XFX Radeon HD 4830 Video Card

Alright, so you might be a little bit confused.
You might be thinking, this video card says XFX, and that
box says Radeon HD on it, and it’s got a 4800 series model number,
and you might be like, I don’t get it. What’s going on.
XFX makes video cards. Well, guess what? They don’t anymore.
They have actually defected and it makes sense because ATI has been doing really good
with their 4800 series line of cards. And that really took a bite
out of Nvidia this year. And so, XFX has defected.
They left. They’re making both now. They do make Nvidia cards still,
so don’t freak out. Don’t think that you’re never going to
see another 9800 GTX Plus from XFX. But, now they also make the 4,000 series line
of video cards, the 4800 series, actually. So, here we are today with the 4830,
which is actually one of the best, cost conscience, budget, yet still high
performance, gaming cards on the market. The 4830 is basically a 4850.
It’s got the RV770, which is the same GPU,
they just cut down the frequency a little bit, they removed some
of the shaders. You actually have 800 shaders in the 4850.
The 4830 has 640. So they got rid of a couple of those
clusters on there. And then also you had 40 texturizing units on the 4850.
You only have 32 on the 4830. But, everything else is essentially the same.
Plus, because of the fact that they’re using an underclocked RV770, there’s usually
some pretty good overhead there for overclocking. Now that might have all
sounded like a bunch of nonsense to you, if you’re just looking at this video
thinking should I get this video card? I’ll make it simple for you. This is a
great card if your monitor is not bigger than 22”. If you’re not
playing the craziest games. If you just need something
that’s gonna get you by, give you some very high performance,
some great, great video, on almost all the games in the market
This card’s right up your alley. It’s very affordable. Now, let me tell you a little bit about the specs.
Let’s get those out of the way, first of all. Core clock on this is 575.
Like I said, it’s down 50 from the 4850, but it’s very easy to overclock it back,
and the catalyst controllers that come with this card actually have your
overclocking features already built-in. So, you just slide a slider over,
you’re right back on top. It has 640 stream processors,
which are also operating at 575 MHz. ATI architecture usually means that
the cores are going to be operating at the same frequency as the shaders.
Now, you also have 512 MB of GDDR3, which is operating on a
256-bit memory interface bus. And, it’s actually…
forgot the MHz. MHz. MHz. Anybody?
Frequencies? 1800. 1800 MHz for the 4830.
So, that’s very… It’s 900 regular, and then that’s 1800 effective DDR2.
It’s DDR3 memory, and so, you’re gonna actually… It’s twice as fast. It’s being double pumped.
So it’s nine and nine is 1800. So it operates at 1800 MHz effective,
which is very, very fast. It is also going to require that you
have a 6-pin power connector. So, keep that in mind too.
That keeps it nice and simple because not everybody has
a ton of different connectors, or two, or an eight pin.
This is one single 6-pin. That’s all it’s gonna take.
You can definitely run this with a 450 or a 500 watt
power supply. No problem. You’re not going to need anything
crazy, or big. Also on the back, just so that you know, the way this
thing looks, you have red DVI plugs, which are very, very cool looking.
This is PCI Express 2.0, and pretty much, except for the fact
that the case is completely different, it says XFX. This is just like any other
4830, except that it’s made by XFX, and you’re just not used to seeing them
from this brand. So, let me fill you in on the rest of the regular stuff.
This is a PCI Express 2.0 Card. It will work with PCI Express
1.0 in the X16 size. It doesn’t really matter. It will work,
it just won’t be at its full bandwidth. But you still will get the
same amount of performance. It has those dueling DVIs right there.
It’ll do 2560 x 1600 lines of resolution. So, if you have a big 30” monitor,
it’s not going to be a problem. You’ll be able to hook it
up to that no problem. You also get CrossFire supports. If you
want to throw a second one of these. Or, maybe the big brother,
or 4850, or maybe a 4870, or maybe even a 4870 X2.
You can actually run CrossFire with all the different cards
and it’ll keep on working. Now, if you want to have some
streaming to your television, you want to show some Blu-rays
or some downloaded HD content, these are great for that too.
These are especially great for that. And I’ll tell you why. One of the
reasons is that if you want to convert this DVI to an HTMI you can do that.
But, most of them, they just give you that video through the HTMI cable.
This will actually give you audio through the HTMI cable. It has HDCP,
which is High Definition band width, I’m sorry. High bandwidth
Digital Content Protection. And that’s pretty much gonna let you stream
your Blu-rays to your television in 1080P. Plus, using something called UVD 2.0,
you’re also gonna get 7.1 channel HD audio from the card to your TV, or to
your receiver, through the HTMI cable, without any problems.
It also supports DirectX 10.0. It’s got Shader Model 4.1, OpenGL 2.1,
all that great stuff is on board. And, there’s even a
few goodies in the box. So, I’m actually gonna open this
up for you and see what’s inside. Let’s go hunting here.
Ah, very nice. First of all, DVI to VGA adapter. Very nice.
You’re gonna need this if you have an older monitor and
you do not have a DVI. This will let you use it. Also included
in the box is this breakaway cable. Some people call it a dongle,
this one I call a break away cable. Pretty much what this is
is a digital 7-pin S-Video cable. It’s gonna plug into the
back of the video card. And then you’re
gonna have components, right on the back. That’ll let you
do 1080i directly out to your TV. In case you have an older HiDef
television, there actually were a few that didn’t even come with HTMI.
So this is a way to get 1080i to your TV. Also included in the box
is this power connector. So, let’s say that you’re on an older
computer and you do not have the ability to run that 6-pin
cable to your video card. Well, you’re guaranteed to
have these in there. Everyone’s got a couple molexes
lying around their case. You get two year molexes,
you plug them in here and here, and that transfers it to this 6-pin PCI Express.
So even on your older power supply, you will be able to still use the computer
and, or the graphics card, and the last thing, you’re
gonna be gaming a lot, so. This is the, “I’m gaming,
do not disturb, leave me alone. Go away, I’m playing Call of Duty 4”
tag. And this is for your mom. Or your wife,
or your girlfriend. Stay away.
I’m playing video games. Last thing included is driver
discs and you know, you know what that is.
No big deal. So, 4830. Great on a budget.
It’s a 4850 that’s been cut down, just a little bit.
It can be overclocked, it’s affordable, it’s quick,
it’s affordable, high performance,
it’s affordable, and it’s awesome,
and it’s really affordable. If you have any questions, Email me.
I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the
XFX Radeon HD 4830 Graphics Card, type in:
P450-4830 into the search engine of
any of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog

