Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

Alright, today we got?? the
Zotac GTX295. Really cool card. This is for people out there
that have massive monitors, and play games a lot. You better be an enthusiast,
if you’re buying a card, that is this powerful. Insanely
powerful. Really good stuff. And, Zotac makes a great
package for the GTX295. I would say, that this is probably
one of my favorite, you know, ways to get a GTX295, it’s the most,
one of the most affordable, it’s very cheap compared to some of the
premium brands, or not premium brands, Zotac is a premium brand… but,
you know, the higher-clocked ones, these are factory-clocked, and it comes
with a lot of good stuff in the box. You do get a game, which in this case
is Grid, you also get 3DMark Vantage, and, they threw in an HDMI cable,
which I thought was kinda cool, nice of them?? to throw
an HDMI cable in there. So, you get some good stuff in the package. Now let’s talk about the GTX295.
Now, first off, if you don’t know, GTX295 is a dual GPU card,
so there’s two GPU’s in here, OK? So, there’s a printed circuit board,
right here, which you see on the back, and there’s another one over here,
taht’s covered by this cover, for the cooler. It’s actually, actually
see it, there it is, there on the inside. Alright, so, two circuit
boards in there, two cores. Now, both cores in here are GT200 Series
with a 55nm, and they’re clocking 576MHz. Now, there’s 480 shaders,
and those are clocking 1242MHz. Memory is a hybrid. It’s not a?? You know,
The GPU and the shaders are from the GTX285, but, the memory is actually
from the GTX260 Core 216. It’s 898MB per GPU, so there’s two,
each card has it’s own set of memory. Now, that totals to 1792MB of DDR3,
and that’s clocked at 1998MHz effectively. So, very fast. 28 ROPs, and 80 Texturing
Units per GPU, so 160 Texturing Units total, and the memory interface on them,
remember?? that we talked about earlier, is a 448-bit Memory Interface, so it’s not
the 512/1GB combination of the GTX285, it’s the 448/896MB version, or
combination, from the GTX Core 216. 260 Core 216. So, that’s pretty
much what makes up the GTX295. So, basically, that’s pretty
much what you’re getting, a hybrid between two different cards.
Now, let’s talk about power a little bit. Remember?? using 6-pin & 8-pin?
I don’t think that I like the fact, that they put
that sticker there. People are gonna be lost. ‘May not work
without both auxiliary connectors attached’. OK, so that’s a good sticker.
You got 8-pin and a 6-pin, you’ll need about 680 Watts for one, with
46 Amps on your positive 12 Volt Rail?? you’re also going to need about 1000
Watts, and I’d say about 70-72 Amps on your 12 Volt Rail to go SLI. Now, looking at the connectors
on this board, it’s nice. You have integrated HDMI, you don’t
have to worry about getting a dongle, and you have two Dual Link DVI’s,
and those are DVI I’s, they’ll do both Analog and Digital, and
those are powered by dual 400Mhz RAMDACs up to 2560×1600 maximum,
refresh rate of 240Hz, so when those 240Hz LCDs come out,
in the future, LED backed LCDs, and you wanna use this as a monitor and a TV, you’ll be able to do some hard-core
3D gaming with a card like this, Now, besides that, you can pretty
much figure out the rest of it. DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0,
OpenGL 3.0, SLI, CUDA PhysX, PureVideo HD, with High Definition, High Bandwidth
Digital Content Protection, so you can stream Blue Rays, and
HMTVs, DVDs out to your TV, if you want. You got, pretty much all that
kinda stuff that you’re gonna need, so if you wanna put those on
your TV you have no problem, also, like I said, included
a very nice HDMI cable. You also get VGA to DVI Conversion Dongle, right there, you have your power
connectors, these are, pretty much, Dual-Mode-Xs to Dual-6s, and
this one is Dual-6s to an 8-pin, so, all you really need is 4-Mode-Xs,
and you dould use thses, but, I always tell people I find these very
temporary, I wouldn’t uses these long-term. You also get an Audio Loop Cable,
or an SPDIF Lead Cable, there’s a million different names for
this, but it’s a 2-pin SPDIF cable, goes from your motherboard to your
graphics card, to get you that audio, 7.1 Channel Audio, out through your HDMI, you get a case-badge, and like
I said before, 3DMark Vantage. You get Grid, a car-racing game,
and manual and drivers in the box. Lots of good stuff. So, great, great
way to get a GTX295, the Zotac unit, comes with a game, comes
with the 3DMark Vantage, it’s affordable, base reference clock,
you overclock it yourself, no need to buy an expensive
factory overclocked version. It’s a great card. If you have
any questions on it, email me, and I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the
Zotac TGX295 Graphic Card type in Z700-0295 into the search
engine of any of these retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

