XFX Radeon HD 4890 Video Card

Alright, this ain’t
any regular 4890. This is the 4890 XXX
edition from XFX. And this is the fastest 4890
I’ve seen so far. It is very, very, very fast and if you
don’t know about the 4890 just yet, it’s pretty much an RV770.
It’s called the RV790. It’s still 55 NM, but because they’ve gotten
better and they’ve become more used to manufacturing their chips,
the RV770’s, they’ve made them have higher frequencies,
are more tweak-able, and there are some good options
in here for power. So the RV790 is definitely an upgrade even
though it’s still 55 NM. It does run cooler and it is more efficient,
even though with the higher frequencies. And that’s just because they’ve gotten
better at managing that power. Also, you get the advantages of having the
newest drivers and the AMD fusion software, so a lot of good stuff that goes
into these cards. But definitely, by far,
is the higher frequencies. This thing, Factory Clock is ridiculous.
Overclocking it is ridiculous. It goes even higher, so, just to give you an
idea of the shaders and the core on an ATI card, the 4800 series are all the
same. They’re always matched up. So, a regular 4870 is 750 MHz.
OK? A 4890 is 850 MHz. But this is 900 MHz, and when I overclocked
it I got it to 985 MHz, which is extremely high, almost 1 GHz.
I bet you can get it into 1 GHz with maybe water cooling or
maybe getting that lucky card. I bet you you could get it to 1 GHz.
It’s not a problem. So let’s talk a little bit more about,
also about frequencies. Let me just give you a quick idea.
The Factory 4870 has a 900 MHz memory clock. And that’s DDR5, so that actually goes,
it gets increased, that number because it’s multiplied by four.
It actually goes to 3600 effective data rate. OK? Now, the 4890, the Factory one is 975,
which is 3900 MHz. Extremely, extremely high. And what’s really crazy about this one,
I overclocked the memory to 1190 MHz clock rate,
which is 4,760 MHz, or 4.7 GHz. Very, very highly overclockable card.
Now, another thing that’s really cool about this card, is that it gives you OpenGL
4.0, which is the first card to bring that to the market.
It also brings you Shader Model 4.1, and DirectX 10.1. So, definitely
the new OpenGL is brand new, been using 2.1 for a while, this is
the first one to use the 3.0 protocol. You also get a slightly different
cooler on here. It’s got three heat pipes actually. You
can’t see them but they’re hidden in there. This is an all-clear case and this thing
does cool pretty, pretty well. It’s very, very similar to the 4870.
But it is slightly different. Talking about power, you’re going to need two
6-pin PCI Express Connectors, right there. I would recommend about 500 watt power supply
for this with a good quality power supply. If you have a lesser quality power supply
it’d be nice to have 600 and about 750 if you want to do CrossFire. But, you
can probably do CrossFire with 500 alone if you have a high quality power supply.
Maybe a PC power and cooling, or Corsair, or something of the sort, like that,
you shouldn’t have any problems. So, very, very nice card. Now, you also, you
have dual monitor controllers on here. Dualing DVI’s with
400 MHz RAMDACs. These will do 2560 x 1600
with a dual linked DVI. Or they’ll do 1920 x 1080
with a single linked DVI. You also got that 7-pin
Digital S-Video cable right there, which can use a breakaway cable to go to
composite, which are these right here. This is a breakaway cable.
It plugs in there. And this goes to your TV. This’ll do 1080i to a television
with no audio. Also included in the box is this.
I would kind of hope that noone’s using this, but some people might need it.
This is a composite breakaway. So pretty much this goes in here,
7-pin and out comes a composite, so you have one audio. Now your best bet
though is to use this device. This is an HDMI to DVI adapter, and this
will do 1920 x 1080 p. And it will do 7.1 channel lossless audio.
And that’s because this thing has the UVD, or the Unified Video Decoder
lets you do Blueray and 1080p content, as well as HDCP support. That’s all
included on here, which is really nice. You can get 7.1 channels through that DVI.
You gotta make sure though that you hook up the audio cable
that comes in the box. It’s called audio loop cable, that’s very
important to have. On top of that HDMI and HDCP support
you do have the ATI Power Play which is really cool. That actually monitors
the temperature on the card, the GPU activity, how much are you using it,
and it underclocks it. That’s why this card saves you so much power
in, pretty much in the power and in the efficiency range. It is more
efficient because it does have that ATI Power Play. Of course it does do
CrossFireX, so if you want to link these two GPUs together, up to three or for GPUs,
you can as well. You can also use this with
any other 4800 series card. It’s not a big deal if you want to
mix them and match them. That’s one of the good things about ATI
that is really nice to have. Now, let’s talk a little bit more
about the specs. Again, 800 shaders on here. The core clock
is at 900 MHz, same thing for the shaders. You got 1 GB of GDDR5 clocked at 3900 MHz
effectively and 256-bit memory interface. So that’s pretty wide. And you get
40 texture units and 16 ROPs. So, pretty much the exact same as