100 thoughts on “XFX Radeon HD 4830 Video Card

  1. yea HIS is good, Sapphire isnt bad either. Either way I'm glad there is real competition between ATI and Nvidia, good news for us conusmers =D

  2. lol. I like the "do not disturb coz im gaming" tag.. I think im gonna buy a 4830 just for that TAG!! I can throw away the card after that!! XD

  3. That's a good one 🙂 Nvidia fanboys would freak out for sure 😀
    By the way, my favorite brand would be MSI. I have their overclocked 3850 and it still overclocked like crazy (almos a 100Mhz increase in core clock and a bit over 200Mhz on memory) while the temperatures stayed same. And yes, I know they make nvidia cards as well.

  4. hmm.. benchmarks? i srsly starting to not watch tiger vids bicoz of stuff like this…ok i know the clock and read that a few months ago..i know what it includes…how does it perform?…thx anyways..rather watch youtuber's vids on their cards not this shit…thx anyway

  5. i dont think so, i would get a 600 just to be sure.
    also you wont have to bother about anything else if you get a 600

  6. yes it will if it's a good brand if it's like a no name brand some cheesy chinese piece a' crap like me then you'd want to step up to 500..but if u'r psu is actually made by a brand then yeah it will no problem

  7. i have the sapphire version of this card and im running it hella overclocked and a q6600 on a 430w thermaltake psu so i think its possible depending how much amperage is on your 12v rail

  8. right now its at 30c with the fan at 1% but i did put fresh thermal compound on it and it also depends on ambient temperature and the airflow in your case, which i have alot of. 47 seems pretty warm for this card if your idling when i game it can get around 54 though. did you play anything before you checked the temp?

  9. no, you can only xfire with the same chip, eg 4830 / 4850 / 4870 / 4850×2 / 4870×2

    and the 4650 with 4650 or 4670

  10. thats weird. if you dont have them already download the 9.1 drivers and install and try that. maybe you have folding at home running. if you download those drivers make sure to uncheck the fah box then install. sorry if this doesnt help

  11. I think they made a mistake on the XFX website.

    450 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI Radeon CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)"

  12. look at the review at the his hd4830, the 4830 is more like this 4830>4850 the 4830 is muuuuch better, look the his hd4830 review from tigerdirectblog

  13. xfx is one of the best vid card partners just need more expierience with ati…som ppl are complaning but i tested the 4850 to this and it was really cool…

  14. i hate this reviewer so bad. he seriously needs to not be thier main guy, he never knows what hes talking about, he always uses weird ways to describe things. he is so awkward when he talks, like as in his choice of words. he stutters stumbles, and at :22 he clearly states xfx does not make nvidia cards but then goes to say they make both is just 1 example in this vid. hate watching this guy fuck he annoying.