  1. 4770 is the beginning of the new generation of gpus, 45m AND gddr5 = a killer, u can technically get card with these to ludicruous clocks, i cant wait for THOSE to come out, but i guess ill get thumbs down on this comment, cuz there still are nvidia fanboys 😀

  2. i myself think that Nvidia wins only because they earned a LOT while they had no opposition and now they sponsor every game so it would run better on their architecture, if ATI would make a game optimised for their card their GPUs would be no worse than Nvidias

  3. true but they also pay companies to optimize their games for nvidia cards 🙂 which is smart ofcourse but that's also the reason why nvidia is a little more expensive then ati.

  4. Steam games are optimised to ATI, its jsut not as branded as Nvidia.

    they're both good companies. ATI are better value Nvidia are more reliable.

  5. i myself had an nvidia 9600gt, it was good, then i gave it to my friend ( i bought 4870 1gb) and he said his 4670 outperforms 9600gt in many games, that once again proves that ATI usually brings a bigger bang for the buck. I especially dislike the renaming of old gpus (like gtx250), because they basically stabilise the performance on higher clocks and throw in a couple more mb of GRAM, now ATI produces different architecture all the time and bring new stuff to the market, who couldnt like that?

  6. cool ^^
    atm performance between ati's best card and nvidia's best card is really close. so it doesn't really matter what card you get. i'm still not sure what i'm going to do, get a 295, 2 4890's in cf or get a card from the 5000 series this summer.

  7. It's a shit company from Hong Kong…. I bought a 9800GTX+ from those fuckers which was defective and only gave back 85% of my money.

  8. why would you?
    no game uses more than a single gtx 260
    nobody needs to have multiple shaders on games like crysis

  9. Well if you buy a new card i'd go higher then that. 8800gtx can still play 80% of games out maxed but bigger is always better.

  10. because of voltage/stability if your power supply does not have those plus then obviously u are not suposed to be using that card aka buy a new psu

  11. but the thing is my power supply can run my gp very well and im using the adpater, but anyway i should be getting a new psu soon like maybe the OCZ or Coolermaster with around 500 to 650W.

  12. i got a pc with best components avaliable
    and i have 2 of these inside, which QUAD SLI =)

    ill upload a video soon, check it out


    or about $550-$600 canadian plus tax,when i got mine it was $700,WELL WORTH IT THOUGH,IF YOU WANT HDMI GET THE DUAL PCB MODEL IF NOT GET THE SINGLE PCB MODEL WITH NO PCB,YOUR CALL.

    WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING TYPE IT INTO GOOGLE,i thought everyone knew this,people always asking stupid questions on you tube and the newbs cant answer,lol


    type into google or whatever your web browser is:

    "specifications for 295 gtx"or whatever you want to know,length of 9800 gtx+,or power requirements of a 4870×2,use your internet for research,thats why its there,damn these people are so insanely stupid,its unbelievable,lol.

    then press enter,youll get 100,000 results

  15. thats gona be a sick jump mate… 8600 to that… it runs faster that like 10 of them…. im doing the same lol but from a 8800 GTX

  16. @counterOWN i want one of these cards, i wish Nvidia would drop their prices more than they currently are since ATI's silicon is faster by a margin than Nvidia's. The GTX 275's cost more now than they were when they were first released back a few months when i bought one it was for like $229.99 now the same one cost over 300$!

