thing has got a lifetime warranty, so if it ever breaks,
you’re covered. Don’t worry about it. 4650 ATI from XFS.
They don’t just do InVideo nowadays, They’re also doing
ATI. They didn’t keep it real.
They sold out, but whatever. They make an awesome card,
and this think looks really sweet, with Red DVI Ports,
and that really cool cooler. So, it’s an awesome card.
Go ahead and pick it up. If you have any questions on it,
email me, and I’ll see you guys
next time. For more information on the
XFS HD Radeon 4650 Graphics Card, type in P450-4654 into the search engine
of any of these major retailers. For computertv,
I’m Albert. Wow. Yeah, I didn’t fall.
The chair fell. I was just out of it. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “XFX Radeon HD 4650 Video Card

  1. hey can anyone tell me if it runs on windows xp? idk if it matters…im trying to play games like allods and requiem so please reply

  2. @MRxKRAZZY of course it will work.. but the direct x 10 and cross fire wont work they only work on vista and win 7 i think 😀

  3. for the price, this is awesome…though if you wanna run the lastest and greatest games on high setttings..id suggest you purchase something else, great card but far from top of the line… I have it and it does everything I want it to do, plays tons of games nicely, runs HD video smoothly (no lag), great buy for the casual gamer =D 5/5

  4. @MutilateYOU dude really wtf u have a quad core cpu and 2gigs of ddr2 ok u need to get a better psu and u need to get a 5450 1gb

  5. Ive never seet the 4650 with the heatsink and no fan.. wierd.. if u go to bustbuy dot com and search "XFX Ati Radeon 4650" it shows one with a fan on it.. is the one with fan older or newer? which one is better? im asking bcz i plan on buying this card. thanks

  6. @dragata1 Dude the 4650 is faster than a 5450 btw. and the amount of memory for this range of gpus u dont even need 1gb, 512 is enuf.

  7. @MsEnigma6 Yeah they can but it will get choppy when you explore.

    You wont be able to max it out and have it be playable but it runs decent on medium settings.

    It can run fallout perfectly with minimal slow downs on max settings tho for some odd reason.

  8. @DudethatGross My old pc with this card and a core 2 duo can play Starcraft 2 on medium decently, i'm guessing that's what you can expect with your pc.

  9. @DudethatGross Which processor, but in the end it doesn't really matter too much, you shouldn't get much lag in medium, but i can't say for ultra/high.

  10. my com is a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz,1 GB (DDR2 SDRAM) 160 gb of hard drive.

    I need a graphic card :]

    Anyone reccommend

  11. I wanna know the max clock this card supports, CCC says 700mhz but ATI TRAY TOOLS 900Mhz (core clock) and when I clock it to 780mhz or more, my monitors got stuck and I have to restart the pc.

    PD: Got windows 7 and 2 monitors, how can I run a game with BOTH cuz W7 doesnt has Horizontal Span as XP so the game just runs in the primary monitor

  12. @PinoyGamers mmm a low profile card that u wont change fore a year can be the 4850 or 4670, nvidia 9600gt or 9600gtx

  13. I got this one and it's overheating when playing for example gta4 pops out a window about vpu recover and temp is around 100'C

  14. @DudethatGross Yeah, i think that card will probably bottleneck the pc, since sc2 is cpu intensive you might get to high, but ultra i can't say.

  15. @ntt4rz
    I wouldn't recommend that 4650 cos I'm not happy with it at all I would go with something different.
    Cant tell about gf 9500 cos i didn't have all i can tell if u want go for gaming do not buy 4650

  16. Will this run well with a Phenom quad-core, 4 gigs o ram? I would like to play L4D, Cod 4, and Starcraft… :S

  17. on my tv i can only play on 800×600 for a mmo like rift what could i run at? (im not one of those people who care about graphics i just want the game to run smooth) building my own computer soon and was thinking about this card with a six core processor how would it run?

  18. @Ram256PL For it's price its isn't. It's quite a good card.
    Just because it didn't run some games on max settings for you, doesn't mean it was crap.

  19. @Ram256PL Yep. You don't really know what you're talking about.
    It can run Crysis on high and even very high but not on a big resolution.
    And Black Ops on masx with no problems.
    As well as NFS Shift and Dirt 3.
    Bad Company 2 is harder for every graphics card.
    Go and get informed please.

  20. @Ram256PL Ehem.
    Go and check the internet, I bet your pc has something wrong.
    I need some more specs, oh and just because your 4890 can't doesn't mean other can't.
    Go and check some videos first smarty.

  21. @FOGoticus : the manufacturer's website says the recommended is 400 W for all the 4600 series ..but i red so many reviews and articles on testing websites that states it works more than fine with a 300 W PSU ..some reviews says it works fine with even a 275 W PSU ..so i was wandering if someone personally tried to work this card with a 300 W or lesser PSU ..
    i'd be thankful for a reply ..

  22. @meroooo1860 Hehe. Well. I've just gotten the AGP version of this card.
    Gonna see if it works with the 400 W power suply.

  23. @FOGoticus : thanx mate ..but i have a 300 W PSU and i was wondering will this card work with it or will i have to upgrade ..

  24. @shaneme3
    i have a 1.8ghz dual core, 8gb ram and a HD4670
    (but for the sake of this comment, yesterday i had 3gb ram so ill tell you about that)
    on mw2, i got 120fps, at 1280×720, everything off apart from specular shadows and bullet holes but textures all on extra

  25. @shaneme3
    thats just a reference for you so depending on your other components, you should be able to yes
    however games like mw2 and cod4 run at 60fps to be playable

  26. @AvnitRag hmm I have one of these, and I also play Crysis. I run crysis with almost everything Ultra high.. I just take of post and shadows I use medium. My avg fps is 28, so its good for me :3

  27. so i have a radeon 4650 but mine looks nothing like this it says it has 1gb of ddr2 on the from but i have a asus essentio with ddr3 ram will i be able to run this?
    i play world of warcraft also would i run it well

  28. Who gives a shit about looks I just care about how it runs. The damn thing could be shit green with rainbow dots and as long as it runs good I will use it.

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