  15. yeah probably it would run on it but i has to be like a really good brand….the recommended is 450 but..what u can do is…if u hav i.d.e drives..i suggest going to sata….and umm chill on the amount of external stuff u hav…and it just might run.

  16. i think xfx replaced it with a single slot version..cuz i can't find this on any site…only newegg that has a wierd single slot to this

  17. i don't know…but the 4770 is coming out may 4th..i think…so if it comes out..then i'm just going to get that…it's gonna be cheaper too…and i doe kno when it'll be availible at tigerdirect….u should get it from newegg..cuz tiger's price would be $104 and newegg is 99$

  18. guys, which one is better:

    xfx radeon 4830 (512mb- gddr3- 256bit)
    xfx geforce 9800gt (512mb- gddr3- 256bit)

  19. use google.. google is your friend.

    4830 is not far better… why would ATI make the 4770 a lil more expensive than the 4830 IF IT ISN'T a lil more beeter than 4830..

    Please, think a lil before posting.

    And, well, benchmark DO NOT lie.. Use google.

  20. In a vs.. 4830 owns in 85% percent of games…

    9800 drivers are better and does a better job on CRYENGINE 2. (that's 3 games lol)

    Go for the sapphire 4830.. it has HDMI onboard.

  21. 9800gt has a diferent arhitechture and it's not a diference …. very close to each other …9800gt beats in physx games so ….. but nice card tough

  22. still great GC if compare to 9800GT
    4830 just 5% minus performance than 4850..
    so…better get 4830/4850 than 9800GT which expensive compare to 4830/4850

  23. 9800gt ftw mine is faster in core clock, stream processors, same 512mb ddr3, same 256 bit over 1800 in memory clock. So id say between the two my 9800gt beats it by 5%…….soon I will get the GT300 and it will overpower the 5870

    I SAID I HAD A ATI cuz it fried
    I play ANY game with no problem

    I can run GTA IV everything on very high
    and play over 2 hours and my pc dont shut down and my 9800gt isnt hot

    had mine over 10 months never had one problem out of it

  25. No cuz my powerful pc fried the pos. Quad 4gb ram 500gb hdd asus p5q mobo 700w ocz psu. Seems like the card is a pos and btw, use my brain? dumb fuck u spelled your wrong. Go back to school.

  26. ok it ends now, ok u do kno more than me I will give u that. im tired of this bullshit arguing, they are both great card makers, I just hate ATI cuz it fucked up on me

  27. i find it interesting how come tigerdirectblog didn't make a video review on those new ati 5700 and 5800 cards?

  28. @vangstaz did i mention something about the 4830? i just said 5850 still beats the 6870 series.. and that is a fact 6870 is a budget card.. i just replied to ur stupid comment that 6000 series are better.. 6000 series=6850/6870… dont even bring out 6900 cause its not even out yet stypid ass… u dont even know what 6900 series specs are or me either

  29. I have this card and I enjoy it very much, I use it for not hardcore gaming (Like bf3 or Crysis 2) But stuff like l4d2 or Portal, Tf2, or something like that. Great performance. Definetly reccommend this card if you like gaming but your not hardcore. Just regular gaming =)

  30. so i currently have a sapphire radeon hd 4830 in my pc and i was wondering if i would be able to do crossfire from my sapphire to this xfx radeon hd 4830. i have a 700w psu and amd phenom 2 x4 b50… if i could, how could i oc both the video cards

  31. I have owned a Radeon HD 4830 card for over 5 years now and I highly reccommend it to anyone who is looking for a budget card enough to play games at a decent framerate and decent visual quality. Games that would work well with a 4830 are games that are close to this card's year, such as Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal 2, Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War. The very same 4830 I got in 2009 continues to serve me as well as it did out of the box for my older brother, just make sure you use a CPU similar enough in power and capabilities and enough RAM to avoid bottlenecking. A Dual-Core or Quad-Core and 2gb-4gb of RAM should be perfect in conjunction with this card.

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