  17. Yeah, ZOTAC is really nice, I have a new GTX 480 from the ZOTAC, excellent stuff. 😉

  18. @LooseLeaves728 Sucks more electricity than a 480 what I meant. Ive ran both, and Ive got a quad rail PSu (Odin Pro 800). My 480 @ stock was doing fine with one rail. GTX295 was not ok with it though. Even at stock, pc was rebootin in furmark. Had to feed it with a pci-ex pair from another rail. 😐

  19. @Reason4Termination
    Dude the 480 is the most power hungry card on the market. It consumes more under load than the 5970!


  20. @Disinf3ctant 4870×2 is the most power hungry card, its just that, my GTX295 was not able to be stable on stock with just a 40amps. 480 was able though.. In anycase, kinda moot now, since ive got a 580 😀

  21. @Reason4Termination
    Bleh something like that. Those cards all somewhere around the 250watt point. Give or take 10. I don't really have a problem with high consumption if the card is good.

  22. @Disinf3ctant the 5970 has two GPU in a single PCB when 480 has only one….so there is no way a single card like gtx 480 would consume more energy than a 5970.

  23. WOW! HAppy NEW Year!!! Now that looks absolutely amazingly fabulous! Cool, awsome, lush, WICKED and etcly. Fantastic spelt with added Capitols for excitement. Are there Caddys for Graphics Cards or are they Upgrade or new PC only?

  24. @thereddog223 I wasn't accusing anything of being obsolete. I said nothing of the sort. All i said, originally, that i wanted to replace my current card with a GTX 295. I do not want any other card.

  25. @thereddog223 I have looked everywhere. No price is in my prifce range, neither do i want a fermi card of the sort.

  26. fail cause in about a month or 2 the sucessor to the GTX 560 will perform as high as the GTX 580 or better with lower power and heat consumption. Even now the successor to the GTX 570 or GTX 580 performs nearly as the GTX 590.

  27. A fail? Because i don't have the money to buy a super high end card, i went with the very affordable and fast GTX 560? Yes. I am obviously a fail. Welldone troll.

  28. you don't get it. When the GTX 460 came out it was as fast as the GTX 270 which propebly. and the GTX 450 was almost as fast as the GTX 260+ for a very low price, when the GTX 560 came out, it was as fast as the GTX 470, when the GTX 560ti came out close as fast as the GTX 480. Now when the GTX 650 comes out it would be as fast as i think a GTX 570, and when the GTX 660 comes out it will be close to the GTX 580 but have lower power consumption heat and DX11.1 and more features

  29. The latter part of your blah blah is all pure speculation, and even if that is all true: i'm happy with my 560 and that's that. I'm not going to keep waiting and waiting for some card. My MSI 560 Ti OC has no problem with running games maxed out or on high settings with a nice amount of AA/AF (BF3).

  30. and when new games come out you will die for upgrades, besids I have waited 1 year for ivy bridge CPU and Nvidia kepler and im still patient even tho I got a old AMD 5000+ and Nvidia 6150SE card. I dunno about you but I can wait till 2013 for new stuff to buy

  31. That'll be a good1-2 years, if not more. My GTX 260 since launch has lasted me NO problem playing 90% of games maxed out or just a notch or two down at high instead (at a very good frame rate, too), so what's to say my GTX 560 won't last me another few years eh?

  32. An extra 1-2 years? My 260 has lasted me since it's launch up until now even with BF3. There's no point in upgrading again since I'll be able to handle plenty of games no problem at all for years to come, none of this 660 = 1-2years more blah blah.

  33. what about power consumption? Even the beast GTX 680 consumes 5 less watts than GTX 560ti on idle. So imagen power difference on GTX 660. Better power/performance

  34. Could not give a fuck about power consumption. Not in the position to worry about power consumption or anything like that. The GTX 680 is a great card, and I've always loved nvidia, but the card uses 50w more than stated by nvidia at load and is hugely hungry overclocked. Like i said, i could not give a shit about power consumption, but you were adamant about it.

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