the 4870 minus the higher frequency. Now, let’s talk about benchmarks,
because we got quite a few here to go over. I did a few. First of all, let me tell you
the benchmark set up. It’s a Core i7. It’s at 4 GHz, I wanted to
make sure there’s no bottle necking, so I overclocked it to 4 GHz.
Corsair memory 1866. 6 GB of triple channel.
It’s actually clocked at 1600 MHz. So it’s slower, but it’s got
really tight latencies. It’s 7, 7, 7, 24 with
a 1T command line, I believe. Two X25 MSSDs in Raid O
on a Windows 64-bit OS. And I did two resolutions, four games,
1680 x 1050 and 1920 x 1200. So your native 22” and 24” resolutions. Most of the games were
with everything cranked up. HDR and anti-aliasing,
and anisotropic filtering. Everything was cranked up to the maximum,
and that’s pretty much it. So, let’s just jump into it.
Taking a look, first of all, at Tom Clancey Hawx, which is actually
the game that comes with the video card. This is a flying game, flight simulator. But,
it’s more like a combat flight simulator. Very, very fun game to play.
It just came out on the market. Pretty cool. And it performed quite well.
This video card, as you would imagine, because it is in the box, so let’s look at
that. At 1680 x 1050, compared to the GTX 260, the 4870, and the 4890
non-overclocked versions. The GTX 260 did 54fps.
The 4870 did 57fps. The 4890 did 63fps. And this XXX version did 69fps.
Now, at 1920 x 1200 you get a lot more stress
to the video card. 37 frames per second on the GTX 260.
42fps on the 4870. 49fps, so we got an
additional 7fps on the 4890, and by overclocking we get an additional
three or two frames per second to 51fps. Now, next game, Far Cry 2.
Another great Direct X10 game. This is fully maxed out settings.
8X, 8A and 16XAF, all the settings maxed out. Also we’re using the AMD Fusion
expert profile in the catalyst 9.4 drivers. As you can see here, the GTX 260 still has
an advantage on this game. Very, very NVIDIA based, so 1680 x 1050.
We saw 51fps on the 260. The 4870 did 40fps.
The 4890 did 43fps. And the 4890 OC did 46fps.
Now, in 1920 x 1200 it wasn’t as bad. 45fps for the GTX 260.
35fps for the 4870. 38fps for the 4890. And 40fps
for the 4890 OC, or XXX edition. Now, moving on to Crisis Warhead.
This is where we pretty much had to turn off the filters.
So there’s no AA, no AF, gamer settings, direct X10 ready to go.
Just the basic settings. But, you know, very high. Obviously,
it’s not like the, you know, beginner settings. Pretty cranked up.
We got 42fps on the GTX 260. 40fps on the 4870.
The 4890 did it at 44fps. And the 4890 XXX
did it at 46fps. Moving on to 1920 x 1200 we do see
the frame rates drop off. The higher the resolution in Crisis,
it really will bring any video card to its knees.
I don’t care what it is. Dual GPU cards, water cool card,
it doesn’t matter because Crisis is gonna bring
it to its knees. 1920 x 1200 34fps for the GTX260.
The 4870 did 33fps. The 4890 did 35fps.
And the 4890 XXX did 37fps. Finally, Fall Out 3, my favorite game.
My favorite, favorite game. It’s so awesome. It’s just great and
playing the pit now, as well, on Xbox. And I played Fall Out 3 on the PC.
Here it is at 1680 x 1050. The GTX 260 did 63fps.
The 4870 did 68fps. The 4890 did 72fps.
And this XXX version did 76fps. Moving on up to 1920 x 1200,
the GTX 260 did 47fps. The 4870, 57fps.
The 4890, 64fps. And the XXX 4890, 68fps. Pretty much
destroying the fastest game of the year. No problem. Or the best game of the year.
My favorite game of the year definitely. At least it was voted several times
to be the best game of the year. But quite impressive. So a lot
of tweakability on this card. Lots of overclocking. Again, don’t forget my
overclocking. 980 MHz on the core. 980 MHz on the shaders.
And the memory was above 4.5 GHz. GHz, that’s ridiculous. It’s absurd.
So, this card is very, very fast. And it’s very cool. And I forgot
to tell you man, look at this box. This box is crazy, man.
It’s an “X”. I don’t even know
what to say about that. In case you want to know, included in the
box you also get this, this, that, you get that, you get that,
you get that, and you get this. So, composite, CrossFire cable,
two 4-pin molex to 6-pin, PCI Express Connectors,
and your component breakaway cable for 1080i to your TV.
There it is ladies and gentlemen. The 4890 XXX edition from XFX.
Very nice card. If you have questions on it, Email me.
And I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the XFX
Radeon HD 4890 XXX edition, type in:
P450-4891 into the search engine of
any of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog

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    Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
    XFX 4890 xXx 1gb
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    AMD Phenom II 955 3,2Ghz
    Ace raw deal+ 620W
    NZXT Tempest Case
    500gb harddrive

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    the cool thing is that the software to overclock this video card is given in the box!

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  18. is a very good card, price/value is just alright, aniway i found it to run a bit hot and noisy…i solved the problem with a "twin turbo pro"(by artic cooling) the temps are dropped from 90° to 53° @full load and from almost 60° to 32° @idle.
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